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  1. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    Originally posted by: MrBrightside Mgyeldell1, this is a pretty nice map, I would use a bigger resolution however, so you have more space for station names and so on Here is the transport map from my current CJ.. Full Size (2200*2050) here: http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/4301/mp2nu.jpg quote> What program do you use to make maps like that?
  2. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    Here is the Subway Map For My largest City Gresham Hill I am actually very proud of this system because it actually does a good job at moving the people in my city around. To Me its very efficent. Some Stations move more than 20,000 Sims everyday which is humongous for Sim City. The actual system is located on 4 Mediums and One Large Tile, with the Dark Blue line being located on the Large TIle. My busiest station which move 15,000 Sims or More are 1. The HUB- ~25,000 (In the Middle of the City and the Commuter Rail and Hi-speed Rail Meet at this station) 2. Lambotti(Red,Purple)- ~21,000 (There are six large projects located where the Lambotti stations are and noone drives in those projects) 3. Staten Resi.- ~17,000 (5 Large Project building located near this station and Located on a Island and the bridge has horrible traffic and Its a tollway) 4. Bronx- ~ 15,500 (Business District which uses the pedestrian malls and I plopped 4 large landmarks skyscrapers with jobs and everyone walks from that station) 5. Rockaway- ~15,000 (Large Projects and everyone in the city works in the Bronx) Edit: For the Station that I left empty on the red line with no name its called Brick Walk
  3. Diary Entry 1- First day in Gresham Hill

    Dear Diary jfdjd I am so Nervous today. I move into my house and get to know the city that I will be changeing from now on. What I say goes. The House that I found is nice. Its a small row house in Packard Heights neighborhood, a nice middle class neighborhood in the south side of the city. The are many things that make condo beautiful, location in one of the best neighborhoods in town and the grocery store is less than four blocks from my house, and the best part about living here is the Packard Station is located less than a block from the casa. I can write how many times I love this neighborhood, my only gripe tho is the Packard building and how dilapidated it is, they really need to do something with it. I should talk to the mayor when I get to know him better I hear he is a great person. Oh yeah Diary the people when I was walking through the neighborhood I saw the prettiest girl I have ever seen in the world. She lives two blocks from me and I hope I get to see her again. But let me talk about her house it is so nice. It is a row house like mine but it is 1000x better than mine a got a photo from "Google Kazon" of it. It so much older and has history in it. I read online that the first trolley line stopped right in front of that house. History baby history. 0 Tommorow will be the first day of work for me diary and I am completely nervous. My boss, the Mayor, sent me the map for the regions transit and wow it is beautiful. I thought that there were only two line for the Rail here called G-Hart Train. but to my understanding there are many lines that I haven't ridden yet. I live on the Purple line close tot the Packard Station. My Job is located on a bus line that leaves from "THE HUB". Yell diary I am so excited there is so much potential for this area. Currently the mayor and the transportation department have two lines under construction, an Extension of the purple line, the line I live on to a suburb about 8 miles from my house and a eastern extension of the Pink line to a far out sububr of Rockway about 25 miles out from the Hub. Now Diary let me tell you about THE HUB, which has to capitalized. it is the biggest and busiest station in the system. and well it only speaks for itself. Yesterday I was down there going out with some friends and there was a robot man performing near the Fair Gates and he was making so much money from the people who were there. This city is full of so many characters. Well diary to finish this entry off. Last night I went out with a couple of homeys and I can say that this city is so pretty at night Downtown and Midtown are so pretty. I love the mix of Mid-rise and High-rise buildings in this city. Thanks Diary for listening to me today.
  4. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    This is my first time posting so Please enjoy Jenkins City is the First City I have finished in my 1.5 year hiatus of playing Jenkins City is a Old Established Suburb of a larger Region called Gresham(Who's commuter map I will put up soon). Their transit system has been around since the establishment of the City 100s of years ago. Now serving about 85,000 residents daily. The system is not looking to expand any and is part of the Larger G-PART(Gresham Park Area Regional Transit) is Resized picture, please observe the 800x600 size limit. - ky72x
  5. Sorry about the broken english So the other day I downloaded a Modd that allows you to choose how far you want the water to reach. For example if I put one water pump in the city, it waters the whole city/tile. and if I put one Power plant I will not need to put up power lines and i can put something on the other side of the tile and it is still powered I downloaded it about 3 days ago and then my hard drive crashed and now I have to redownload all modds and files that I have and that one really helped me out with not having to put those pipes down for some reason the howdryiam cheat does not work for me if any person know I will very thankful to them
  6. Does anyone know whatis the name of the modd where you can choose if you want your whole tile water and powered or you can choose what amount of space you want it to power
  7. Worst City Planning

    I would have to say Atlanta. I dont know why the planners think that 2 lane roads will hold the same amount of traffic as a four lane road. traffic might of been better if they would of built the east downtown interstate through the city then the traffic on the streets would not be as bad. And the traffic patterns confuse me so much. Like with there being bad traffic north of 575 and No traffic between that and Northside Parkway then horredous traffic from there to i-20. And fromthe southside from Mcdonugh to I-675 and then when the highway splits there is no traffic untill forest parkway and then its horredous all the way to downtown. Then they closed a major interchange at one of the worst bottlenecks in the world Now traffic is even worse. MARTA is okay I loe MARTA if there was more then three line and the procter creek spur then marta would be even better. I have ten ways to fix Atlanta 10. Build the Northern Arc North of the Metro through 75,575,400,Peachtree Industrial,Buford Highway and 85 9. Speed up the Beltline project by two years 8. Build "The Gulch Multimodial Station" off of Five Points and Create the Commuter Rails to Clayton/Hampton/Atlanta Motor Speedway, Conyers/Social Cirlce, Gwinnett/Winder, Gwinnett/Gainesville, Cobb/Cartersville, Cobb/Cherokee/Ball Ground, Cobb/Douglass/Douglassville 7. Extending the West line Heavy Rail to Adamsville. And Adding the West Line BRT to fulton Industrial 6. Extending the North Line from North Springs thru Alpharetta to southern forsyth county 5. Extending the East Line to Lithonia,Stonecrest Mall 4. Creating two LRT lines and one BRT one From East Point Through Hapeville to The Justice Center. Second in Cobb County From MARTA North Avenue Station to Georgia Tech through Cumberland/Vinings to Town Center Mall in Kennesaw, and the BRT From Kennsington MARTA Station to Stone Mountain the City. 3. Widening the Many Major two lane roads in DeKalb county to 4 and 6 lane roads like those in the suburbs 2. Extending Langford Pkwy East thru the City to I-20 Between Panola and Mall Pkwy 1. Consolidating all of Bus Systems in the City and the bus sytems in the five major counties I know some of these are a little radical but it can help make atlanta a lot better
  8. You guys thanks for all the other suggestions but you guys are not seeing that I wanted a wikipedia style City Journals where you can browse through other people cities without looking at comments and having to go to many pages just for the new update or older versions. There is a place on the wiki website where there is discussion and makes for the discussion of that particular topic and makes it easier for others to look at just your cities and its aspects without looking at the comments of every miniscule details
  9. Created New Wiki Stlye for people to place anything sim city 4 relaated, but I particuly made it for people to put there cities and everything about it. gr8cities.scribblewiki.com I would love if lots of people went there and put plenty of cities and transportation maps on there it would be great anyone is allowed to join if they want
  10. Cumbeland

    Visit My Wiki at Cumberland.scribblewiki.com