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  1. It has been a few years since I submitted the Vice City map for SC4. I decided to import the map into Skylines. And then found out that I could place freeway interchanges IN - THE - WATER! So, the majority of the freeway network is in the water, saving tons of land for development. Watching the waves crash against the pylons may induce sea sickness. Oh, hey Simtropolis! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=409698279
  2. The arcology will certainly add regional traffic. And its benefit is providing workers. I have the same setup, an arcology and single regional highway connection and the city runs smoothly with 600,000 population. The highway almost always has backed up traffic but not stopped traffic. Zone more I/C to get more jobs. Or increase density. Your RCI balance should always result in unfilled jobs and never unemployment.
  3. Pinwheel Road Layout

    I cracked 600,000 population. traffic is very heavy but little to tolerable congestion.
  4. Advice needed for buses...

    I have been only zoning along one side of the street and always put the bus stops on the un-zoned side so they do not compete with some of the other service vehicles. I use 1 terminal and locate it in the center of the city. Even though buses are more "shuffle" service than "shuttle" service, they do help keep Sims walking.
  5. Building stats

    Yeah, the guide has a pictograph type thing for each zone type. Not everything has numbers though, water has a filled quantity of water bars. The pictographs for fires and crime are nice too. I have bought guides for every SimCity I think. If I remember correctly though, SC2K manual was a book so maybe I didn't buy an extra guide for that. I think the Prima guide is pretty good but their "updated" online version is not very updated. Keep posting your findings, it will be more up to date. I was just trying to give your numbers a vote of confidence.
  6. Building stats

    Those numbers either match exactly or are very close to the numbers in the official Prima guide. For what that is worth.
  7. Pinwheel Road Layout

    Got it up to 455k population. I still have quite a few commercial zones to upgrade which will allow me to replace some of the industrial with more residential. Which will also cut down on the nuisance hazmat fires. Traffic is good. Crime, health and regular fires are all manageable. Still sitting between 80 and 85 approval. 600k population is looking possible but I think it will be very close.
  8. I have a city with a gas power plant that is putting out 600MW. Another city is buying 211MW but needs more. The total power used does not equal the power generated and the excess is not showing up as available.
  9. Pinwheel Road Layout

    Trying to keep low wealth. I still don't have the achievement for maxed city hall. The 1x1 centers all have low wealth parks so I imagine those could be replaced with higher wealth.
  10. Pinwheel Road Layout

    I keep waiting for it to blow up but so far so good. At 350k population now with about 2/3 high density and the rest medium density. I have 30 trash trucks coming in from a neighboring city and they can still get around. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get close to 600k and then make adjustments to get it over the top.
  11. Here is a road layout I am trying.
  12. Factory Output

    Check the Tech Level of the factories.
  13. Patch 2.0 drops Monday

    Getting all of Mayor Mansion upgrades was one of the first personal goals I had. I figured that it would be a pretty popular goal for players. Not so?
  14. You can get the response time down with the large fire station but that too doesn't mean a whole lot because you can't put out more than one fire at a time.
  15. No proft in "non-specialty" cities

    High Wealth/Medium Density is a cash cow. The only budget issue I have had is with Low Wealth/High Density and University. And I still had that at $10k/hr for a little bit with some med density stragglers. I have had balanced wealth cities over $30k/hr. To me, that seems a little high. You are running in the red? Or, just not the insane numbers you can get with some of the specializations?