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  1. completely above and beyond. It's such a random dependency and isn't listed anywhere.
  2. Yup it was Slaytfork mill. Problem solved. How did you possibly figure that out? I know I've never had that plugin installed, but I may have never used the clubhouse either so it's possible I just didn't notice it, but I would have never figured that out.
  3. I do, unless something was recently updated in the WMP set and/or the prop pack. but both lots I'm using have been on my hard drive since about 2012 sometime. When I played previously I made sure I had every dependency for every lot that I had installed or downloaded and everything worked fine back then, although there's a possibility that I never used the clubhouse back then.
  4. That doesn't work either, the entire lot just says "WMP ALLOTMENT"
  5. WMP Allotment Set

    I have all of the dependancies but for some reason the clubhouse still has a brown box.   Which specific dependancy is needed for the clubhouse?
  6. there is a brown box on one single lot from that package. and the rest of the lots work (and really add to your city too) I'll post up a pic in a bit.
  7. the listed "WMP Dependancies" are direct links to those dat files, so it's mostly the external dependencies, which I have all of.
  8. I found it. IT's the WMP Allotment Set, namely the clubhouse. But I have all of the dependancies installed that are listed, unless I have something in the wrong location.
  9. This happened because I had sim city previously installed, then uninstalled for a while. When I reinstalled I had to add back a bunch of plugins, and I've now installed almost everything I had downloaded (this was from about 2 years ago) so I was missing something. I deleted the city/region anyway to start over. I recall there was a brown box but I can't remember which building. At any rate, with the new city I'm watching what I'm placing so if I run into this again I should be able to figure out more easily what it is, or more easily notice the brown box.
  10. When I start my game I get this warning, but everything seems to run fine in terms of no textures missing (that I've seen so far) and this error is basically pointless. How am I supposed to know which plugin pack I'm missing based on this alone? Is there a way to find out?
  11. I set graphics back to medium, but my small and medium park greens are just flat spots of grass with a pole....but maybe that's how they actually are? I thought I recall them having something else on them. gazebos are back. plazas just have a couple of benches, but again I thought I recall them as having something else on the lot. am I just dumb?
  12. Now I have the problem of certain textures not showing up, for instance, the gazebo shows up as just a patch of grass, and some plazas show up only as the base texture. Not sure how that happened or how to fix it.
  13. Excellent, Ive got the CAM and IH fixes installed.... I feel like I installed the opera house fix...but maybe not. Now my problem is I haven't earned the spaceport and I have over 35,000 HT jobs.
  14. I've added every reward I've been given, and they've all been good like the stadiums, opera house, disease research center... How do I fix the CAM bug? I don't believe I have. My city is now 106,000 in size, but still the demand for CO$$$ is through the roof. My population is almost entirely medium and high wealth, with a LARGE portion of it being high wealth and a lot of my industry is high tech, but they're all small high tech buildings. I have 16000+ HT jobs.
  15. Nothing I do makes any difference at all, the demand for high wealth commercial office is always maxed out, with the others being completely null.