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Goodwood County

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About this City Journal

Rural small towns to high density cities

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Holland Township

Welcome to Holland Township, Goodwood.  Within the township's borders lies a few small towns and villages that for the most part, remain unnamed. Here is one of them, which sprung up around the local chemical factory. The windmill is slated to be moved and replaced by a larger wind farm that is under construction in another area of the township. The locals are not too fond of having one this close to town.


Here is the town of Holland, the largest within the township. Here you can see the train station and part of Main Street. Here you can see the commuter train heading towards neighboring Sydney.


Here is a part of the Highway and rail between the two towns, along with the power lines connecting them. Traffic on the highway is a bit light, most of the travelers take the train.




More Transit

Here is more of Houghton's transit, this time with automata.

Heavy rush hour traffic on some local lines in Houghton.


Below is a station on the Trans-Goodwood Railway, which is built 6 tracks wide along it's entire length. It is a bit overkill in some points, however it was built to commemorate the importance of the rails to Goodwood's success.


Welcome to Goodwood Rail park, which was built by the company that controls everything rail in Goodwood.


And here is a preview of the Trans-Goodwood Highway



Houghton Transit

Houghton is the largest city in the region, with a massive transit network connecting the city giving it's citizens many choices on what routes to take to travel around the city.

Houghton Central Station which is located in the Houghton CBD. It links up with bus routes, tram routes and subway routes to keep the citizens moving.


Houghton's HSR terminal, which also connects with bus routs and the Underground rail. The main heavy rail corridor passes underneath the station, but does not have a connection with this terminal.


Here is a part of the Goodwood Rail corridor. Some have questioned the need for this much rail in one area, but as the city grows it has kept the trains flowing freely.


and here is Goodwood Hwy 1, the first major highway being built in the region. It is mostly grade seperated, however as this shows, it still has a few at-grade intersections. One of the cities HSR lines parallels the highway. There is also a bit of repetitiveness in these buildings, that will be taken care of soon, the designer responsible has been sacked.





Welcome to Goodwood County, home to a mix of dense urban development to rural nowhere and everything in between. Here is the city of Hancock which is along the major river in the county.

Here is a residential area with a skate park.



Welcome to downtown Hancock, home to a large department store, the town hall and where most of the commercial activity is housed. There is a small waterfront park down by the river, which can be seen in the second picture. The tower was built in the early days of the town to protect the town from pirates and foreign invaders.



Welcome to the village of Romeo, across the river from Hancock, it is home mostly to farmers and a few commuters who take the ferry to Hancock.


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