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About this City Journal

The true City Journal everyone is waiting for! With a proper plot. Watch vernacia as it evolves from a dusty island country to a metropolis never dreamed of.

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A course of Action

bkohaai.jpg“Then what will we do?” Djohaal asked Horus as he looked at the energy readings once more “This thing is enormous”
mtb.jpg“We must act. Vernacia sits right on top of this signature. If the humans are to try meddling with it, I’m pretty sure they’ll try it from here. We must safeguard this place.” Horus asserted as Vernacia’s map appeared

bkohaai.jpg“But how? We can’t simply kill everyone and turn this into a forsaken land, it’ll just make them more curious, and we can’t stay here babysitting this island forever”
mtb.jpg“You have a point there” he looked at the map “However… we could sort this out. Perhaps by doing the opposite, and developing this thing”
bkohaai.jpg“You have to be joking!” Djohaal looked at him, his aura emanating surprise “And keep them oblivious of what lies under their very feet? This is crazy! We must call upon the council. Perhaps they might know what to do with this thing!”
mtb.jpg“No!” He replied dryly. Djohaal suddenly felt a shift on Horus’s aura; he seemed much more hostile for a moment. “We are not contacting the council… for now”
bkohaai.jpg“If you don’t, I…” he was cut by Horus.
mtb.jpg“No you won’t. You are here under my direction. I am able to sever your link with the Nexus removing your powers, and I’m allowed to do so in the case of subversion”. Djohaal never saw Horus presenting such a menacing aura before.
bkohaai.jpg“Alright. I’ll play by your rules.” He consented dryly.
mtb.jpg“You’d better. I’m considering sending you on a long term mission, you are to take control of the government there and use your powers to accelerate the development of the island. I foresee it’ll not be long until we have mortals interested on this.” He looked at one of their image nodes which relayed a view from the current capitol.
mtb.jpg“I’ll stay here and do my best so the creature does not hinder your efforts”
With effect, not 5 weeks later Vernacia’s second president, Jason Cowley suddenly fell ill and was replaced by a new face in the liberal party. A certain Ashend Syale was appointed as prime minister until Cowley’s recovery, which never happened.


A Dark Omen

Horus examined the data files, hundreds of images flickered on the displays as the data was downloaded to the Nexus. Suddenly the flickering stopped and a single image appeared. It was a deep energy scan made by scientists some years ago. It showed Earth’s core, but there was something unusual about it.
mtb.jpg“No…. Not this…” Horus’s aura irradiated surprise as he filtered other data, looking for more information on the anomaly.
bkohaai.jpg“Is that…” Djohaal felt a shiver down his back. “Is that a Lavos?”
mtb.jpg“This can’t be!  When we were here way back to seed this world we didn’t find anything, and there are no records of meteor accidents… but look at the size of this thing’s signature” he paused as he did a quick estimative “must be ancient, up to many millions of years”
bkohaai.jpg“I recall reading some stuff about a meteor event 65 million years ago on this planet, it almost sterilized the biosphere”
“Could it be?” he navigated through the data looking for earlier records “I don’t know, although this may account for the unexpected outcome of your infiltration attempt.” He looked at Djohaal “It is aware of us and already is using its powers to thwart our actions”

bkohaai.jpg”I felt something strange back in that building and for a moment my powers did not work at all.” He looked back to the image “And I believe it won’t take long for the humans to try using its power”
That thought suddenly made memories that were buried deep in Horus’s mind surface once more.

mtb.jpg“Omicron Lyrae, V too many years to ago to count." he stood up "We were late. When we arrived at the planet it was but a scorched land. Nothing was alive, no sentient life, no animals, no plants. Just an endless desert with ruins dotting here and there. We’d often find mummies of people who starved to death, so hungry they didn’t even rot.
He walked in a circle and continued his explanation “They tried to tap on the power of one of these creatures. But it just woke it up” he looked at Djohaal, his aura pulsating with uneasiness “It surfaced, killing the planet in the process, and sending infant spawns to over a dozen worlds. It took us a millennia to clean up all the parasited planets”
mtb.jpg“And here we sit, right on top of one of these…”




In Malatista, the railroad brought so much growth....





