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Grath City

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About this City Journal

Grath City is a major port and commercial city lying at the tip of a huge peninsula. The capitol of Grath, this thriving industrial, commercial, and high wealth residential city is a jewel...

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Grath Stats

Grath is a country lying on a massive landmass of the New Halingsborgian continent. 


Pop (est 2009) 234,000,000

Pop (census 2000) 229,899,091 

AREA: 167,998,000 Sq/ml (435,112,823 Sq/km)

12% Water



Current Leader: Leader DiVache Bregiam 

Official language: none, commonly spoke;

english, french, spanish


43% white

21% hispanic

12% black

13% aisian

10% pacific islander




Grath City:

City: 140,000

Urban: 201,000

Metro: 296,000 


Liberated August 11, 1736 (from Halingsborg)   GRATHONIAN FLAG BELOW

Grathonian Flag


In the country of Grath, there are two options for joining another city. One- completely fuse governments. Ex. Manhattan fuses with Brooklyn, Queens fuses, etc. etc. Two- create a jointed goverment called a Combined Metro. The three cities, Rivertown, Highland, and Shore City, (thus R.H.S) have fused to create the first Combined metro in the Grath City area. 


POP: about 70,000

BIGGEST CITY: Rivertown  




Rivertown is the third largest city in the Grath City area and in all of Grath. (behind Grath City: 140,000 and Oceanport: 50,000)

Rivertown has about 40,000 people and has most of the buisness of the Metro.

     Rivertown started out as a trading post out on a road leading into Grath City. (Ironic name there's no river anywhere in the region)

When Grath City grew so did Rivertown. It's lack of sanitation is steadily declining the population. 


Highland started just as small settlement made by the farmers who needed more land for crops. Now the city has about 11,000 people and is a major buisness center just of Interprovince 2 (highway) south of Rivertown.


Shore City is a laid back little town of just over 7,000 on the Intrani Ocean on the east of the peninsula. It is directly south of the bustling Grath City but still keeps itself as a peacful place. (mostly from the heavy traffic in Rivertown)


Grath City Famous Mayors

(F) = Female Mayor (M) = Male Mayor

1732-1740 Mayor DeJonesbi Famous for being the first mayor of the free city. (M)

1740-1756 Mayor Hadalz Famous for opening the city's first port. (M)

1812-1830 Mayor Kraklins An extremely popular mayor, led the city to become a major commercial center. Stopped the development organized crime in downtown in 1823. (M)

1865-1867 Mayor VanHaden Famous for devolping Beach Island in Grath City. (M)

1901-1923 Mayor Gerthrage The first female mayor of Grath City (F)

1954-1967 Mayor Innagsburg Famous for building the city highway system. (M)

1995-2000 Mayor Jackson Famous for building the city's international airport. (F)


Grath City Downtown

 Grath City Downtown is the most densley populated section of Grath City and the whole region. A huge commercial and recriational center, people from all over Grath come here for it's exquisite resteraunts, beutiful parks, and amazing architecture.

Downtown Grath Citylolpicc.jpg   

However, there are some major problems in downtown, like traffic:


And with traffic comes pollution:dscn0954g.jpg


Grath City Pictures

See Grath City

http://www.youtube.com/user/gagwee#p/a/u/0/6Mttl3mKkvA -A video of the region and city, it's kinda old though so don't listen to the stats

 The Grath City Urban Region

Geography of Grath City

 As you may know, the city is built on a peninsula. How this peninsula was formed however, is a different story. Geologists say the region was formed from an underwater mountain range that peaked above the water. Although, the only mountains in the region are far south. The geologists say this is because of millions of years of erosion.

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The Intro Story

 In 1398, Halingsborgian explorers found a new land, a huge landmass jutting out from the newly colonized New Halingsborg main continent. Finding out quickly finding out how it was a strategic port. They built the colony of New Jiningsburg there.

       By 1732 the colony had a population of over 12,000 and was a booming port. Smaller colonies started to spring up such as Rivertown. But, the kings and queens over in the mother country of Halingsborg were demanding to much timber and supplies from the colony. As unenployment rose so did the colonist's anger. There anger rose so high that on August 14, 1732 at 9:35 PM a group of colonists named 'The Free Men' launched a guerilla assault on the spacer.gifHWS Pspacer.gifatriarch, a Large Class Halingsborgian war ship. This started the Grathonian Revolution.

       In 1736, after about 4 years of fighting, the Halingsborgian Government declared a peace treaty and signed the jutting off landmass, now named Grath, to the rebels. As New Jiningsburg was the colony's largest city, and had the most strategic port, they renamed it Grath City and made it the capitol of the new country.

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