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About this City Journal

Adaina is a beautiful nation where live thrives in towering cities and rural villages.

Entries in this City Journal


 400 ADA (600 Years Ago)

Benaru is on its way towards becoming the largest urban part of Adaina. Some fifty thousand people reside in Benaru with over twenty thousand various jobs. At this point, there is another airport to the north west. Benaru Island clears out most of its smaller blocks and invites the public to raise housing. This is a chance for Broleth's employees to reside even closer to the headquarters. Several Broleth technological installments lay across Benaru, but Benaru Island is primarily where Broleth's major operations take place.


Benaru in its entirety as of 400 ADA. The Benaru government at this point in time is discusses mass transportation and new ways to travel around the city and out of the city. Several high-speed rails are planned as well as an interstate highway.


Benaru Island as of 400 ADA. Much of the smaller developments as seen around the bases of the towers are being compressed into larger facilities or into the towers themselves and residential and commercial high-rises are soon to follow.


Few more primary historical happenings in Benaru...

287 ADA

Chief Executive Officers from both Broleth Incorporated and Lasik Industries meet with each other in the Lasik Tower one evening. What they discuss is never publicized, but many experts would later criticize this meeting as the joining of two unstoppable forces; ultimate monopolization.

367 ADA

News stations announce the emergence of a third industrial party. Brother Systems opens an office in New Benaru and buys grounds for a ship yard on Benaru Island. Experts would later say that Brother was never a "third party" but actually a branch of Broleth Incorporated in an effort to make the monopoly seem less apparent. Experts would also criticize the news industry as another branch of Broleth Incorporated along with every other business and company in Benaru and soon all of Adaina.


All three company logos appear to be extremely similar. Maybe that is because they all have the same Public Relations Department?


Lasik Tower on the night of the Broleth and Lasik merge.


Some more history...


In 150 ADA Broleth was bought out to become Broleth Industries. The company board consisted of one descendent of the Broleth family. In 175 ADA a fire started at the Broleth Compound and engulfed most of Benaru Island. In 180 ADA Broleth Industries purchases the island from the Benaru government and begins construction on the new Broleth compound. An airfield is one of the many planned features, allowing air transport to Oneska's growing airfield.

By 210 ADA Broleth has finished the airfield as well as two towers: The Samuel Center and the Broleth Administrative Building. At this point Broleth is the only industrial company. Every technological development is set forth by Broleth.

215 ADA Broleth Industries becomes Broleth Incorporated and begins to buy real estate and commercial properties in Benaru.


After purchasing of original Broleth building, Lasik & Son began investing in New Benaru. By 170 ADA Lasik & Son was run corporately and renamed Lasik Industries. As New Benaru grew into an enormous commercial center, Lasik Industries was becoming powerful enough to be compared to Broleth Industries.

In 180 ADA Lasik attempts to purchase some of Benaru Island, but Broleth is still economically dominant and obtains the island in its entirety.

In 215 ADA Lasik decides to compete with Broleth by raising a tower of their own in New Benaru. Lasik now owns seventy percent of the commercial district.

240 ADA


The Lasik Tower (right) overlooks New Benaru as the market continues to expand.


Now four tower stand on Benaru Island: (from left to right) The Nidal Tower, Broleth Corp. Tower, The Samuel Center, and The Brothel Administrative Building. The airfield lays on the east side of the island, accompanyed by various technologic reserach facilities. The south side of the island is still under development at this point in time. More buildings are raised within the next few decades.


Sprawled Benaru is slowly coming together and rising. As discussed above, Lasik and Broleth own many of these high rises.


New Benaru as seen from the west.


Across the street from the Broleth-built parking garage is a newly raised stock exchange building.



Broleth relocates to the island and sets up an entire compound. Centered is the Broleth Brothers Compound with several warehouses, an assembly building, and various other installments.

Note: The brothers have long been passed away and the company is now run by several of their workers.


The main reason for the switch is because of a Clean Water Act (110 ADA) passed by Benaru, requiring all ground water to be unharmed by industry. Thus many companies moved across the river and developed their own water system.


The original coal plant was leveled and Benaru's first baseball diamond was rolled out. Old City became New City as local businessmen began opening shops and offices.


The original Broleth office still stood until 125 ADA, when it was finally sold to Lasik & Son, an insurance firm.


View of the beginning of New City from the west.



Benaru's farmstead, The First Church of Benaru, and the water tower were the first structures Benaru raise. Construction of homes began to the west of his farm.


Several families move in to Benaru. Soon thousands of people would join them.


Development of neighborhoods begins, including (from left to right): Old Town (including the warehouses), 1st Street, 2nd Street (including The First Church), and finally Benaru Drive.


A decade later, Benaru raises a coal power plant and industry begins to expand rapidly. Gravel roads are also laid in preparation for pavement.


(Lower right) Sam and Elijah Broleth, cousins of Benaru, build their first Broleth Brothers property. It consists of their offices and their assembly warehouse next door. They specialize in automobile assembly and part replacement.


In a couple years, Sam and Elijah buy Coen's Metals. They're well on their way to having a vertically-integrated monopoly on the auto industry in Benaru.


Benaru contracts the Broleth brothers to lay a bridge to Benaru Island. The brothers merge with Hamilton Co. Thus begins their takeover of Benaru's industrial district. 



1000 years ago (0 ADA). Adaina before settlement. Its five discoverers split sections of land amongst themselves that would make up the counties of a larger nation, the Commonwealth of Adaina.

After establishing the boundaries of their country, the fathers of Adaina declared Charles Oneska (their leader) as the first Chief Commander and his territory, Oneska, the capital.

Although each explorer went on to lead people to their pieces of land to settle and develop civilization, our story starts with a very special state of Adaina... Benaru.

Not only was Benaru the first county to become industrially dominant, but its leaders would be the last of any in Adaina...

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