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  1. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Waterfalls by patfirefghter Pat's CJ Waterfalls is one filled with inconsistencies, but if worked upon shows much promise. Similar to other nature-based CJ's such as Jacqulina's Waterfalls, pat has created a semi-realistic rural setting, filled with rushing rivers, flower-filled riverbanks, and rustic logging factories. However, the bodies of waters in Pat's CJ is not as convincing as one might hope. Using Peg's pond kit, the water's edges are very jagged and quite unrealistic. However, with a bit of tinkering and exploring of custom content, the kinks can be folded out. Though it has its problems, Pat's Waterfalls is (are) steadily improving and with a bit more time, it shows steady promise. Definitely worth a visit.
  2. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Originally posted by: purpledaddy Well hey, just a hunch from a bureaucrat, perhaps the nominator meant the whole team and didn't know how to express it! Anyway quote> Trust me. I meant patriots.
  3. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Mike's Showcase! Mikeaut's CJs have never failed to disappoint and his Showcase (!) is no different. It makes for an excellent addition to his city journaling resume. Mike's Showcase is a surprising bundle of CJs rolled into one delightful package. But even though Mikeaut's cities closely resemble one another, variety is definitely not lacking in this showcase. That might seem contradictory, but the level of detail and depth that is exhibited in Mike's updates show diversity and as a city-builder, this author without a doubt exhibits great range. Suburbs, beaches, ports, and skyscraping downtowns are just some of the areas that exhibited in great detail. Mikeaut is a master at making his environments, familiar yet different each time. He continues his well-known tropical theme, but branches off into coastal and wooded cities as well (resembling Seattle and Portland, etc.). Trees are abundant in Mike's Showcase and his dense CBDs are almost always surrounded by nature, making for a spacious and natural feel. Though Mike has moved on to more temperate climates, there's always a bit of Cabel Bay in whatever he does. Planning is another plus in Mike's Showcase. The downtowns transition quite naturally into suburbs (dense to middle to low), adding to the journal's realistic theme. Urban centers are planned out nicely and the suburbs (the author's specialty) resembles that of any American city's. His CJ could be right outside your doorstep. Other familiar Mikeaut trademarks include his famous traffic cam gifs, his beaches (which could use some fixing--they're too bland and the jagged edges are really outdated), and the focus put on individual buildings (hotels, residential buildings). However, his Plugins could definitely use updating. This isn't 2004 anymore! Despite some inconsistencies, Mikeaut has done it again. He's made another well-crafted CJ and 30+ pages later, it's a determined effort! Suburbs, snow, palm trees, beaches, and skyscraper--Mike's Showcase has it all. -Highly Recommended
  4. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Tierra de la Oscuridad, Pg. 19+ BlondeTwiggy's 29 page giant, Tierra de la Oscuridad is a unique and colorful twist on the CJ genre. Filled with winding roads and stunning rural scenery, Tierra definitely stands out within a board of testosterone-ridden city journals filled with mindless violence and explosions (). Drawing influence from Dutch and other European cities, as well as taking note of American suburbia, BlondeTwiggy's CJ is in a category all by itself. It's quite hard to place Oscuridad in a specific genre when the likes of this journal has never been seen before. And in a board suffering from cliches and cookie cutter city-building, the abundance of attention this CJ is getting is rightfully deserved. Tierra de la Oscuridad is a CJ that caters to all tastes. Whether it's sprawling farmland or unpopulated scenic areas to crowded skyscraper-filled CBDS and densely populated rowhouse districts, Oscuridad is a journal that will please the masses. Twiggy's Oscuridad also showcases a varying array of wonderful BATs. Styles range from BSC classics to virtually unknown landmarks that shine when put into her cities. Even Venetian/Mediterranean BATs that would otherwise feel out-of-place in other CJs fits in perfectly within BlondeTwiggy's world. Another great aspect of BT's journal is the creative use of roads and the lack of grids. The reader's eyes run wild as they attempt to follow Oscuridad's imaginative street-layouts. Diagonal roads intersecting at awkward angles and twisting avenues that hug the sides of steep, retaining walls give a glimpse into the crazy but creative inner workings of BlondeTwiggy's artistic mind. Tierra de la Oscuridad is a CJ that caters to all tastes and presents a unique view into the unlimited possibilities of city-building. BlondeTwiggy's CJ is a must-visit and a must-follow. Get to know the author, get to know the city, and maybe--just maybe--you might discover something about yourself along the way... Highly recommended. On hiatus! No more PMs!
  5. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Republic of Shagrin Moshi's city, the Republic of Shagrin, is quite unimpressive at first but improves vastly over the next couple of pages (overall, 5). The CJ starts with your cliche disaster headline then right away shows pictures of the city's first development. Though the terrain is quite gorgeous, the city-building is not. The first city overview is riddled with dozens of repeating Maxis buildings. Not a good first impression so far. But Moshi does promise "it'll get better" so let's stick around. Despite the mediocre attempts at making a downtown, Moshi does specialize in making interesting transportation systems. His use of high-speed rail adds character to the city and his freeway interchanges make for some nice visuals. However, the transportation systems still don't make up for the surrounding city, which has an abundance of repeating buildings (the Maxis dinner theater appears 6 times in one block). However, the CJ improves very quickly and the next few updates have more effort and thought put into them. Massive government centers are well-planned and the choice of BATs is quite impressive. Moshi's selection of BAT hints at frequent visits to the Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT thread. The government update is the highlight of the CJ. Well laid-out canals and organized political structures show that Moshi is improving quickly. The Republic of Shagrin shows high signs of promise and at its current rate of improvement, it looks to have a bright future.
