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  1. Three Fingers

    Version 1


    Another map I made at random. This one is sort of set up in a zig zag patters and has some variety in it's terrain. I experimented heavily with the Hill and Mountain tools. Size: 24X24 City count: Large cities: 6 Medium cities: 79 Small cities: 164
  2. What makes a good region?

    In your opinion what makes a good region to play on?
  3. Making the Entire US into one Region

    I think It could be done quite reasonably if you broke everything down to clusters of a few dozen counties each, it would probably fill up a 500Gig hard drive and require some kinda external program to help organize all of it. It wouldn't be practical but at least you would be setting some SimCity 4 records.
  4. Flatland

    This is vary plain, even if it's meant for building on is should not be perfectly flat
  5. http://simcity.ea.com/tipstricks/tipstricks_development.php this should answer alot of questions.
  6. SC4 Deluxe Restarts Computer

    I don't think is a hack or virus, they don't survive the reformatting process. My opinion sim city 4 doesn't work with your graphics card driver and is causing your computer to crash, this is easy to fix, just fallow the instructions in the image. The instructions are in all caps so they are easier to see.
  7. Fighting R$$$ unemployment

    If you want to get some low-wealth in your city zone next to ID or IM.
  8. STEX Downloads...

    well think of it this way 257 users X 10~5 KB a page view. Most users generate about 4~15 page views every 60 seconds.
  9. Resvi's canal

    Interesting, I like it's simplicity.
  10. Why does my game time stall out?

    having a program that runs in the background and cleans up your RAM might help, sim city 4 is very messy.
  11. City Counter

    The city counter is a small program intended for region makers that counts the number of city's in a region and outputs it in a small text box that you can copy and paste it into your descriptions. It can be found on the stex by fallowing the link at the end of the post. www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm
  12. NAM not helping traffic

    From what it looks like to me, the commute times might be because theres not enough work available locally. Most of your sims are probably commuting to other cities which takes a long time via roads and highways. Plan your mass transit to have plenty of neighbor connections, build up the mass transit in neighboring cities so that sims can use the connections to get to work at high speed. That should help with the commute times once your sims start using it.
  13. City Counter

    Version 1


    A small program that counts then number of cities in a region then prints the output to a text box that you can copy and paste into your descriptions. There may be some spelling errors in the program because my english is not that good.
  14. NAM not helping traffic

    try ; My Documents\SimCity 4\Albums
  15. NAM not helping traffic

    high-wealth will take rail if you have a large inter-city rail network but not as much as poorer sims, PM me a screen shot of your traffic data and a shot of your entire city and ill see what I can do.