A large winery was also constructed, expanding the city's economic horizon's. Malatista's wine is gaining renown as a high quality and exotic trasting batch.


The steel mill complex was finished, alongside with major expansion of Vernacia's industrial park.


Smexy screenshot...

And now a word from our Maestro!

Owch, making huge updates with loads of text is becoming more of a chore than a joy...  although I expect to improve stuff once I get to the real plotline I'm planning...



East Isle


An important focus on industralization was made on east isle.




The seawalls constructed here were a necessary endeavour due to the wearing of the cliffside and the leveling works. Some people on the ferry port do love to take a seabath though..



The island also had massive economic development, and a car ferry port was constructed to improve communications with the outer world.


Moon Cove



This is a passanger only station, with the freight being handled off-site directly on the industrial district. A few years later...




And here goes a long choo-choo with lots of goods to be shipped...





The shelf waters on Calypso's east margin allowed for a thriving sea culture industry with fish and algae farms providing a great boost to the island's economy.




More fish industry, and a small set of docks to allow the shipping of the goods produced in the thriving industrial park.


That's enough for now... I'm tired


Nexus – 8 AM
mtb.jpg“Five years, and they already done so much. There’s even a steel mill under the works… I never imagined they could organize themselves so fast” Horus remarked after turning off a display on the hall.
bkohaai.jpg“I beleive it is time for we to take a look beyond Vernacia. I heard of a country, not far from here, called follomer. They seem to be quite advanced on space travel and such. Perhaps we might better assess how far behind we are.” Djohaal suggested .
“Might be” he thought for a while “So you want to take a little stroll?”
“I’m getting bored, you know”
“Alright, just try to keep a low profile.”
With that Djohaal opened a portal inside the room and vanished.
Follomer Syndicate Defense Industries – 5:25 PM


Entering the complex was an easier job than Djohaal imagined, he just sneaked behind one of the scientists that worked there, knocked him down and assumed control of his body.
He then just entered via the front door.
What he saw inside surely made his now-human jaw drop, there were computers everywhere, consoles pouring out data, scientists on their scrubs dazzling back and forth.
A woman approached him “Dr. Harrison? Are you feeling alright?”
“Oh” he stumbled “Yes, yes, I’m feeling alright, I just have some urgent matters to attend, excuse me!”
He then stormed away, without knowing where to go...
FDSI – Test Bay 2 – 5:30 PM
In one of the testing chambers in Tower 2, scientists worked nervously. A new test for their prototype Beam Projector would be executed soon. They were worried it could make a radiation pulse like the last attempt did, and didn’t want more of their colleagues lethally poisoned.
“Alright, all containment modules online, lets turn this baby on.”
The scientist pressed a button on the keyboard. A soft humming could be heard through the facility as the beam charged.
SDI – Tower2 –  Floor 15 –  Sector 3 – Corridor B – 5:35 PM
Djohaal could hear the power fluctuations on the Beam Projector to a greater extent though, not only with his physical avatar’s ears. He could sense the energies there within his very entity. He was feeling uneasy.
He found a big box that read “Network Node – DO NOT OPEN”
“This is exactly what I’ll do!” he thought standing beside the node. He created a distraction field around him before starting to do the job. People could see him fiddling with the node, but for them, it seemed something completely normal.
He then grabbed a crystalline artifact from his pocket. He stuck it on the tangle of wires. The object melted and attached itself to the wires like some metallic octopus, and it started leeching off the data.