  6. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Whoah. Well done, Gingerblokey. Nice use of graphics and the writing is top-notch, too.
  7. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Mesias-Latin American CJ Mesias by panthersimcity4 was one of the earlier South American inspired CJs (dating back a year). It perfectly captures the feel of a South American city--complete with sunny picture effects and well chosen showcase of BATs. The city-building, despite some minor flaws, is well-executed, and custom lot-editing as well as a sense of originality is what sets this CJ apart from the cookie cutter approach of other journals. Mesias's strength is in capturing the look and atmosphere of a Latin American city. The choice of BATs is excellent--from European colonial-styled buildings to modern contemporary architecture. Mesias has a little bit of everything. It would be impossible to name all the influences, though Guayaquil, Ecuador/Santiago, Chile/Buenos Aires/and Mexico City seem to be the most obvious. Custom lot-editing is a nice touch as well. Parked cars along cobbled streets add a unique touch to Mesias's Latin world though the repeating line of cars take away from the effect. Nevertheless, personal touches such as these serve to personalize the city. Mesias, just like South America, is a place of contrast. Towering skyscrapers give way to small rural villages, while wealthy colonial mansions overshadow corrugated slums. It's these extremes that make Mesias so realistic. panther's CJ perfectly captures the feel of Latin America--it's the closest thing to South America without leaving your chair. Reccommended. Similar CJs Casaneras San Sanderiz
  8. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    The City Life What's so interesting about a few close-up views of a white van and a couple of cars? Not much. Screamingman12's CJ, the City Life, is a story-based journal which has potential, but is weighed down with weak visuals and city-building. It starts off with a good enough hook and the story flows smoothly, but note that this section of Simtropolis is called a City Journals, not Cars. As I've stated before, the story does have potential. The dialogue is fluid and interesting, while the story itself is somewhat suspenseful. The robbery and connection between the mysterious passerby makes for some attention-grabbing moments. However, the CJ is then bogged down with more shots of cars. More effort needs to be put into the city-building. The entire CJ feels like an empty Hollywood set--as if there's nothing beyond what we see in the pictures. The more time spent on building the environment and setting (adding accessories to the streets, buildings, etc.) the story will tell itself and the characters Screamingman12 has established will feel more realistic functioning in a detailed environment. The City Life is recommended for a light, suspenseful read. Just came back from watching the Bourne Ultimatum? Screamingman's CJ should keep you in check for now.
  9. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    I just read through all my reviews: 27 and counting! And in about 2 months, The Official City Journal Critics thread will celebrate 1 year of great reviews. Glad to have been here since the beginning.
  10. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    That'll do for now.
  11. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Originally posted by: patriots_1228 hehe when was this?quote> Page 18.
  12. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Originally posted by: patriots_1228 do ever do anything but review? your turning this into a one-man (in this case one-women) team lol. Another great one.quote> I never heard anything from you when *I* reviewed 5 CJ's in a row...
  13. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Urland a (mostly) rural coastline Nardo69 is bringing the classics back--with a bang. His Trixie winning CJ, Urland a (mostly) rural coastline, is a cleverly crafted city and rural-building masterpiece. With the first updates dating back two years, it's a wonderful glimpse of how much Simcity and its custom content has changed over time. As the title indicates, Urland is not all rural (though a majority of it is). Little towns dot the farm-dominated landscape, which spreads across flat plains and sweep through hilled valleys. The farms and small towns are quite rustic and cozy. Urland is best viewed with a hot cup of chocolate and the orange tinge of autumn flowing through your windows. Yes, it's that good, people. The farms are a wonderful blend of default Maxis lots and BSC customs, which blend beautifully in the setting--not easy to do! In the wrong hands, BSC farms can grow out of control into a mess of over-colorful agriculture. Fortunately, Nardo knows his stuff, and he's also willing to share his secrets (guides can be found on how he builds farms, too). With the farms covered, we now move on to the small towns. No glass skyscrapers here, folks, so if you were looking for some good urban jungles, you're in the wrong place. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't visit Urland, however. Nardo's small towns are a joy to see. With little mom and pop stores in the street corners and tiny residential neighborhoods tightly packed, Urland's small towns make you feel right at home. Spanning 26 pages, it's easy to see why Urland rightfully deserves its Best Rural CJ Trixie. Be sure to have that cup of hot chocolate with you as well because Urland is a long CJ which makes for a great weekend read. It really takes you back--back to the good old days. Similar CJ's: Digby Ralston Metro Area Anduin River Valley
  14. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    Originally posted by: crazyyaya P.S. How do you change topic titles?quote> Edit the first post of your CJ. There should be an option below the title to change the topic.