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  1. Help a dude out

    Start saving that lunch money.
  2. Question and a statement.

    The large regions leave enough room for 4 players to have 4 cities. Ideally one in each sub-region. I thought this was standard procedure. You can build ANY kind of city to a high degree of success in ~10 hours. Thats 1 day of weekend play for some people. Just because you have a more casual play style isn't a very good reason to condemn those who need more room/have more play time.
  3. Isolated self sustaining city

    If agents never convert into different agents, then how do residents become homeless? Do the residents die from lack of money (you all know money is #1 on the hierarchy of needs) and then their decomposing bodies turn into homeless? Can you get homeless without a region connection? If I'm wrong and homeless/residents can convert back and forth, couldn't you rectify any abandonment situation and they will eventually find a place to live again?
  4. Claiming abandoned citys

    If they had any DLC you don't have then you can't claim their city.
  5. wish we still had agriculture

    I actually think its more realistic to try and create a rural community out of the smaller maps then it is building massive cities. Just my two bits. Have fun zoning your agricultural lots with the fantastic terrible zoning tool we got for SC2013 though.... I would be disappointed if the agriculture buildings were plop-able to, unless they found a creative way to make them grow into the size of the streets around them or something.
  6. High wealth tourists and elegant casino

    Have you tried using the elegant casino in a region where the buildings are mostly $$$? I'm not sure but wouldn't having tons of C-$$$ encourage high wealth tourists as well or do you just play the lottery at the ferry/train/airport? I'm not sure how that works personally but maybe you could experiment around that concept? I personally have a similar experience to you in that I can get a reasonable amount of income from gambling but I never really unlock more then 1 upgrade to gambling HQ and stick with sleek casino. //edit I'm also curious,.. do you know if placing casinos near the university will be advantageous for the casino at all or do students not count as tourists? Specifically the ones that commute in for classes
  7. One of my favorite lines, which speaks great lengths to how pathetically tiny the actual map sizes are. "For example, if we made the airport runways actual size, they would cover up the entire city. Those are the kinds of things where we just had to make a compromise and hope that it looked good." There was another one in there about how typically mall and venue parking is bigger then the builds lots, so we have to pretend everyone parks underground to compensate...... I have a better idea, stop slacking and cutting corners in your simulator and make the cities scale better then they did in SimCity 1995?
  8. Show us your screenshots taken with filters

    I started doing a bunch of screen-caps recently for a screen saver. I think all of these use the Neutral filter. I couldn't really find the one I was looking for. I see people post images that look like they have been shopped they are so nice. Anyways here is what I've got so far. http://cykikvisage.imgur.com/all/
  9. Regional Resource Redistribution

    The whole dang system is flawed because supply chains and T1 resources are all pointless. You don't need oil. You don't need coal. You don't need ore. You don't need to recycle. You don't need to manage your water because you can create a infinite supply too. All you need to do is start a new city, pause the game, take out 2 loans, zone as much as you can afford off the road network your made (R/C only). Take out your third lone, drop your power and water and wait for your budget to balance. Run that $%&^! until you pay your loans off, and drop your city services (fire/health/police*). Get your student capacity to 1000 or so and start building education up to community college. Plop that $%&^! (community college) and smack 5 2 plop wide industrial buildings near by the college. Boom you got 5 medium tech industry buildings. Delete them because industrial is pointless in SimCity 2013 and plop 1 supply depot and 1 or 2 processor facilities. Import alloy and Plastic and export your Processors. Once you've unlocked consumer electronics drop 1 TV factory and replace your supply depot with the large depot hooked up to rail or water. No computers. 1 factory per 2 processor plants. Continue importing alloy/plastic and now export both processors/tvs. Don't try and push your population beyond around 45-55k. Now you should have a city harvesting 0 T1 resources, only importing T2, and exporting T3 and T4. You should have 45-55k people with only enough C zones to make them happy. You should have 2-4 proccessor facilities, and 1-2 TV facilities. Expanding your production from here is optional. If you do this right you should average anywhere from 5M-10M per month depending on how well you established your supply chain and wether or not you overdid your utilities/city services. If you can buy power thats nice. Everything else (power even if needed) are all taken into consideration in the +5-10M/month figure. I've only been playing for 3 weeks now but my step brother and I bought the game together and have had time to test a lot of the manufacturing. I think I've got it down about as good as it gets. Lately now I'm just playing in Sandbox though testing different zoning/networking concepts. Being able to make a filthy rich city to fund an entire region in 4-5 hours has made non-sandbox seem like nothing more then a restriction now. Why play with broken leader boards and unlockable concept that when the only thing required to access them is time commitment. Anyways that a side rant for another thread I guess.
  10. Patch 3.0 released

    I have to admit I am replying after only the second bulletin. Does it strike anyone else odd how there is uncertainty in their statement about [changes] making traffic smarter? It "should" or it "will", Maxis? Is this stuff even getting tested before its shoved out the door?
  11. Need advice on students and buses.

    I'm not talking about busses being broken I'm talking about students being broken. Similar to how tourists become broken. First hand experience is hard to discount, but no loss for me if you don't believe me.
  12. Need advice on students and buses.

    There is a bug with education that effects students the same way the gambling bug effects tourists. You won't be able to get any of your students to enroll, at all. In gambling its a matter of losing a wealth level (low/mid/high) of tourism. It just stops coming completely. Like everything else in this game, its broken.