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  1. Recreation: San Diego County

    Wow i have not been on ST for a long long time, so i decided to check up on the community and when i saw you were recreating the best most amazing city in the world i obviously had to comment. Holy crap dude this is soo awesome! Cornado is super acurate, i look forward to your recreation of OB and PB and of course the completion of downtown. Sorry i havnt been around for a while and while i dont think i will be returning to sc4 i will definatly keep up with this journal. Awsome work man. -Hawkeye
  2. || Berlin ||

    This is awsome!!! The colors are so rich and bold, i love the use of the trees and the way you did the canals!!! The lotting is amazing aswell and i am very much looking forward to the next update!!!
  3. Emerald Falls created by jacqulina

    Congrats on the trixie!!! You definatly earned it!!! Have a great New Year!!! -Hawkeye

    Haha i didn't even realize my post count when i was commenting... Anyway very nice update, i really like the key's and added descriptions!!! I will definatly be back for more!!!
  5. Urland, a (mostly) rural coastline

    Wow i havnt been around here for a while but it looks just as good if not better than when i left!!!! Seriously awsome job, your work with the flora is just amazing!!! Congrats on the trixies and i will be back for more!!!
  6. Rep. of Roanoke Island---On Standby

    This is a very nice CJ you have here!!! The inner harbour looks really nice, I have never attempted using the canal lots but after that update i might have too!!! Great work and i will be back for more!!!
  7. Hawkeye's Sandbox

    Hello all and welcome to my update special! Before we get into things i would first like to give a huge thanks to ironicepitome, TmiguelT, ComputerGuy890100, buildsolid, Evillions, dfnva, chrissc94, Schulmanator, Raysfan16, N106, Muck308 and ecoba for their awsome comments!!! They are very much appriciated and I hope to see all of you back here!!! So today's update is going to be a little diffrent from the others. I was looking through some of my older pictures from when i first started the game and figured i would show my progression through sim city 4. I will start in the beggining and work my way to where i am right now. So here we go: Part 1- Before Simtropolis... We all remember our first attempts at SC4... The endless grid layouts, redundant buildings, U-Drive it missions and the annoying as hell "No job" symbols that would wipeout half the city. This is where we played the game as maxis intended, growing the city from the ground up. I used to play for hours just trying and get a skyscrapper... and would get so excited when one of those three story maxis condos grew. It was a fun game but i didnt even realize how much better it was going to get... Pure maxis as far as the eye can see... I think this was actually one of my better attempts too. The realism is just amazing isn't it? One of my more ambitious attempts... Part 2- So Many Addons!!! Obviously every one of us has stumbled upon simtropolis one way or another. When i first started hanging around here i had no clue what i was doing. I remember asking rediculous questions and double posting like crazy. Luckily i learned quickly and wasn't too much of a pest to others (at least i hope i wasn't). And then the discover of the stex... the fix to everything maxis got wrong plus much much much much more! For a while i spent more time downloading files then i actually spent playing the game! As well as the stex i was also amazed and in awe of the city journals on the site. I couldn't even imagine being able to create anything close to what was being displayed. I used to read journal after journal and every time left wondering how they could be so detailed and realistic. It was something i strived to one day be able to create... Part 3- The CJ's The city journal section has got to be one of my favorite sections of ST. As i mentioned above the CJ's were a great source of inspiration for me and have influenced how i play SC4 immensly. After about a year here at simtropolis i finally decided to try my luck at creating a CJ for myself. Since then i have created 3 others. Here is a small presentation on each of them: My very first CJ! Some of you may even remember it... I started this about 3 years ago and really had no clue what i was doing. I remember reading the city journal guide in the omnibus over and over before creating it. It was definatly a learning experince and i gained alot of knowledge on how a CJ should be run. All and all it was a decent start to my City Journaling carrer... Some early suburbs... The Coral Bay beach! And of course the concrete joungle downtown area... After Coral Bay i took about a year break from SC4. When i came back i jumped into a brand new CJ called Ampton County. Im pretty sure this was my longest CJ with about 7 pages worth of updates. In this CJ i started to lean more towards realism rather than creating a gigantic mass of towering buildings which had dominated my playing style prior to this journal. Overall i think this was a vast improvment over Coral Bay! Nothing much to say... Enjoy the following pictures! Haven Cove is my most recent CJ other than the Sandbox. I started it about half a year ago and while it is only about two or three pages long it definatly displays what i believe is some of my best work. When i compare Coral Bay to this i am blown away by the amount i have improved. In my eyes i had finally reached the level of detail and realism i had been in awe of when i first arrived at Simtropolis. Once again not much to say... Enjoy the pictures! The CJ your viewing right now ... I hope to be able to continue this CJ for a while!!! I thank you all for viewing this CJ and all my CJ's in the past. I have truly enjoyed my time with Sim city 4 as well as the time spent on this site and would like to thank all of you in the community for making it so much fun!!! I hope to be here for a while longer and to hopefully inspire newcomers to embark on the same sim city 4 journey i once traveled. Thanks for viewing... -Hawkeye
  8. Avista by Lacey14

    Wow this is really cool!!! I love the colors in your pictures, they are very rich and bold!!! Great start and i will be back for more!!!
  9. United Islands Of Territories

    Wow thats awsome, you have some of the best looking suburbs in a CJ!!! Lookin forward to the full update!!!
  10. A history of San Paso

    Well i dont think i will be able to write as much as ncvegas did, but i would really just like to congragulate you on the Trixie!!! You definatly earned it!!! Happy New Year and i will be lookin forward to more!!!
  11. The Iron Coast - Update XV - 04/04/2010

    Wow really awsome start!!! It looks like you have your work cut out for you!!! Definatly will be staying tuned to see how this CJ turns out!!!
  12. Dutch Columbia - The Redeux

    This is a very nice start!!! I am very much looking forward to more!!!
  13. Ben's Top Ten +10

    Wow this is great!!! You can really tell how much work you have put into this, and i hope you can continue it for a while!!!
  14. Winchester

    Wow really awsome updates!!! I really love your work with the RHW!!! I will be lookin out for more!!!
  15. Tierra de la Oscuridad 2

    Looks awsome!!! Great detail and awsome colors, i will definatly be back for more!!!