SDI - Complex Control Center – 5:38 PM
At the Control Center alarms sounded. “There's been an attack on our mainframe database!” one of the technicians shouted as he furiously started typing
“They already breached in. I've never seen a hack happen this fast before. They are downloading data already! Half a Terabyte per second!”
“It seems to be an internal attack, we are being hacked from inside the complex!”
The lead director in the control center shouted, “Cut  the main server! Locate the source of the hack!”
“Roger!” Several voices on the room sounded out.
FDSI – Corridor B – 5:39 PM
The metallic artifact started emitting some noises, as if it conversed with Djohaal. He concentrated even further…
FDSI - Computer Center – 5:40 PM
“What the hell!? The server is running backwards!?”
“What do you mean?” the other technician asked
“It was shutting down, now it looks like a film played backwards, it is turning on again. Data leak speeding up to .75 Terabyte per second!”
“I found the source, it seems to be in Tower 2, floor 15, sector 3 on corridor B’s  data node. Sending a security team.”
FDSI – Corridor B – 5:42 PM
A security team was closing by. Djohaal concentrated even further to keep his barrier up. The more minds he had to fool the harder it was, specially with the infernal noise that was coming from the test nearby.
FDSI – Test Bay 2 – 5:42 PM
“No. No. Not again!” the team leader shouted “It’s going to overload again! Take cover everyone!”
The test bay was evacuated as the Projector in the center started screeching. Some seconds later it blew up on a storm of fire and energy.
SDI –  Tower 2 – Corridor B – 5:43 PM
Suddenly the noise became an incredibly loud screech. Djohaal felt his “real” body tingling as the very space and time was being rippled. He felt his grasp on Dr. Harrison weakening. He had to concentrate even more to not lose his grasp. If he shifted out now all would be lost.

As the screech passed he finally came back to himself and then he suddenly realized… “The barrier, I forgot it”

He looked around as at least ten heavly armed men surrounded him, one of them already grabbed his arms. “Dr. Harrison, stand away from the node now!”. Another soldier looked at the mess that was the node, with the metallic device finishing its download and returning to its original shape. “What in the world is this?” as he grabbed the object.
Djohaal felt enraged, but, as he felt his power returning, he let out a sinister laugher.
“You think you mortals can contain me?” He said as the soldier looked at him puzzled.
He closed his host’s eyes as it fainted. Suddenly a purple shade emerged from the fainted body of Dr. Harrison. It bore a shiny metallic crown many soldiers noted to be of a most unique metal.
“Holy...Lock down the corridor Don't let it escape!” one of the soldiers yelled as the others barricaded the corridors. Dr. Harrison was pulled to safety. Djohaal couldn’t help but laugh
36380404.jpg“Do you think?” - he said waving his hand at the soldier that held his data lecher. The soldier was knocked down by a violent invisible blow. – “That you can meddle with a Keeper?” The artifact flew to Djohaal’s hand
A hail of bullets was their reply, but they flew across Djohaal’s body as if he was merely a hologram projection. The fire stopped as the guards realized it was pointless.
“What the hell are you?!” The security captain asked
“Your guardian…” Djohaal said pointing the palm of his hands at the soldiers. They all dozed off on to a deep sleep. Djohaal then simply evaporated on a purple cloud and left the base.

Nexus – 10:32 PM

Djohaal entered the Nexus’s hall once more.
“I brought some interesting stuff here” he said handing Hours his Leecher.
“And you made quite some noise I recon.”
“That too” he replied with a dreadfully mischievous tone on his voice.


Giant's Step


The railroad construction here sure created one of the most scenic rides on vernacia.


Here's the town soon after the arrival of the railroads...


And just three years later. Immigrants pour in creating new industries and enterprises.


A close up, of course, living conditions aren't the best on the new tenements, however it is a price that must be paid...

Back in bayview, the government announced the formation of the NSC (National Steel Company), and the immediate construction of a large steel mill complex on Ianamus Zura. Construction work started right away...



On the words of William Fogg, "The construction of the Steel Mill will allow us to increase our economy twofold. Natoinal production of steel will make our rail projects go faster, and the whole national economy will receive a major boost"

And now a word from our maestro! 19.gif

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Two cities only in this update:

Grand Plains


Grand plains probably was one of the cities which enjoyed the greatest benefits from the railroad connection. A grain elevator was cosntructed to aid on the output of the local produce, boosting the town's growth exponentially.


