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Kappa Federation

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My first CJ

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Hey everyone :) sorry for the delay...ive been having 'life' issues with losing a job and trying to find ways to pay bills.....plus ive gotten re-addicted to my rise of nations game :P (i play it whenever im stressed to the point of being frustrated with everything or really mad. that way i can nuke the poo out of every one and rule the world...MUAHAHAHAHA......? anyway......)


Paul5: Thanks:) ill be looking forward to your comments:D

Shyguy: well thanks:P i thought it'd be a change from seeing everyone's first post being a massive metropolis.

k50dude: Thanks:D im going to definately try to continue:)

pigout123: :) :)


June 23, 1899

Captains Log

Its been several years now since we set land, and all is great. We have all settled down and created a wonderful farming town for all. Yet, we are still eager to explore the main island. Unfortunately, any of our explorers that have ventured there have not come back. Whether its because of violent animals, harsh natives, or annoying advisors, we do not know. Our native freinds on our island have told of a giant man-eating panda bear, who will eat everything in sight. Now i highly doubt this, mainly because panda bears are just too cute and fluffy to be man-eating, but until we can get a large enough army, we wont be able to know.

Oh. Patrick just had his baby boy today. They decided on Steven Wallace. He was excited when he came...i just wish the best on them both. No one can believe he married a NATIVE though....


Wallace: Patrick! Hows your wife doing?

Patrick: Shes doing excellent. We are extremely excited to have him in our world. Ummmm....not to change subject, but i heard that our freinds are coming to live alongside us? is it true?

Wallace: Aye. i decided since your wife and several other females from their tribe were living with us, that id invite them all to live with us.

Patrick: Oh! that would make Stephanie so happy.

Wallace: Oh i bet! plus we can enslave her peoples....

Patrick: What did you say???

Wallace: Oh nothing. Now come over and we'll start plans for the new community and housing.

Patrick: Ok.

( Imageshack is currently not working....just my luck right?? so ill update it later on tonight with the pictures and a second half:P )


Currently trying to figure out whats happening with my computer. currently have been trying SEVERAL browsers..(as in Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Seamonkey..) and all are messing up..EPICALLY....im really hoping i can fix this problem, or else i might have to say goodbye to journalling for a little bit...(note...the entire tool bar is gone right now. the only reason im typing in blue is b/c thats what i used last..>:(  ) so sorry for the delay... HOPEFULLY at least i might be able to fix it for a couple of minutes some day so i can post the last of my pictures. all i know is its my laptop. b/c i cant even PLAY Simcity 4 proplerly anymore....AAARRRGGGHHHH! oh well...once i get money ill be finishing up my desktop so i can use something that doesnt involve vista...aka...something that works for a change...

EDIT #2: Ok..so heres the pictures finally...ugh..stupid computer.


The new Settlement. Settlers decided to name it Bilanstaar probably because they were drunk and had slurred Pilansta, which was the name of the city that they had all gathered in to begin their voyage. But we cannot assume that for fact that most Citizens would be offen*hic*fennne*hic*...oh Nevurmin.


More farmland added to help feed the growing population.


Next time(if my computer behaves) Kappa Federation:Industry Blooms! 


Kappa Federation- Discovery

Baketay - thanks:) and i did check it out:) pretty cool:D just need to comment it now...

Shyguy - hmmmmm well you'll have to see to find out:)

Part 2-Discovery

The Year is 1896, several thousand years since the creation of the region. A group of refugees from various nations around the world came together to flee from oppression and to find their new home. At the helm of their scouting part was Captain P.J. Wallace (not to adept on names....)

Refugee: Captain! We've spotted land on the horizon!

Captain Wallace: Well?? What are you waiting for?! Wake up the crew! We have our new home!

Now of course, they had spotted Callaw Island, (on the opposite side from devils peak and such) So they quickly set up camp in order to explore the island.

*row boats hit the land* 

Wallace: get moving everyone! we have to set up camp and get ready to explore tomorrow! Hurry! Dawn is nearing.

Crew: Captain!

*Wallace walks over to his 'right-hand man' and ship's cartographer*

Wallace: So Patrick, what do you make of this place?

Patrick: Well, from the looks of my maps and the looks of this island, we are definately the first to explore it.

Wallace: Good.

Patrick: But, also, by the looks of the soil and the mountains, we are in a highly volcanic area, yet they also seem to have been extinct for quite some time now.

Wallace: So...your an expert on landscapes now, huh?

Patrick: You best bet. *smiles*

Wallace: Well, lets go. it seems to me that they have finished setting camp up.


Next time---Kappa Federation-First Settlements!


Kappa Federation-Prologue


Just to let everyone know, this is my FIRST CJ. this one is just to get community feedback on how and what i can improve my city building skills on. Also, i currently dont have such items as PhotoShop and a reliable computer. This CJ is just to see how i do on my city building/planning skills. Also i dont have an extensive amount of CC, and seeing that i dont have the reliable computer to do so, i have not been able to start on batting:( but in the near future, i will have my new desktop built and will be installing photoshop and gmax. now, without further ado, the Kappa Federation

P.S. Thanks to everyone whos buildings, lots and maps i used:) if you have any questions on where to locate them, just ask me and i will give appropriate recognition to them:)


Our Story begins on Delta Island, in the year 400 A.C.E. Quite a tranquil island, with its many shorelines, and plains, Delta looks like an ideal place to live. Yet on closer inspection, you can come across what most people may never realize. Sandy soils, a steep mountain range, and many dormant volcanoes *hint*2.gif 


What is to be later known as 'Devils Peak'


The Eastern side of the island, Devils Spine. hmmm quite a weird coincidence for names...or maybe im just not original...


The Western Plains


The Locklead Canal


The Central Mountain Range

So, why do you think anyone would want to live here? with its craggly mountains and its desolate plains, why would anyone be interested in such a place? Especially with landmarks with the name Devil in them???

Well.....you'll have to wait till next time to find out!.....(plus i havent quite taken any more pictures yet, so i couldnt continue if i wanted to...)

Next time...Kappa Federation:Discovery!

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