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  1. Where it all started

    I once tried to pull the island down. The problem then is that the distance between city and island is much too short... 
  2. Where it all started

    I know what you mean. I thought about it many times. It is very difficult to realize though, since the distances on the map are quite unrealistic. Anyway, thanks for the advice! 
  3. San Leandro

    San Leandro is a middle class suburban community bordering South Oakland and Hayward. San Leandro is home to the famous NFL team Oakland Raiders. Furthermore San Leandro is hosting a State College. Today San Leandro counts 22.000 inhabitants. Main Station San Leandro In San Leandro is a place where people live the american dream. At least they try to do so...
  4. Where it all started

     have u ever been to richmond? surely one of the most polluted places in the us...
  5. Downtown San Francisco

    I had to start all over. My last attempt was simply not well planned, so I had to give it up. This one is definetly better... 
  6. Downtown San Francisco

    One SF's most famous sights... Alcatraz Island just north of Downtown SF China Town is a famous tourist attraction during the day. At night some corners here should be avoided though. Many drug addicts and homeless make this area unsafe during the nights. The Ralphs Arena is home to the famous SF Giants baseball team. If you like to go for a cruise there is no better place to start, than SF. The marina and cruising harbour are located next to the Ralphs Arena. The Marriott Hotel in Downtown SF SF's skyline is one of a kind... ...with the Transamerica Pyramid, its most famous skyscraper. The USS Reagan back home in the harbour of SF. Just south of the Skyline of SF you find a lot of housing projects for those who can't afford to live in Downtown. Tourists should generally avoid this area also during the day. As there is nothing special to do here, only a few get lost here. The famous hanging streets of SF.
  7. Alameda

    These housing projects in Alameda just west of Downtown Oakland are infamous for poverty and a high crime rate. Don't go there after sunset!
  8. Oakland

    Oaklands Skyline is pretty impressive outdays... Oakland International Airport is just 4 miles south of Downtown. Currently this is the most important airport in the Bay Area Region. International Destinations are Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, Cancun, Alcapulco, Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapor, London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Oakland International Aiport is also home to the Marriott Hotel Terminal 1 Oaklands Airport Control Tower meanwhile Oaklands skyline has developed Oaklands suburbs The HSBC Tower in the financial district Oaklands metropolitan mall just outside of downtown
  9. Berkeley

    Main Station in Downtown Berkeley
  10. Richmond

    The Amtrak line crossing the city of Richmond is so far the only picture I can offer. Due lack of time I unfortunately wasn't able to take more pictures. More to come soon. Please be patient.
  11. Where it all started

    In my fictional Bay Area Richmond, a town with heavy industry and oil refineries is the place where it all started. Richmond has about 40.000 inhabitants and offers about 20.000 industrial jobs. About 60 % of Richmonds residents belong to the lower class. Those who could afford it, moved to the more expensive neighbour communities of Richmond Hills and Berkeley. Richmond Hills is a small high wealth community just north of the city of Richmond. Today Richmond Hills has about 12.000 inhabitants. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view on the northern part of the Bay. Richmond Hills is also a very popular winegrowing region. Berkeley is a town bordering the southside of Richmond. Berkeley has a very established middle class and is famous for its university. Due fast growth in the service sector and high tech industry Berkeley is home to 50.000 people today, from whom a estimated 70 % belong to the middle class. South of Berkeley the City of Oakland is bordering. Oakland was branded by heavy industry for a long time, but has developed into a important financial community. Heavy industry has meanwhile moved west to the harbour city of Alameda and to the Airport Region of South Oakland. Today Oakland is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States and a popular place for Bank Headquarters and major companies. Oakland is home to the MLB Team Oakland Athletics who have a huge rivalry with the San Francisco Giants. Today Oakland is home to 110.000 People. Metro Oakland including the regions of East Oakland, South Oakland, Alameda and Hayward has more than 300.000 inhabitants and is one of the fastest growing regions in the US. If you cross the Bay Bridge from Alameda to the west you get straight into Downtown San Francisco, the most important place in the entire Bay Area. SF is as well the financial as the cultural heart of the Bay Area. Here you can find everything a major city has to offer. Downtown SF is a very dense populated place and home to 170.000 people. More than 100.000 people work in the service sector here. SF is well known for sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica Pyramid, China Town, Alcatraz or its famous Cable Cars. This makes SF one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The entire city of SF including Golden Gate and South SF is home to 600.000 people today. Metro SF including the Regions of Silicon Valley has more than 1.5 Million inhabitants today and is still growing. The city of San Mateo south of SF is planning a major international Airport. Currently Oakland International Airport is still the most important air traffic hub in the Bay Area. Development so far...
  12. 2nd try

    This is the second time that I am trying to create a CJ of the SF Bay Area. My first attempt to grow this region was unfortunately unsuccesfull. This time I believe though, that my efforts finally get payed off. Of course I hope that I will receive a lot of comments with honest critisism and usefull advice.
  13. 4. Cedar Creek Canal

    i like the high school. good work overall!
  14. The suburbs

    this was my first city.  i know, i could have done better. i am currently working on the map of san francisco. is looking much better already. more to come soon... 
  15. Leah

    wow, this is amazing! how much time did you spend on this?