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  1. eagles reply has some great ideas probably already said somewhere but eagles, part of your ideas won't happen in the near future and here is why : 1) I'm not sure what you mean by sim nations, but i think it is network play with lots of peeps, if it is, don't expect that to come up very soon... There is too much info that constantly evolves and changes, internet connections would be flooded at the server with the constant information change. 2) and 3) I'd like to see that asap, it can be done right now and should!!! 4) Yet again, to have a constantly evolving environment from one game to another will take lots of time to balance everything and to centralize everything in one big game engine. These kinds of game where you have worlds and several games attached to it to play different angles of the game will only exist in the far future. Make that 20 years when most houses will have central computers managing the home network, and all appliances. These computers will have the power to handle game services like that and then, you, your friends, your familly will be able to play at the same time in the same world which will constantly evolve depending on what game is connected. This is not a speculation, this is what games are going towards. They are even speaking of incorporating the CELL processor to the new central home systems to have a multimedia house with touch screens everywhere, speaker in every room etc... god, future will be sweet as hell!!!
  2. Hawaiibill: Sadly, SC's biggest problem is not really the size of the data it has to work with, its the raw power needed to work with it, anyone can make a city provide they have the minimal requirements, put every setting on low and use a small city and you are off. Sadly DVD won't help solve the problem of having one full region to develop at a time, its strictly a bad programming algorythm (or probably a good one) but there is so much data to process that we'll need much powerfull computer to handle bigger maps...
  3. NAM: Development

    Hi, i'm a professionnal programmer analyst, if i may be of any help to the NAM project, or any other project you are aware of, feel free to contact me at crazyone@crazycoders.net Else just delete this post, thanks
  4. I know this topic is old, but i think i have good ideas to make the game better. 1) Finer control on everything and less work on the zoning part It becomes increasingly hard to know where and what to place to do an effective layout of zones throughout your regions. I would be glad to see a real civic advisor telling me where i should zone for what and have some interaction with it. For instance, i'd tell him i want to develop a high-wealth residencial sector, then he'd give me different options as to where i can set it up and what i should try to build in surrounding zones like work and services. Then the game would be less of a puzzle piecing and rebuilding entire cities to get to balance everything. Also, we should have new zones with finer details as to what can go where. I find it a bit funny to spam a large zone of CS and see no restaurant whatsoever appear but see 6 hairdresser one beside each other. What would be nice is to have access to CS and CO zoning but also different sub zones in CS and CO to detail all possible services in an area... (This is a list of, but not limited to) CS types i'd invent : Restaurants ($, $$ and $$$) Gas stations & Car maintenance Personnal care (Hairdressing, manucure, etc) Shopping (Boutiques, Groceries, Shopping malls) ($, $$ and $$$) i'd invent a CR type (Commercial recreative) : Bars, Saloons ($ and $$) Arcades, pool, bowling, putting ($) Attractions (Movies, amusement parcs) ($$ and $$$) CO types : Financial services ($, $$ and $$$) Business to particulars services Business to business services And it could go on for a long time... As i see it, Sim City has to evolve a bit to be more fun and challenging, because the mayor itself is not the one that does the zoning, the eletrical system and water system, he makes decisions based on the input he recieves from the advisors and the graphs... Right now its a bit the reverse, the advisors are only there to report problems and lets you take all the measures and calculations to see if you will build an adequate region... 2) Real-life situations ... I live in canada, province of quebec and let me tell you that the american model of cities is far from ours... Here most of the things are public, cities pay for very little which is : Police and fire Streets Schools Water We do not tend to the highways or provincial roads, neither do we care about hospitals or clinics... The goverment does... Gambling, Electricity and Health are all goverment business... thats where i want to go. I dont want the game to change at all for the canadian model, but wouldn't it be nice if your region settings when you create it would allow for govermental budgetting and laws and such. You could deal with the goverment to build an hospital somewhere and then you have nothing to care about... the funcding is done by the goverment. How i see this is that you can't build too many hospitals this way or you'd have to increase the overall region taxation to allow more hospitals to be created.... anyway we're delving very deep in there for only small ideas One last thing i'd like to talk about real life situations is the damn fact that you can increase speed, pause and modify or just bulldoze and rebuild in a jify... How lame... Real-life cities don't work like that, real life doesn't pause to rebuild or upgrade roads or change the electrical foundations... When you build a road and upgrade it to a boulevard, you have to live with the consequence of expropriating people and having a certain delay in the upgrade of the road or building of the hospital... That construction creates more traffic since you remove some lanes while the workers expand the boulevard, etc... 3) Last point, i swear... Remove the radius of effect... Police departements can be big indeed but will contain a certain number of cop cars, cell blocks that are funded by the city. Next, the city officers will decide where the police cars patrol more than other places. Same thing for fire departement, road maintenance, etc... It is the city's choice to send some service somewhere, and i'd find it much more appropriate to tell the police to cover that sector since its more prone to violence than the rich sector wich has little need of surveillance. Same thing for hospitals, damn it we have 5000-15000 places hospitals here in province of quebec, not 3000 places... and the radius of effect of hospitals is calculated in almost 50 km (35 miles) wide radius... not a few miles around it. Those are things that i find way out of touch for a game, its like they based the game on on city they studied and poof let it out... the world is huge and very different... 4) Multiplayer, one city per mayor, one country per server, realtime development, this explains everything Hope you like my suggestions