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  1. Choppy gameplay

    I think its because the game is not designed for multi core processors. I also feel that it's the extra trees combined with the shadow generation for all those trees could be the reason for a slow down. I remember playing this on my C2D 2.1GHz 5 years ago, I avoided developing large cities like a plague. Whenever I tried to do so after about 130,000 or so population the game would come to a grinding halt. Even at Cheetah speed the time would move forward very slowly. ie 1 month game time would take about 10 mins or so. Plus with so many mods installed there were random crashes occurring all the time. That was one of the reasons why I had given up.
  2. Show us your accomplishment!!

    Bouder Port Population 1.2 million Commercial 500,000 Industrial 80,000
  3. Choppy gameplay

    Just chiming in with my input. Started playing SC4 after nearly 4 years. I have a corei7 oced to 4.2GHz GTX 560 Ti 1 GB gpu and 8 Gigs of ram I can take up my medium cities to about half a million (5,00,000 - 7,50,000) and large cities to about 1.2 million. I have lots of mods included probably more than the game size itself . I have done extensive testing and can tell you that SFBT street tree mod along with shadows enabled can slow down my game but only when I reach the above mentioned population levels.
  4. Been here since October 2003.
  5. The Great Civ 5 Discussion

    Civ 4 + EPs was a lot better than CIV 5 will ever will be. oh and the DLCs ruined too...
  6. The Simtropolis Annuarians Club

    been here for so long...this is my 8th year
  7. What Music are you listening to right now?

    Paul Van Dyk - Tell me why
  8. Obama's Speech in Cairo

    I really don't give a damn about what Obama says in his speeches. I just think he is favouring Pakistanis in his foreign policy. Which has hurt the US badly for the last 30 years and will continue to do so. They are giving boat loads of money and weapons to fight the Taliban...The Pakistani army is deploying all the new weapons on our western border, so in a way Obama administration is helping Pakistanis militaristicaly against India. period. PS this post was in resonse to the PM I received from edikusumo. -- edited to remove offensive, racist term --
  9. Hindu man loses appeal to funeral pyre.

    ^ Actually we (Hindus) can thank British for religious enlightenment/reformation during the 18/19th century. This exercise/custom used to happen only in villages and small towns long long time ago. They banned it, initially. Some Hindu liberal religious scholars at that time agreed to it, and they banned other such 'archaic' practises too. At present if you force someone to die with their deceased relative it amounts to murder. If I would have posted something like witch hunting and burning at stakes for heresy in Christianity I would have probably been banned/reprimanded, same goes for what you posted, please get your facts checked before posting them. I know most of the people in US don't know even basic things about Hinduism - its not your fault though. But a bit more effort to understand a different culture can only be good.
  10. Hindu man loses appeal to funeral pyre.

    Originally posted by: Duke87 Link? I have heard of this sort of practice in Hindu tradition. A man dies, his wife gets forced to go with him by being burned alive. Among other reasons for it. quote> I don't know where you got that info. That kind of thing has been banned for nearly 150 years here in India. You guys seriously need to find out more about other religions than Christianity and/or Judaism. People are openly cremated in India but only after their death and that too at a pre designated location. These locations are almost always near a river bank. These days, people prefer to burn the corpses in electrical crematoriums to avoid using wood. In Hinduism, we believe that after you burn some one's dead body, it merges into the 5 elements of nature. Its pretty simple if you think of it that way.
  11. Indian Elections

    ^ out of all the contenders only 3-4 are the real ones...the rest of them are just plain opportunists.
  12. The worst movie ever!

    Far Cry...yep its inspired from the very famous first person shooter game. Probably the worst movie in recent memory. In fact any movie made by director Uwe Boll just suck.
  13. Your favourite browser?

    Firefox... but not without add-ons.
  14. Slumdog Millionaire

    ^ Very good post...I was thinking of posting the same but you were a step ahead. I have seen all the movies mentioned above, except for the English Patient. Big Q: Does SM belong in the same league as the movies mentioned above even after winning 8 Oscars? A big No. The movie might be good, inspirational, etc...but to to be in the same class as Gone with the Wind and such...absolutely no.