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  1. R

    Yes, welcome! I must say it is interesting to see that even unedited images of yours have such marvelous quality! ~Don~
  2. R

    That ranks as #1 on the Top Ten Mosaics I have ever seen! Very nice work Smarty! ~Don~
  3. R

    Spectacular park, very nice effects too! I'm going to hazard a guess at a space program by the symbol in the last picture....? ~TJ
  4. Long Island Scale Accurate

    I agree. As a frequent visitor to this area, it will be a pleasure to see what I can concoct with this map.
  5. R

    Fantastic airport, I like the image editing and the mosaic especially! I like the airport layout as well. ~Don~
  6. Schulmania

    This journal has been growing at a ferocious rate! You'll be at 100 pages by Trixie-time! Congrats on the growth. ~Don~
  7. R

    Excellent update! I really like the rocks around the lake that add depth and realism to ploppable water. I also like how the homes are separated with trees and bushes. ~Don~
  8. R

    Stunning work overall, I really enjoyed the details and tiny touches! ~Don~
  9. Schulmania

    Ahh, beautiful once again! Very nicely organized website, made on frontpage.....? Anywho, to quote you: "Awesomeness!".... ~Don~
  10. R

    Aha! Another stunning and memorable update for New Corsica! You are making speedy progress and I applaud your for that! ~Don~
  11. R

    I certainly am excited my friend, it looks very promising and I do hope to enjoy the update soon! ~Don~
  12. Schulmania

    Excellent maps and wonderful terraforming! Quite intriguing on the whole! ~Don~
  13. Schulmania

    Hello there! I hadn't quite noticed the new thread, but my has it grown quickly! Have I really only posted once in Schulmania? I shall have to remedy that won't I? Anyways, by all means continue your wonderful work in this magnificent (quick loading) new thread! ~Don~
  14. R

    Once again, wonderful work! I do love the scenery as usual and the McDonalds is a realistic touch! ~Don~
  15. R

    Excellent work with the town! It is very much like some villages I have seen in Vermont along endless winding roads and greenery. One again, you are to be congratulated on the spectacular tree diversity! ~Don~