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  1. Deconstructivist WalMart

    that guy gets paid like, millions everyday and look at all the starvingpeople who are making those products. i love it great job!!! I WILL PERSONALLY DESTROY IT AND LAUGH AT IT!!!
  2. New Official BAT Request Thread

    hey ive been trying to build my home town of grand rapids MI and i was really hoping if you could build a few of the buildings in the skyline maybe even the van andel arena. where the grand rapids griffins and the rampage play. it would be awesome to have a chunk of my life on a game where it can be run by me.( and maybe i could see what it would look like if a twister went through). here are some pics of my beloved city
  3. Grand Rapids MI

    is this nw grand rapids? i really want to make a model of my niegjborhood
  4. Master Chief Reflector Pool

    HALO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!