Well over 4 years later the city already had jumped from 7 thousand to a bit less than 25 thousand people.




Back to Bayview

William fog was appointed as Vernacia's prime minister. Alongside with continuing the railroad expansion program, he also started to organize the country's seaport structure to increase the maximum goods throughtput. The already-overused seaport in Bayview underwent a major expansion.



Urban sprawl followed the new docks, alongside with new factories. The new pier houses Vernacia's immigration office, which has become world famous for its lax bureaucracy.


Also it was long due that vernacia constructed its own seat of power! 3.gif




Here we continue with our railroad trip across the countryside...


Ianamus Zura West - Southern Branch




Ianamus Zura East


A relatively big station was constructed on one of western Ianamus Zura's smaller villages. A one-line derivation to the quarry and industrial sector soon followed.


Growth soon followed...



Nova Loricia

The station on Nova Loricia was confined to the nearby valley. A road transposition of the mountains was needed.




The island just moved up the cliffs... and a lot. Pollution increased considerably though. Some of the more dangerous cliffsides were walled off as a measrue to contain falling stones on stormy days.


Storm's Point





And now a word from our maestro! 

Yeah no plot this time too.. I'll work flipping the scenario of vernacia to one of a more developned land. This is not 10% of the job I still have to do! :D



Almost an year passed since Vernacia's independence was declared, and things seemed to settle. Djohaal and Horus retreated back to the Nexus to let the citizens of Vernacia manage things themselves.

A liberal-democrat government was organized under the philosophy of a minimal state intervention, hoping for the best in terms of development. However, unenecessary bureaucracy was quickly building up and corruption was spreading its tendrils across the country.

Railroads were chosen as the symbol for the nation's unification, as plans for the construction of an extensive network of railroads were laid out

Pointed out on the map only are the major stations, the minor stops through the tracks are not annotated.


Now lets take a look on the cities:





Now lets move on to some mosaics since they are so pimpy...


While the hero's wasn't as big as Ianamus Zura's copper statue overlooking the docks, it had some style. And the artist's license sure enhanced it. Djohaal thought the nose was too big. Horus couldn't care less.


Dumping the trash on the sea was the easiest solution vernacia's government found so far to the growing problem of garbage management. Plans are in order for a landfill to be constructed elsewhere, as the railroads will ease garbage transportation so much.

Ianamus Zura


Special mention on the CJ for the person that spots where I got this news form from


While it wasn't really demonstrated on the other journal update, Ianamus Zura does posess a budding industrial park on the coastline.

The cargo terminal has a coupled passenger platform which will ease labor trips for residents from both Ianamus Zura and Bayview.


Still much work has to be done.

East Bay

East Bay also gained its own rail station, with hopes of development to follow the construction of the cargo and passanger staiton. A large tunnel had to be dug for the railroads to cross, quite an acheivement in terms of engineering. Plus now you can go directly from east bay to Bayview by land!




In Bessast the railroad brought much development, as a local farmers cooperative joined resources to build a small brewry. Bessast Beer, now that's catchy. A grain silo was also built, to help the drainage of the produce.

And now a word from our maestro!

Not much of a plot this time, mostly the development of Vernacia after being conducted by our two visitors. I must give Blue Lightning a very big thanks for helping me sort out a NAM mishap that was causing way too much lag on my PC... 3.gif


Nexus - 11 PM

mtb.jpg"This is not good.. not good at all" Horus walked back and forth on the hall, his mind working ardently on a solution for the unexpected turn of events "This might derail all what I had set up so far, we'll need to intervene more than it is called for"

bkohaai.jpg"I had an idea.. going to need a lot of energy for this, and some transmutation, but it might work."

East Bay, 2 AM

The residents on east bay related seeing a strong pulse of light and a huge thunder coming from the tower, yet it was a mostly clear night. An amateur astronomer who was sightseeing with binoculars reported he saw a strange figure in purple with a spiked helmet on top of the bay tower, but no one paid attention to him..


