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  1. BLaM Tornado Tower with CO jobs

    Very unique, will use!
  2. Show us your airport!

    And where did you get the Continental/United/Air Canada/American Airlines planes???
  3. SMP NSB Train Mod

    sweet, my rail trains need upgrading, this is perfect!
  4. Modular Amusement Park Pack Classic Rides

    still loving these!!! :)
  5. Modular Amusement Park Pack Modern Rides

    i am loving all of these theme park bats....THANK YOU!!!
  6. Modular Amusement Park Pack Roller Coasters

    oops... forgot the thumbs up :)
  7. Modular Amusement Park Pack Roller Coasters

    the coolest thing i have seen on the stex for a long time, and perfect for my new region! 20/10 :)
  8. SearsTower

    dude, awesome, way better than the previous ones!
  9. Sidewalk with bus stop

    great, i really like it
  10. Sim City Aviation Group: REQUESTS

    Denver International Airport terminal, like pictured earlier. Can someone PLEASE do this!?
  11. Traffic Blvd

    looks like that one freeway in Seattle (cant remember the name at the moment, but i know it gets very congested) this isn't very useful, but funny!
  12. Show us your airport!

    quick question is there any way to get the delta and british airways aircraft shown above? if not, is there a gate for the 767 in one of the airport packs (there are gates for the 707, but i haven't found any parking or anything for the 767)?
  13. Military Jets

    this is perfect for any ace combat fans who wish to buld an AFB in their cities. perfect for Hierelark Air Force Base!
  14. Denver Metropolitan

    when the map rendered the whole map (except for the mountains) was underwater. is there a height mod i need for this map for it to work correctly plz help?! great map i love it since i live in denver will rate when it works correctly. it will take me forever to populate since it's so huge, though! i hope my comp can handle it.
  15. Sacramento CA

    looks like a cool map. i will rate when i download and render it.