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  1. Lung Yun Temple ver 2

    This is fabulous. Much nicer than the first version. :D
  2. That negative comment posted by one at my community (I'm referring to the TM community) was done by one person and only one person. We've opened a welcome thread for you SimCity fans at our forums and so far all some of you have done is attempt to lump all of us together and inundate our community with rants over one screenshot that likely isn't what the final version is going to be like. Also, don't act think you're the only ones being "victimized" here. There's also the TM fan community in this mix. I (and perhaps many other TM fans) have been really wanting an update of Caesar IV or a sequel to Children of the Nile. Because TM is occupied with working with this project now, we're not getting it. There is no reason for any animosity between our two communities.