High seas, 2:35 AM

The wind was blowing from east, what really puzzled the navigators, as a huge storm approached them from the north, its clouds thundering and spinning...


The furious storm ravaged through the whole night. When morning came by, half the fleet had disappeared to never be found...

Nexus - 10  AM

Horus shook his head with disapproval "So much for a single pulse working here, and you know that in our protocol such power demonstrations are to be used as scarcely as possible!"

Djohaal replied sarcastically  "So says the one who opened a passage in the sea in this same planet a few thousand years ago! And that's just the tip of your list! Compared to that I was just lighting a matchstick."

Horus got quiet from that unconfortable reminder. He also enjoyed such demonstrations, but managed to control such fits of overpowering to the right moments. While most of the Keepers prefered the art of  being elusive and insidious, he always had one or two perfectly adjusted demonstrations of power in his works. That had earned him much adimiration and criticism among his peers.

"And I'm not done yet... This nation needs a hero, and I already have a plan for one"

"Just don't blow yourself up" Horus replied sardonically

"But that was just what I was thinking about...."

A few days later, on the Siege of Bayview


It had five days since the Vindicator and three other survivor ships of the high-seas catastrophe arrived and blockaded Bayview. They had threatened to bombard the city in a week unless the rebels surrendered, and the revolutionary council was tearing its hairs off. They had just three feeble ships of the coast guard, which could not match the damaged, but nevertheless imposing fleet that sat in their own backyard.

Bayview 1 PM

The Council was in an emergency meething, trying to find a way out of such a situation, they had considered many proposals, most of them downright impossible. They couldn't open fire, lest risk the island's only proper portuary city be turned into rubble, and didn't have enough men to board the enemy ships. A surrender term was already in the draftwork.

Suddenly a man entered the council chambers, the guards right behind him.

"I have a solution to our problem!" he shouted as the guards tried to carry him back. One of the council members ordered the guards to bring him back "I am, or well, used to be a trader for Orient Trading Company. I happen to have a large cargo ship and a warehouse full of explosives waiting to depart. Now if we could get that ship close enough to them, and set fire to those explosives... it'd be quite a sight."


That same councilor asked "But who would be mad enough to pilot a cargo ship there and blow themselves up? That's madness!"

"I am willing to do that" the trader said with conviction on his eyes "Anything for our country!"

"If that be your wish, we can't really stop a man from sacrificing himself for his nation, can we?" he asked out aloud to the council. "You may proceed to your final duty, and have from us all the resources you need. For our homeland!"

With that the council hall began applaudding the revolution's first martyr, and future hero1.

Later on that same afternoon...

All citizens on vernacia were told to seek cover, protect their ears and belongings, for the events on that afternoon would be most memorable...


It was announced that a representative of the council would meet the admiral to negotiate the terms of surrender in neutral grounds - between a cargo ship on Bayview's Dock named "Matson" and the Vindicator.

The one man ship approached the majestic imperial flagship silently. Its lone pilot on the control. When he thought it was in a good position the ship came to a full stop. As nobody could peer into the cabin, Djohaal thought it was enough time in that fleshy self. His body dissolved in front of him as he shifted out and materialized on his proper self.

He observed his former body, assembled on a hurry, dissolve into dust right on front of him. He then thought "Time for the fireworks" as he looked at a fuse that went all the way from the cabin to the cargo dock. A small spark flew form his finger, setting fire to the spark. His true body then deassembled into a cloud of dark purple, which violently flowed away from the ship through every opening.

In less than one minute...


The vindicator and its two escort frigates were no more.

On that same afternoon the third frigate (which was out of the bay patrolling) went back to the bay to find just a large oil spill and burning debris floating. It docked on BayView's coast guard station to negotiate the terms of recognition of Vernacia's independence.

Two weeks later the provisory government was prooperly structured until the constitutional assembly's works were done. But it did not wait for the country's legal backbone to be structured to start working. Big plans for a railroad connecting all of vernacia were laid out, and the construction of a passanger and cargo terminal in Bayview already had began...


