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  1. kalau ada fb add aku k iwan_9000@yahoo.com leh borak2 hehe

  2. wow..awesome beb..baru malaysia letak mosque..btw wth with moerator deleted tu??LOL

  3. jarang ada malaysian designer kat sini.. tahniah Ikhwan! Lepas ni boleh buat lagi model2 yg based pada malaysia design. :)

  4. awesome ada malaysian designer here..

  5. Mosque GMAX (textures included)

    [quote name='AlexandrosB13' timestamp='1307526019'] Glad to see you around again! A year ago i remember i had downloaded a gmax file of a gas station you ve made to learn how to bat and it helped a lot. [/quote] you are welcome, and now I am back, I've been busy with my studies before and great to have someone who remember me.
  6. im just looking for a tutorial about roof.
  7. Mosque GMAX (textures included)

    actually it is the first one.
  8. i wish there are tutorials on making roof or can you point me any article for roof? thanks. I'm looking forward to improve my batting skills. thanks for suggestion.
  9. Mosque GMAX (textures included)

    well, sharing is caring haha!
  10. Mosque

    well if its awesome dont forget to rate
  11. a'ah melayu nalaysia