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  1. question bout health

    You have baffled my wisdomous mind to a state where I am now cold lamping
  2. question bout health

    How old is your city. Generally I don't notice an increase in age until my sims have been there a looooong time! Until my city is decades old.
  3. The Exhibition Tower

    it's actually pretty good .... if put in the right spot.. it can give your city the right just the right look
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Geesh, We've got folks from all over these parts. Well I might as well add!! I'm 20 Living In Burlington, Ontario. For Y'all who are scratchin your heads, its in the Greater Toronto Area. Yes Im A Canadian Eh? And For Those who know what I'm gonna say next, Good For You... Go Leafs Go!!!! I'm attending school at mohawk college, taking the Police Foundations there. Therefore........ watch wut u say about me... or I'll arrest ya!
  5. NDEX zeniathus Plaza by EB and DT

    Hey!! very cool ... neat design
  6. Underground Lots

    its ok... dont really like the idea of an underground police station ect. ...
  7. Vero Center

    very nice
  8. Sky2222 Tower

    too tall ... but still ok
  9. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    hey no problem .. just let me know when your doing requests again and ill be the first one there!!!
  10. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    hey SG... love your work ... just have one request that i think would play a huge role in SC ... thats Winners dept store that are all around canada ... i cant find any pics but if your interested (and i hope you are) i can go take sum pics with my digital and upload em later... thanks so much smac0009
  11. PEG Subterranean Mall v205

    just great
  12. NDEX PanPacific Building by DuskTrooper

    great building... should definitly give any city a great name
  13. Harbor Village by Cobb

    lovin it!