1Councilor William Fogg, the one who spoke with the mysterious hero, related later on his memoirs "I'll not forget that man. He had so much nobility and greatness about him that I swear for a moment I saw a majestic spiked crown upon his head. Much like the stone statues we see all over the Ancients ruins, but made of a metal I have no words to describe..."

That same mysterous trader was subject to an extensive study by historians, since not even his name was known. However all they managed to round up was that he wasn't born in vernacia and that his Ship, the Matson, had docked on Bayview on the night before the siege had began. His provisory name "The Matson's Martyr" had since became the name most used to refer to him.... Some theorize that he probably had been diagnosed some uncurable disease, and wished to put his life to good use.

And now a word from our maestro! 

Woha, three CJ Updates in one day... I'm outdoing myself! 5.gif

I promise the next updates will have more cities in them, and less story 10.gif


A revolution is a struggle between the past and the future.

-Fidel Castro

Revolution!  Vernacia has declared independence from its metropolis. In a swift movement the liberal colleges of the army and navy have incited the population into a full fledged rebellion. The outcome however was far more radical than expected, as the angry mob invaded the viceroy's palace, murdered him and set fire on the building!


The new black-and-white circles insignia was chosen as the budding nation's flag .


Such flags were erected swiftly across the country, such as the three new flags right on the former site of the palace.


The new government was swiftly assembled with representatives from the major urban agglomerations in vernacia - Ianamus Zura, Bayview, Fort Hayden, Calypso, Valmouth, Sun Valley, Nova Loricia, and Palan Bay.

A new constitution is on the works for the budding nations, and envoys were sent to countries all over the world to seek recognition of vernacia's independence. Bayview's town hall was chosen as the provisory seat of the revolutionary government until the situation settles.



A bright doorway opened inside the main hall of the ship. Djohaal was meditating, and got startled by Horus walking out of it, he seemed a bit annoyned, but other than that fine.

"Ok, I think I pulled it, for now. Becoming viceroy was the easy part of it, but I had to become quite the hated leader for such a revolution to happen."

Djohaal replied ironically "I hope you managed to shift off your body before they got to you"

"Fortunately yes, I beleive I never played such a hated leader in the last" - horus paused gathering his thoughts - "50 pulses*? When the mob leaped over my body things got quite ugly, there was blood even in the roof."

"I beleive you rather enjoyed the spetacle. However I have some bad news."

With a gesture one of the surfaces of the hall turned into a display, a very noisy and jittery image appeared

"What is this mess? One of our remote observation nodes is malfunctioning?"

"No, this is their business. They don't send just noise via radio waves, they also figured out how to send images. Decoding the signal kept me entertained for a couple of days, and watching their media, is, at least, equally amusing."

"Anyways what is so bad about this? We didn't have TV in this island, but I heard about it. And it is not very original, the Vegans we visited 250 pulses ago had a network of taste-broadcasting, it was quite interesting"

"This." Djohaal moved his hand and as recording appeared on the display.


The broadcast also had a recording: "And later this morning, a fleet of  two cruisers, three corvettes and two support ships, led by the battleship Vindicator departed from the east coast in a mission to quell a revolution in the island of Vernacia. The admiral beleives just a short seige on bayview might be enough to subdue the revolutionaries"

"And it is no rumor. I managed to track them down" With another movement Djohaal put the observation node feed on, a large fleet of ships appeared, cruising the seas..


*1 pulse = approximately 50 years on their time counting system

And now a word from our maestro!

Here we go! Vernacia has declared independence, however its metropolis is retalliating. What'll be of our island people? And what are those two shady figures up to?!

Stay tuned! 10.gif

A note to moderators: I think I might have been a bit strong on the scenes here, however it is not my idea to make a very itsy-bitsy cutey journal, hence the usage of such strong images. However if I crossed the border too strongly please PM me and I'll tone down things a bit, but I'll keep on the razor line... 1.gif


The clips I'll post here are just for sound ambience, so don't really bother watching them. Many of them are highly corny!  :P


Some 50 years before Vernacia's Independence

Deep Space.

