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  1. a couple things that don't make sense...

    This is all true, hopefully MC will look into it and change stuff.
  2. How do you build highways?

    highways are broken especially when you need to connect the highway to its bridge. The prices of the bridges and their up-keeping is ridiculous. They have to work on that.
  3. Pollution Levels

    They really have to work on pollution because it is ruining the whole game and parks dont help at all.
  4. Solo Trading

    is there any words from MC that they will improve solo trading? and to be able to trade resources with your own cities? This is important because i stopped playing 4 days after i got the game. there is no value in it and i feel cheated. I really hope they do something about it or refund.
  5. Solo Trading

    Can we get MC to comment on this? Because i really cant keep playing the game. I stopped and went back to SC4 its kida sad
  6. Holidays - Holiday Hotels

    They have to fix the pollution glitch. its making the whole game unplayable. They also have to fix highways and lower their costs and the education glitch.
  7. Is it possible?

    Originally posted by: rhenry Originally posted by: ForceInfinity I dont know if this will be possible, but I was going to experiment with this thing once I get further along to see how many crazy road structures I can get built (or if it's even possible). I was going to see about building a Glenwood Springs Canyon style viaduct, maybe a double decker bridge or viaduct, or design a freeway that has a construct that looks like an elevated carpool lane (People from LA California will know what I'm talking about). Being a road geek type, this does open up several possibilities for me to try out. My more pertinent question for those that have hacked away at single player some more, is it possible to get to 1 million population in single player and still be either income neutral or income positive and population growth neutral to positive?quote> I am starting to think it might be possible. I got another city up to 550,000 the other day and started to lose money but I am starting to see the strategy and how it might be possible. You have to watch your trade window very closely and every time it's possible you should sell something that has a value higher than 1, if it's a resource, or a positive value at all if it's office services. Any time you see a resource dip into the negative you should weigh your option, asking which of them you can create on your own without causing a negative impact in other areas. For example, let's say you are negative in fuel, industry, offices and hi tech industry. Well, we know you have to trade for fuel and it's probably the most important thing. So for every 10,000 c you have surplus you can buy a unit of something. When you have at least 12,000 buy some fuel or whatever else you need. Okay, deciding what other resource to buy and what to creat on your own. You can creat hi tech and also offices without impact on the environment so yu should place more of those and you should buy as much heavy industry, manufacturing and fuel as you can. Also food. You can make endless amounts of low density offices without needing ANYTHING but Qualified workers. These are your life blood. Get out into them suburbs and load up on QW, while loading the outer ring of your inner city with Low density office, which look barely different than medium density (requiring execs) and trade that office space as often as you can. BE SURE TO KEEP THE QW HAPPY!!! then they will keep moving in and your offices will continue to fill and you can keep trading and those offices need no reason to function because you're trading them so Omnicorp is responsible for finding a purpose for them. By doing this I am pretty sure you can get to 1 mill. You can live even without unqualifeds, or with very few of them, and execs and elites. they're not as important as qualifieds. quote> I used this strategy but the problem is that i find myself having to do it in all my cities which sux because all my cties look almost the same. I cant specialise in diffrent things. It gets really boring after the first two cities. it becomes painful to even play. They really ahve to fix it and fic the highways and education gliches.
  8. Bridges are impossible!

    They still didnt fix the highway bridge glitches where it doesnt want to connect to an existing highways. they also have to make highways and its bridges less expensive. They also have to change the way u demolish roads and highways because if u want to demolish one part the whole segment goes with it and its annoying.
  9. Air Pollution. Grr.

    There are a lot of glitches that have to do with pollution. like for example i build manufacturing in one side of the map and farms on the orther but sometimes the farms complain that there is pollution. then after a while they stop complaining and then again they complain even if i didnt change anything in the city. There are alot of glitches that have to do with pollution and education..
  10. Single player trade is unfair

    i got to 1.300.000 but its completely boring to play because there is to region-play mode and u cant specialize. They really have to fix this.
  11. Solo Trading

    Originally posted by: ForceInfinity Originally posted by: abcvs - in the Solo mode you can trade only with Omnicorp (this is a feature of the game) for trading with the other people or between your cities you need to go on Planet modequote> I would say the answer to solo trading is pretty clear folks. We also don't need to turn this thread into yet another thread moaning about the Planet Offer. quote> With all due respect, many people do *not* like that answer, and they're going to want to voice that opinion. Sadly I have the bad feeling you'll probably have your hands full if the mission is to suppress those complaints. For my part, I plan to engage in a couple experiments with the game and it may wind up boiling down to acting glacially to get the city up in size. But it is bothersome if it is true that it is mathematically impossible to fully build out a city in single player mode due to the Omnicorp/resource constraints. Just from my own experience writing games, I know that getting the balance all wrong for single player is a big no no. quote> You're right. Solo mode is painful to play. I was one of those that deffended Cities XL when everybody was complaining but when i played it for 5 days it really is clear that Solo Mode was just a demo or actually a beta. Why would they make us pay for a Beta test?? The game is really broken if u ant to have a city with more than 250000 people. Also the highways are a mess. and lets not forget the worse of all: the trading part of Solo Mode. U cant specialise since the only pertener u have to trade with is Omni, and thats to the ratio of 4:1. They have to fix the game big time. They also have to put a region mode if not then there is no reason of trying to build almost the same city on each map.
  12. They really have to fix the trading in solo mode because u can not have a sustainable income like this. u cant have large cities and u have to always build the same kind of cities since u cant specialize to trade with ur other cities. I think this is what will make me regret buying the game
  13. Originally posted by: rss334 CrestView on Prosperus quote> In the 5th picture, does it show a crime? that means it actually has crimes! Has anyone seen sth like that somewhere else?
  14. Highway Blues

    Yeah they have to fix the highways, its kinda not good
  15. Solo Trading

    Yes thats actually the first or second biggest problem. There is regionplay in Solo Mode so you cant get one of your cities trade with another one of your which makes specialization obsolete which takes off the point of building a city because you will always have to build the same kind of city which boring. They really have to fix that soon.