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Arcadia Centura Zone

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About this City Journal

On the planet of Arcadia (yes i know that name is used alot..) The Planet is separated into "zones" and further separated down to Regions. Each region has a capitol city.

Entries in this City Journal



Xanbourne (pronounced Zan-Born) is the 2nd largest city in the Vaylon Region, and the capitol city of the Vaylon Region. Xanbourne was once one of the fastest growing cities in the Zone, but was once losing population... but is now slowly growing again.

Xanbourne's population is 142,153


The city of Xanbourne. The city on the upper left hand corner and left side is East side of Veldron.


View of Xanbourne Downtown and Uptown.


View of Downtown Xanbourne. In the upper part of the picture where the apartment buidings are being built, once used to be a dirty industrial part of the city...

INFO: The tall white building is the Vaylon Goverment Capitol Tower.


Xanbourne skyline at night



The city of Montrol was the first city ever established on the planet. Montrol at one point was the largest and had the most people... Today it doesnt grow much, exept for industry and commercial.... Montrol is also one of the most polluted cities in the zone. Montrol is the capitol city of the Zazohn Region.

Montrol's population is 11,218


Full view of Montrol...


Entire city of Montrol.


Vicotry Island, with the Vicotry Tower. (yes i know its the CN Tower... but i put that their before i had Cutom Content... i might need to go find a tower...)


The Zazohn Capitol Tower in Montrol.



Creston was once a small town in the north of the Zazohn Region, never touching the shoars of the ocean. Now its the largest city in the Zazohn Region (which never really had a big city). It is currently the 3rd largest in the zone, but probably to be passed by Seyvanto soon.

Creston's current population is: 205,311


Creston is the city in the center... the city on the right is another small city...


Downtown Creston.


Another view of the downtown.


The white tower is the orignal tall building of the city... the first skyscrapper that was built in the city



Seyvanto is one of the newest and fastest growing cities in the zone. It is currently the region captiol of Zergon, but may change. It was the 3rd largest city in the Zone, but it was passed, but will likely become the 3rd again. Seyvanto is also the cleanest city in the zone, and most advanced.

Seyvanto's population is: 203, 633


Full view of the city of Seyvanto


View of the downtown skyline.

seyvantoaug324125054499.pngThe Veldron Captiol buiding. The center, tall one...



Folorand was the seccond establishemt in the Centura zone. Folorand is the largest city in the Centron Region. It is also the region capitol.

Folorand's population is: 255,449


All of the city of Folorand


Folorand's downtown. The twin "shrap" looking type of buidings in the centerish is the captiol buiding for the Centron Region.


The "old" downtown of Folorand. Where the city first started out.


The Peninsula of the city, and the Bay Bridge.



Veldron is the largest city in the Zone, and the largest city in the Vaylon Region.

Its current population is: 440,243

Veldron Also has the most skycrappers and the largest downtown.

Veldron also has the tallest building in the whole zone, the Far Point Tower.


All of the city of Veldron... The buildings in the bottom right corner are from a neighboring city...


(Showing all of the downtown of Veldron.)


(Different view of the downtown, with the Far Point Tower on the right.



Arcadia is a planet that i made up (yes i know Arcadia is a commonly used name) that citizens of earth left to start a new life on Arcadia.

The planet of Arcadia is broken down into several "zones" of various sizes. Then Zones are broken down into "Regions". Each Region has its own capitol, simlar to states, or countries on earth.

This Zone is called the Centrua Zone. It was the first zone to be inhibited on the planet. It is one of the more smaller zones on the planet. The Centrua Zone has 4 regions; The Centron, Vaylon, Zazohn, and Zergon regions.

Centura Zone Region Map


The Zone's population is not what it says in the Info picture up thier since it changes, which i will update it here:

Centura Zone Current Total Population: 1,343,263

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