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  1. Small Power Plant

    Is there any chance of a link? I'm having trouble finding it. Thanks.
  2. Small Power Plant

    Brown box. Sure there are no dependencies? Anyway, I still use it as it is a very cool idea.
  3. Bartonville

    The config file was corrupt or something. Looks like a good map, looks like my sorta map. I'm going to make my own config file for it.
  4. Acurate Map Of Ireland

    Wikipedia has a fantastic article on Ireland including a good picture of all major mountains and rivers as well as major train stations and rail tracks.
  5. Acurate Map Of Ireland

    Its good. The shape is accurate. It is all a bit flat though. I'm from the north and cant wait to get in and fix up a missing Lough Neagh, River Bann and put in the beautiful hills of Antrim, the Mourne Mnts and the world renown Antrim coast.