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  1. Recreation: San Diego County

    Wow i have not been on ST for a long long time, so i decided to check up on the community and when i saw you were recreating the best most amazing city in the world i obviously had to comment. Holy crap dude this is soo awesome! Cornado is super acurate, i look forward to your recreation of OB and PB and of course the completion of downtown. Sorry i havnt been around for a while and while i dont think i will be returning to sc4 i will definatly keep up with this journal. Awsome work man. -Hawkeye
  2. Emerald Falls created by jacqulina

    Congrats on the trixie!!! You definatly earned it!!! Have a great New Year!!! -Hawkeye

    Haha i didn't even realize my post count when i was commenting... Anyway very nice update, i really like the key's and added descriptions!!! I will definatly be back for more!!!
  4. Urland, a (mostly) rural coastline

    Wow i havnt been around here for a while but it looks just as good if not better than when i left!!!! Seriously awsome job, your work with the flora is just amazing!!! Congrats on the trixies and i will be back for more!!!
  5. Rep. of Roanoke Island---On Standby

    This is a very nice CJ you have here!!! The inner harbour looks really nice, I have never attempted using the canal lots but after that update i might have too!!! Great work and i will be back for more!!!
  6. Avista by Lacey14

    Wow this is really cool!!! I love the colors in your pictures, they are very rich and bold!!! Great start and i will be back for more!!!
  7. United Islands Of Territories

    Wow thats awsome, you have some of the best looking suburbs in a CJ!!! Lookin forward to the full update!!!
  8. The Iron Coast - Update XV - 04/04/2010

    Wow really awsome start!!! It looks like you have your work cut out for you!!! Definatly will be staying tuned to see how this CJ turns out!!!
  9. Dutch Columbia - The Redeux

    This is a very nice start!!! I am very much looking forward to more!!!
  10. Ben's Top Ten +10

    Wow this is great!!! You can really tell how much work you have put into this, and i hope you can continue it for a while!!!
  11. Winchester

    Wow really awsome updates!!! I really love your work with the RHW!!! I will be lookin out for more!!!

    Wow you have accomplished alot since I have been gone!!! An awsome couple of updates, a pretty sick looking BAT, and some very nice photoshopping!!! I will definatly be lookin out for more!!!
  13. Palmont Groves

    Sweet new CJ you got here!!! Looks awsome and i will be back for more!!!
  14. Nagiosaki City

    He's back!!!! Yes dude, i love your work and am so glad you have decided to return!!! Awsome update and i will be lookin out for more!!!
  15. United Islands Of Territories

    Dude, i havnt been around for the last couple of months and i must say your updates are just as amazing if not more amazing than when i left!!!! Seriously awsome!!! I really like Eugenesville, the downtown is spectacular and the suburbs are so nice and green!!! Awsome work with St.Peters Independence Citadel aswell, it looks really good!!! I will be lookin out for more!!!