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  1. Interview with Maxis Lead Designer Stone Librande

    Contradicts what they themselves said before. What else then? Will finally say that modding is not possible?
  2. Hey, Maxis / EA (if any of your employees are reading this topic), I have a deal to offer! We SC4 fans, accept peacefully their new game, and you can do what you see fit. Prioritize the casual gamer, always maintain the online gameplay, make the game limited, and offer upgrades via DLC, integration with Facebook, etc.. On the other hand you release the source code of SC4. How about that? Pretty simple, no? You do what you want, we have something to work with, and everyone is happy. Get real, you're not going to please us with a game so limited. That way there is some hope for something good to happen and nobody be disappointed with anyone. . . . . . . . . . I'm serious!
  3. Unfortunately this visit only confirmed my disappointment.
  4. Maxis releases Gameplay Video

    The map is smaller than I imagined. The sense of size is terrible. The lack of pipeline and transmission towers bother me too much. That kind of "regional map" is pathetic. I did not like the automatic layout of avenues. Lot sizes seems to have been limited to just one. It's a step backwards. Pathetic rail intersection. Where are the freeways? Ferry? Subway? The good thing is that the city seems alive and dynamic. The graphics are silly, but ok for now. I remain the same: I do not expect anything of this game.
  5. EA boss proudly refuses to publish single-player games

    So, PROUDLY, I'm announcing that i won't buy nothing from EA probably. Period.
  6. SimCity: Gameplay

    We have always been a niche market. The problem is that they want easy money now, and that they will only achieve this with a game for those unfamiliar with Simcity. Right now, please someone who knows and likes this type of game would be too much work for EA / Maxis, apparently.
  7. Sim city 2013 will support mods. just not at launch

    SC4 had no modding possibility at launch, but times were different. Today it is inconceivable a game like Simcity not have a good support for mods early on.
  8. SimCity: Gameplay

    With 6 months of weak sales EA will probably cancel the development of anything related to the game. I'm pretty sure! People who had any hope are giving up .. and I think they there at EA / Maxis should rethink some things, and show that they are concerned about our opinion, RIGHT NOW! We can define the success or failure of the game, either by buying at launch, or getting the first months complaining everywhere influencing others not to buy too.
  9. SIm City 2013 Beta Now Live!

    This solved the problem. Thanks!
  10. SIm City 2013 Beta Now Live!

    Error sending the file. Tested on Firefox, Chrome and IE. Not possible to manually the path of file. Browse always give a wrong path "C:\Fakepath\Dxdiag.txt".
  11. The Curvy Road to Gamescom

    No offline, no large maps, social focus, and casual style gameplay=NO BUY
  12. The Sounds and Simulation of the New SimCity

    The detailed sound of the city, the complete path of the cars and citizens, many detailed animations has nothing to do with the simulation, in fact. These things are great, but superfluous .. who will occupy the hardware when it could be better used rendering larger maps, which give us possibility of a metropolis (or a little closer) fully simulated. We'll see adjacent maps, but the simulation is actually occurring in only one.
  13. The Sounds and Simulation of the New SimCity

    I would like them to keep the option of large maps (8x8 or larger). Even if there were a BIG message on the screen warning of a possible poor performance. All all these little details (people walking, cars perfect paths, highly detailed animations, etc.) could be disabled, if necessary. I dont mind the cars disappear (as in SC4), or as some details are generated by statistics, as long as I have a good simulation running on large maps.
  14. The Sounds and Simulation of the New SimCity

    Hm... i see good things. But.. "In this SimCity the cars are actually tracked individually! We wait for a car to hit a stop light and then when it leaves the intersection we can play a sound of a car pulling away and not just any car sound, the right car sound! We can also track the car as it moves and play a sound as it drives past." I think that they trying to implement so many superfluous features...so much focus on minor things. I swap it for larger maps, strongly.
  15. Always connected for single player is a crime! Not everyone has a good connection. Mine is a crap! I imagining the connection going off half of time in game, exactly what happens today with FIFA12.