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  1. Cities XXL

    I was part of the Beta for Cities XL and have owned every version up through Platinum because they kept offering me 75% off each new generation. I'm disappointed that the discount is only 50% off this time because the new game looks like a series of bug fixes and some pretty skies. With that said...if this fixes the memory issues and multicore support problems, then this should be a nice little city builder, especially if you haven't owned it before. Cities XL approaches things differently because you have to zone wealth levels and density instead of just density and letting things organically develop based on the desirability of an area, but wealthier levels won't develop unless their needs are met, so it doesn't just let you go wild. Their are also a lot of "cheat" buildings built in to compensate for really weird shifts in costs and demands as you grow. There are buildings that add 5% or 10% to a given category of output (like Offices or Oil) instantly for a monthly cost. Those buildings are included for a reason (this also happens in real life, think of a state funded university building a research wing for a particular industry...or even something like farming subsidies). Cities XL has a complex system of interconnecting influences and the balances never seem to have been worked out quite right, so sometimes you need a boost to keep from hitting a wall or having extreme diffculty. Definitely play through a bit where it unlocks each new thing because it knows about when you might need or want those new buildings. Afterward you can choose to play with buildings completely unlocked and kind of manipulate the system as you see fit or not manipulate it to see if you can make it without those boosts. Also, Expect a Cities XXL 2016 with 50 new buildings and 5 more maps and a XXL 2016 with 50 new buildings and a special landmark, but none of the fixes for bugs in Cities XXL 2015 lol it's just how they do things.
  2. Originally posted by: bixel well Im behind MCs decision. If the model is not up to spec - then it shouldn't be used until it gets improved and then matches the professional work. Once the model is approved it could be automatically added to the content when the player logs in...quote> User created content being automatically added might inspire others to join in and create some themselves. It also solves the problem of repetition without much effort for the average player, while making custom content potentially more mentally rewarding, since every player would see your creations wow that would be cool @John Kirby: I noticed that the roof junk in game seems to mostly textures. @ Bixel: Also, your work is awesome, I look forward to seeing it in Cities XL
  3. Banned from the Game!

    Originally posted by: tdwarrensr I used a bank of America visa/debit card. was approved...downloaded the game....played for a week...then "Banned from the Game". This is not only a paypal problem.quote> Are you sure it was approved, or was a hold placed for approval while you downloaded? Some transactions can take 7 business days to actually approve and a hold of that amount is placed on your account to ensure you don't overspend and reassure the seller that you have the money. My bank puts a one week hold on all my payments to my college because they investigate each payment for fraud on my university's end. My bank also blocked spending online once to a retailer that was out of country because it was not my normal purchase pattern. I had to call my bank to sort the mess out. It is annoying, but it can save you from identy theft...
  4. Based on the about the creation of a building for the game, submitting models to Monte Cristo for review sounds perfectly reasonable. The building has to fit within limited polygon ranges for multiple graphics settings and have proper mapping. Without standards, the game could easily be brought to its knees with high poly meshes. I wasn't able to create any content for SC4, but I have skills with various 3D modeling programs (I also own a copy of 3ds Max , and I have the CS3. I am also majoring in Architecture, so creating content should be fun. I hope some sort of tool is added quickly.
  5. I found an Easter Egg!!!

    Those are people base jumping. It happens a lot when you have a bunch of skyscrapers...there are a lot of very small details in this game.
  6. CD Key not on manual

    My CD Key email came from webmaster@citiesxl.com, so you might want to contact them instead. The CDs and Keys are separate.
  7. No Ambient Sound??

    I never noticed that until you pointed it out, but my city has the same problem. It should have ambient noises and music, but it doesn't...
  8. Demo version released ~ For all those that can't wait

    This issues in this thread have been brought up with MC. Rezoning, street widths, upgrades, one ways, odd zoning, etc are low on the list of things to do, but they are still listening.
  9. Demo version released ~ For all those that can't wait

    Bankrupt structures do not need to be bulldozed. If demand goes high enough, then they rebuild into another building.
  10. Will there be a Cities XL Forum?

    There will be no forums on their official site. Their intent is for the fansites to be the forums for the game. An odd choice, but that is their decision.
  11. London?

    http://www.mylondonmap.com/ It is an interactive map of london It has roads and maps of the Tube lines I believe. Hope it helps.
  12. CitiesXL Beta Sign Up

    Thank you!
  13. Simtropolis Site Bugs

    I'm getting the same message. It happens from both the normal search and advanced search.
  14. Product Registration

    The code you entered during installation is the serial code, which is what you need to register. Originally it was the bottom of the CD case, but EA changed it a while back and now puts it where you found it. No, it should not matter that you used it to install your game.