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  1. Is it really that Added Turn Lane

    Good concept, but bad application. You should really try better at making textures, and I doubt this is even draggable
  2. New York City

    Wow you are going to have a hell of a time recreating all of that.
  3. Skyscrapers?

    I read somewhere that heavy traffic NOISE helps co$$$ develop more efficiently, but I'm not sure on its accuracy.
  4. Skyscrapers?

    sill computer posted twice.
  5. Disasters

    They have disasters in the game, and they have a picture somewhere of a carnival on fire. (thank god!) but by viewing the new 19 minute candy land video, I have come to believe that they will be spontaneous and will occur at any time during the game.
  6. Dark Airport.

    I don't know if airports can be abandoned, but alot of the larger lots like the golf course, university, and airports have alot of crime for some unknown reason
  7. looks really good! i'm definitely following this one
  8. Rail Station Model

    the bum is a nice touch
  9. Starting up a minimal city

    I started a city with one 1x2 Industry, Residential and Commercial. I had a small clinic, a police kiosk, a water tower and a windmill. The road was three tiles long. It lasted for 46 game years, at which point i got very bored and quit
  10. fun screen shots

    Apparently my highways tunnel has some sort of vortex also if you free drive and your on that tiny little avenue and you press shift so your not stuck to the roads you can go from onto of the highway tunnel to on the highway if you drive in the direction of the blue tunnel
  11. Highways on region map.

    You're probably going to have to reinstall your game, but don't worry, before you do, copy all the contents from the sim city 4 folder in your my documents, place them elsewhere under a name you can remember, then re install. Afterwards, you can replace the files in the new sim city 4 folder with the ones that you copied and then all your stuff will be back to order and your highways and interchanges should be back.
  12. Newbie Help

    What size city are you working on? My smallest city squares sit around 20K for awhile then they start climbing again. You have to fill the whole map, have good health care and education, short commutes are always a plus and mass transit seems to help me out with neighboring cities. If you're playing on a larger map and you've filled it up, then you might be zoning too much commercial and industrial and not enough residential.
  13. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Atomic sheep, search Amsterdam in the STEX for those buildings. They show up frequently in my cities, and they are very nice
  14. WORLD

    the train and avenue intersection in this picture is brilliant! How did you manage to do that?
  15. NDEX ITS Tower 42