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  1. This region is rapidly developing, I'm happy to inform no major traffic jams have been reporten yet. I'll start with Crossroads Park: And here as thriving neighbourhood. Airport City! This is a small neighbourhood, stuck between a big commercial avenue and the commercial airport, let's not forget the Broadway-Airport HOV line and the a381! Airport City after polishing. Some updates of the region, including 'Presidential Commercial Area' I'm about to develop 2 more neighbourhoods, dunno their names yet :3
  2. Midtown, Part 2: Broadway Village

    This is a small entry, a lot of space is still in planning! Region+Midtown: Here's Broadway Village's begin, I wanted it to be a nice peacefull village... then the high-risers came. I didn't expect them to come so soon, so I just put everything in high cap. res. zones. Broadway Village + Waterfront, they're pretty close. As of today (no screeny yet) high-risers dominate the town, turning it into a fast moving, no sleeping city. And this city needs sleep! Blue=HOV Red=Major Road Here, Central Station. The central hub. This region is rapidly developing, with Airport Village and Crossroads Park in my next entry. New 'Major Roads' and Commercial growth are also in there! Cya!
  3. Midtown, Part 1: Waterfront

    PICTURES MIGHT NOT WORK. I'M LOOKING INTO IT! This region is still under development. I like Waterfront City's outcome, it looks good imo. I've taken a different approach, the 'Chinatown' region was supposed to get my region going and Demand rolling. (Objective completed, my CS$-CO$$$ Demand is through the roof!) It's more relaxed, less avenues and more small streets! First, a region picture BEFORE Midtown. (My game crashed b4 I could make a picture, it's due to RAM issues ) Hoboken is a boring 'H' region as of now. I'm going to build some houses there as soon as Midtown is completed. A city is born, this is the center in planning. The first zones have been placed. Further zoning. The city with commercial 'Long Island is loooooooong.' Waterfront after all the development. That's it so far! I've got some other stuff in the area, I'll post it tomorrow! :3
  4. Chinatown, Part 1: The Alderney District

    Thanks guys! Really appreciated, I've got some 'mod'-trees actually (@neonsim) It'll make my ghettos prettier :) @CTMandR, yeah, transit. I'm a huge fan of above-ground rail/bus. So I've created a wire of Elevated Rail and even special HOV-routes for my transport. I've also just created some subway-rail, but that's not done yet.
  5. Chinatown, Part 1: The Alderney District

    This city is almost done, this is my first CJ and it ain't very pretty Don't hat me :3 Not all my pictures are perfect, and I know you can use CTRL+SHIFT+S (or something like that) but I already took these. Yellow = Neighbourhood border. Red = Transport corridor Purple = Elevated Rail Navy Blue = HOV-lane Cyan = Neighbourhood Center (Like a neighbourhood CBD) Here the Region, it is indeed a large NYC. I'll start off with my favorite part of town. The Alderney District! Alderney Pier 'before'. Alderney Pier 'after'. Alderney Beach, here you can see how I do things. It's still in development. (Mostly beautification) Alderney City (lit. Alderney Center/City Center) Here you can see a part of my longest road, yes, Broadway! Alderney Heights. Should've cut the edges off Just a living neighbourhood. Upper Alderney, I didn't bother colouring the roads here. It's so little anyway! This is the first re-sized image (800x600 right?) I'll post them in that format from now on. A lot of development in this little part too! Well, that's it. This is my first CJ entry ever, so any constructivity is appreciated!! Ciaos!
  6. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    Hello everyone! I'm gonna (try) making one myself for my elevated and heavy railroads. Also maybe my HOV-line (I've got a whole series of bus-only roads!)