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  1. Wimbledon

    Great job. Question though: How r automobiles suppose to get in & out of the parking lots?
  2. Academy Awards Theatre

    Now that's a beaut!
  3. City Soccer Studiom takhti stadiom

    Very nice lot. I aspecially love the tree animation. Nice touch.
  4. Soccer Stadium Version 2

    Version 0


    In order to add special effects & other props, I had to divide the soccer stadium lot into 3 parts. They are labelled as -Football Stadium - Center Lot, -Football Stadium - End Lot1 -Football Stadium - End Lot2 Additions include: -Seoul Cityhall soccer ball prop -Soccer players & coaches -More trees -People milling about (fans) -Parked automobiles -parking lights -spotlights -Soccer field lights -Forgottten fountain effect @ the front of the two main stadium grandstands. -Name change for easy SimCity menu search
  5. Football Stadium

    Version 0


    Go to Page 13 or 14 for a better version of this lot. Details available with new version.