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  1. TunnelPortale

  2. SP2_TP_ModelFile

  3. TunnelPortale

    @ All: first thanks for the praise and interest in the work :) @ Lost Realist: I know what you mean, there are many who see it the same way.   But you can all just do not make it right and because each has its own flavor. Therefore, there is the set after my texture idea :p  AND it because gives always someone who has suspend something.  Therefore, gives the model (here on Simtropolis) for self texturing for download.
  4. SP2_TP_ModelFile

    Version v1


    Google translation: German -> English In this pack are 24 variants of my tunnel portals, for self texturing. As well as 2 Models for advertising and five tunnel portals for increased traffic routes where, I can not get to bring them into play . Maybe it shank one of you . ModelFile in this pack: 3ds & Gmax A Please inform me if your soltet create it (with proof image) here in SimForum, thank you. MfG SP2
  5. TunnelPortale

    Pleased to, that you like it. One can always improve something ... what size (length, width, height), what models do you mean the exact?
  6. TunnelPortale

    Version v1.1


    Google translation: German -> English Hi community, here is my first small contribution to this fantastic game. There are already other Tunnel portals, but this set differs in that he is not a Mod! The set is only the optics, to our SC4-World bit more varied + individual to make. The 1x1 Lot's are for flat Surfaces and become approx 1x2 - 4 Fields apart from the Thoroughfare placed, to The Game's portals too conceal. For use on rough terrain (hills / mountains) need to the Props in Loteditor moved or The grounds be adjusted accordingly. Dependencies: SP2_PropPack-1 Error + discrepancies please as PN or here in SimForum Report violation, Thank you. MfG SP2 Fixed: BrownBox
  7. SP2_PropPack-1

    Version v1.1


    Google translation: German -> English Included are 24 props of the tunnel portals, 6 Props a gallery and a few small parts that are created by the way. For the one or the other is used undoubtedly. Attention! Most Props need to be raised was rendered 2-16 meters below sea level. MfG SP2 Edit: It was pointed out that grab the package a little mistake I did. This is also something else is next to the "TestLot" in PropPack. It's actually not a bad thing. If it bothers it can remove. remotely Update on 1.1: change TP1 & TG1