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About this City Journal

This is my first CJ. Please comment; I am an aspiring author and can take some constructive criticism :)

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Breaking News

 this is terrible news... Tamir has just been devastated by the region destroying nuke that is the sc4updat 1.164. unfourtunatly, that is all u will see of that city. stay tuned for more cj'stho


Tamir pt.3

Ladies and Gentlemen, wake up! We still have some sights to see. As we wind down our flying tour of Tamir, I will show you some sights we may have looked over or may not have seen.

This is the CBX Center. The CBX Center is a two-tower complex. Viewed high above the CBXC
and facing south, you can clearly see the two buildings and the Commons Area between them.
The Commons act as a street level connection between the East and West Towers. You can
see the Corporate Exchange Intersection to its right as well.

The Tamir Residential District is a small center for wealthy residents in Tamir. 2 TRD Condo
Buildings directly west of the Tamir Golf Club house the extremly rich, mainly foreign company
execs and entrepeneurs.The other residential District building is the Marine Fountain Apartments,
which houses wealthy people of all work types. West of the Marine Fountain Apartments and
North of the TRD Condos is the TRD Community Center. The Lower Base (or Podium) has
Tennis Courts, Basketball courts, swimming pools, indoor soccer, and workout rooms all
indoors. This is for any resident of the TRD. The Sloped Brown structure on the North Face of
the TRDC Center houses the offices for the Residential District. It manages the Golf Club and
all residences in Southern/Central Tamir. Finally, the Stilted beij structure on the south face
is low and medium wealth apartments.

As darkness draws in, we view the closing of the corporate center. Pujoh Coast's Ministry of
Commerce maintains that all corporate buildings be shut down until work resumes the following
day; no night shifts. The main focus here are the two skyscrapers; the one on the left (north) is
the United Emirate Center, also known as Towri ad-Tamir, while the sky scraper on the right
(south) is the Palad Corp. Tower, also known as Towri Sud ad-Tamir. the UEC is home to the
 Eurian Emirate Consolate, as well as various meeting halls for the leaders of sultanates,
emirates, and kingdoms alike. It also houses the most elevated mosque, on its top 4 floors.
The PCT is owned and primarily used by Palad Corporation, which is a multi-national and
multi-frontal company that operates in Utilities, Transportation, and economics.

It has been a pleasure taking you on a tour of my home city, and I will be hosting more flights if you all wish to return to Pajoh Coast.

Falhek Szakar!


Tamir pt. 2

Before we continue North, looking to your left you will see the eastern gate to the Tabis Center's

Common Plaza. Situated on the east wing of the center is the Tabis LowMall, which has four

enterances, two main walks and one cross-walk under the paved areas. It also features Tabis

Enterprises' Welcome sign, complete with Palm tree greenery backdrop.


Continuing our tour, we come to the Northern Border. Here is where we have 2 unique sights.

Here is our first view. This is the Tamir Life Tower; built from 2001 to 2007, the TLT functions

as a multi-level commercial office complex used by various companies, such as Bethi

Petroleum, Hovid Accounting, and Tamir Life Co. The Tower's base houses a street level lobby

as well as a welcoming/information center for tourists primarily from the North. One notable

feature is Tamir Life Tower's High-Plaza. This is a corporate hangout and meeting place as

well as a functional utility management center. Gas, Electrical, and Networking Lines run 

in the 3 pipes showing through the diamonds. 


As we climb in altitude, here you see the full sight of the Northern Border Area. The Tamir

Life Tower, Tabis Corporate Center, and the Tamir TV Tower are all visible in relation to the

Norther edge of Tamir. As you look in the center, you will see a residential development of

uniquely coloured townhouses, placed on the Northern edge of the Tamir township. This

subdivision is known as the Makshik Development. It houses mainly medium wealth residents.

Also, the Solar Blue Tower-2 Makshik is visible.




Hello, this is Cpt. Khalir Ad-Fahj speaking. Welcome to FlySultanates flight CJ-001. This is a scenic tour of the sparkling territory of Tamir.

A few quick facts about Tamir:

Name: Tamir ad-Pajoh

Mayor: Abad Fahj

Population: 132,983

Sectors: Financial, Residential, Northern Border

Founded: 1962

Of. Language: Vetivian Arabic

Primary Power Source: Solar

Looking out to your right, you will see the Tamir Corporate Exchange area, the heart of the

Commercial  District. At the Grand Intersection, notice the 2 black and grey buildings with

advertisements; those are 1 and 2 TCE Plaza, and each house offices of the Vetivian

Ministry of Trade, and Company offices. Situated to the intersection's South East, [image is looking North]

you will see the NDEX Trade Building; NDEX is also prominent in this part of the World.


On the West side of the Great Intersection is the Tamir Education Center. At this center is the

Tamir National Library to the West, and the Pajoh Teacher's Center to the East. The Library

holds the largest number of books in Western Pajoh Coast, and offers access to the internet,

television, and magazines. The Tamir Education Center houses many education-oriented

organizations, such as the Vetiv Teacher Union and the Lamal Bujari University. At its summit

is the Grand Tamir Expo Center, in which various expositions, conventions, and seminars

take place.


Slightly Northwest of the Education Center is Tavon Plaza. The Plaza includes three buildings;

1 Tavon Plaza: Medium Wealth Res. tower housing over 2000 people. Far Left Building.

2 Tavon Plaza: This building houses the Hotel Pajoh, one of the ritziest hotels on the Pajoh Coast.

Upper  middle building.

3 Tavon Plaza/The Oceans Club: Nightclub on the western shores of the Pajoh Coastal region.


Looping around to the northern sectors, you see the Tabis Center. It houses 5 of the most

archicecturaly unique buildings in the city.

Tabis Corporate Plaza: The famous "stair step" building is the Vitivian Headquarters for

Tabis Enterprises, who own the land on which the centre is placed.

Tabis Eye Tower: This mid-rise to the East of the Tabis Corp. Plaza practically pays for itself.

T.E. rents out the tower to one or more of its many business partners, sometimes 10 at a time.

Tabis Hotel Tower: The "twister of Tamir" building is the most recent addition to the center. It

also wil be rented out to different hotels, although it is currently being rented by its first taker,

Hotel Royale.

Tabis Helix Building: The Helix building, built from 1999 to 2005, is one of the International

HighTech Industrial Towers, which houses trade floors, logistics divisions, and accounting

firms who work for the various HT Industrial companies in the IHTIA.

Solar Blue Tower-1 Tabis: This blue triangular prism is actually the first tower of its kind. The 

Solar Blue Power Company placed this Solar Power-producing tower in 1999, to power

the ever-modernizing Tamir urban area.


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