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  1. Show us your - Region

    Did some work on the region. Played with the RHW for the first time, slowly picking it up, although the curves are frustrating. Also expanded the farmland, and worked in a small port. Population is up to 22,186, with a commercial pop of 2074 and an industrial pop of 44229 (a lot of SPAM farmland in there!)
  2. Show us your - Region

    Started this tonight. Going to try and actually stick with it! Just the beginnings of a port and the NW corner will be all farmland.
  3. What is your favouite airport?

    Frederick Municipal- small (no scheduled service). Personal service, friendly staff. Washington National- nice new terminal, neat Art-Deco original terminal, too bad the rooftop observation gallery is closed (I think). Now METRO is convenient to the terminal. Baltimore-Washington International- Not huge, nice size for an international airport. Nice observation park off the main landing runway. Reading, PA- Nice, small airport, nice restaurant, nice aviation museum on the airport grounds. Lancaster PA- Haven't been inside, just landed for a bit. Nice staff. Wilmington DE- Good service, but delays sometimes from Philadelphia air traffic. Cleveland Burke Lakefront- Fun airport to fly in to. Right on the water, the city could have done better with the connection to mass transit. Roanoke Regional- Nice small airport, close to the downtown region, short ride to everything. Jacksonville FL- Don't remember too much, small? Panama City Beach FL- Small, security is in the hallway leading to the gates, they don't let you through before your boarding time because there's nothing to do on the airside. Charles DeGaulle- All I remember is being everyone being evacuated by guys with assault rifles because of a bomb threat. Airports I want to go to- Osaka Kansai- right on the water on its own island. How cool is that! London City- right in the downtown area, steep approach. Again, how cool! Hong Kong International- Looks neat, would love to visit the area.
  4. Starting up again

    So I've reinstalled SC4 after many years away. I've patched / updated it as required, and installed the NAM and SPAM mods. I started a very poor city design, and it's nothing like what I wanted. So, how do people keep the development types under control? I had a zone that I wanted to be just farm and small res/comm, but it went out of control and started asking for high tech industrial. I had a dirty / manufacturing zone but nobody is using it now. I wanted to eventually build towards midrise and highrise buildings, but my demand was out of control (maxed R1 and R2, and HT industry). Any suggestions?
  5. Show us your airport!

    The people complaining about flat runways are amusing at best... I wish they'd make the runway where I fly out of flat... There's a most irritating dip in it right about where you land, so you end up landing twice... every time! Here are some "not flat" runways for your amusement... (the quotes because I don't think I've EVER flown into or out of a flat runway) Lukla, Nepal. The helicopter is on the runway. It's used daily by helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/0343027/L/ Catalina Island, CA http://www.airliners.net/open.file/0203719/L/ Courchevel Altiport, France http://www.higher.flyer.co.uk/html/lflj.html Falwell Airport (yes, named for the Rev. Jerry) Lynchburg, VA http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1056153/L/ There are many more out there. You can also find airport runways that are curved... Swope Farm Airport, Fan Rock, WV Elk City Airport, Elk City, ID
  6. World Trade Center 911 Where were you???

    I was working as an EMS dispatcher for my company's DC operations. My company's home base is just outside NYC. Just after the towers were hit, the regional VP was on the phone with the company HQ about getting people up to NYC. Then the Pentagon got hit, and the DC Emergency Ops Center called me to say they were putting our ambulances on standby for use by the District. In all it was a long day...
  7. At a loss

    Yes, the plan was to have the space in front of city hall be a large park, but I need to download some paths again (thought I had them, don't know where they went!) I'll look into the growable buildings, that's a good idea! I'll also change the taxing to bring I-M back in, and see what that does. The ultimate goal is just to have this as a stepping stone towards a high density zone further towards the center of the overall map, and to have it different than the blocks that I've always ended up with until now.
  8. At a loss

    I'm hoping to get some ideas for what to do with a med-density res/commercial area that I've started. I don't want it to turn into a grid layout like most of my other towns / cities do, and I've seen some very nice cities in the CJs. Some restrictions: It needs to be functional No plopping, growing only (this might be optional for a really stellar building or two that really fits in) NAM is the only update / cheat being used. I'm willing to look at more files to add in if it doesn't detract from the overall functionality of the town / city. I'd like to have GLR in it, but I'm trying right now to figure out how to use the in-avenue GLR with stations... Industrial demand is way down because dirty and manufacturing are taxed at 20% to keep them out.
  9. Favorite Public Transportation System

    And ohhh the sound of a streetcar going down the tracks. I can still hear the sounds of the air and electrical system coming alive when flipping the M-G Master on the old PCC at the museum Besides, as my father once said, "I never liked riding buses. I mean come on. You always know where the streetcar is going to go. Who knows if that bus driver is going to get lost or not!"
  10. Favorite Public Transportation System

    Originally posted by: crazyyaya trolleys in really life are outdated, slow, ineffiecent, and land consumingquote> Hardly. The venerable PCC (1930's technology mind you!) was built with an acceleration rate of 0-60 in 13 seconds (specifically, 4.5 mph / sec). Considering what city traffic normally accelerates at, this is STILL able to keep up with modern traffic, and considerably faster than modern transit buses. Streetcars are quieter, and don't belch smoke like their rubber-tired counterparts. Streetcars could still be run in city streets, negating any requirement for a private right of way, but planners won't shut down streets to rebuild the tracks that they removed decades ago to reinstall them, which would negate any "land consuming" claims. The car house takes up as much room (probably less actually) than a bus lot, since you can build it to specific tolerances and not worry about drivers backing into other buses in the lot while parking / departing. As to my opinion of best mass transit system, I would also have to go with the DC Metrorail system (the bus system is just like any other bus system, but it duplicates the streetcar system it replaced in 1962 almost exactly). The management keep the cars clean, bordering on fanatical (they'll pull trains out of service immediately if they find graffiti on them!), and for the most part, there are very few disruptions to the system. Unfortunately, recent years haven't been kind, with shoddy craftmanship on their new cars, and incompetent management messing the problem up even more. Unfortunately, the worst is just an hour north of DC. The Baltimore mass transit system is the model of ineffectiveness. The subway was built first, back in the '80s, going from a northwest suburb into downtown. The problem is Baltimore has no real "central district", other than about a 2 block radius around the inner harbor, and the subway doesn't even go there! The stations are dark and dirty, the trains are ugly, they don't follow any set schedule, and their blocks weren't set up with passenger comfort in mind (example: coming into the Owings Mills station, the block will stop the train on a high speed curve, so the entire train is sitting at an uncomfortable angle, and it'll sit there for several minutes.) Service delays abound with no explanation given about why you're sitting in a tunnel for 10 minutes not moving. It starts at a point only used by a small portion of the commuters into Baltimore, and never takes you into the center of the city (it misses it by about 10-15 blocks at least!) The light rail system had the potential to be great. But again, it doesn't go where the passengers need to go. It starts in an expensive suburb north of the city (where people who live already have jobs in their immediate area), and flows through the worst neighborhoods (also not endearing it to the riding public) to either BWI airport (a good attempt at going somewhere useful, but the people going there are already driving, or going to a hotel which the light rail system won't take you to) or a suburb south of the city. Nowhere does it branch out (except to go across a highway 1 stop to the train station, but you have to transfer to get to that one station!), and again, it shows how inefficient it is. About the only useful stops are the 2 stadiums, but the only time you see the system busy is when there's a sporting event going on at one of the stadiums.