A window opened in space, and where once there was nothing, a craft of some sort appeared, flying high above earth.


The craft orbited high above earth, curising the space with unmatched speed.

Within the halls that composed the heart of the structure, two figures stood. One of them was taller, and wore robes as black as the eternal night of space, while the other figure was clad in purple robes of a unique hue.


Looking down on the night side of earth, with its sleepless cities cintilating, the figure in black said nostalgically

"This brings me memories, when our first birthing fleet arrived here many  cycles ago. This was a virgin world, and we brought the spark of sentience to it. Now look at this, Djohaal, and behold what civilization brings. A planet with its own light and its own song." 

As the figure said that, the ship tuned into the radio blabber that irradiated forth from Earth, a million voices speaking, a million ears listening.

It cruised on, the ship penetrating the atmosphere at a dauinting speed. Curiously, at the same time it was there, it wasn't. The ship moved through the skies silently, no fire marking its entry on the atmosphere.

The figure in purple gestured around, as their ship obeyed, manouvering across the sky. They approached a tiny island in the northern pacific.

"Horus, I beleive you'll see some familiar things in here" Djohaal said as they were flying over the ruins at Palan Bay.

"Yeah.. apparently they weren't stupid enoguh to destroy their progenitors memory yet... Remmeber Tau Ceti? The ruins were under a landfill! what a lack of respect for their cradle!"

Djohaal gestured once more - "Closing on the landfall site, so far I think we were sighted by quite a few people, but from the looks of it this island is all but developed" He chuckled "They'll tink we are ghosts or something"

"Undeveloped, ignorant... We'll have quite some work to do. But this might come in handy..."

The ship approached a plateau in the feet of a very all mountain. It came to a full stop, its pasengers not feeling the inertia. It then sank deep into the ground, leaving, however, no signal of its passage in there.


Their passage was seen by many Vernacians, although it wasn't a matter of much concern apart from a lonely photo that was taken by a passing-by american tourist. Which, predictably, started all the sorts of rumors on "soviet UFOs"


And now a word from our maestro! 25.gif

Ok here we go, a city journal for real. Enough turf, farms and sleepyness! I hope this start is enough to keep your people's attention tuned! 9.gif



Well I'm up to a very long journal with a winding story so I think it'd be interesting to have a summary of sorts with each chapter and a short synopsis of what is going on each of them. This might ease your browsing and let you at least situate yourself on the plotline. Sometimes I find those bigger story CJs quite monumental for me to grab and start reading from zero, I hope this summary might help people who face the same psychological obstacle as myself.

I'd advise first checking the teaser CJ I made, there I laid out general pictures of all the region's cities, this will help the readers to better locate themselves on this journal. I'll not go introducing new cities on this CJ unless something new shows up.

Chapters with a (P) before are plot-related chapters, while the others are mostly eye-candy.

Vernacia - Chapter Synopsis

(P) Prologue - The Visitors:

A strange object appears in the space above earth, landing on Vernacia's mountains. Two mysterious beings came with it, and are discussing about some greater plan.

(P) Revolution, Revolutions.

Vernacia's population rebels and declares independence, however an approaching imperial fleet might mash down their plans for independence.

(P) Revolution, Revolutions - 2

The Keepers intervene, Vernacia's first martyr comes to light in a heroic gesture.

Railroads Across Vernacia

Development of the railroads on the country after the government finally settled down.

Railroads Across Vernacia - 2

Expansion of the railroad across Ianamus Zura and Storm's Point

Railroads Across Vernacia - 3

Railroad arrives on Grand Plains; Bayview expands its seaport.

Railroads Across Vernacia - 4

Railroad extension on Giant's Step, Construction of Ianamus Zura's Steel Mill is underway.

(P) Infiltration - Interlude

Djohaal goes for a little stroll...

Railroads Across Vernacia - 5

Calypso, East Isle and Moon Cove's strong bonds with the sea...

Railroads Across Vernacia - 6

Malatista's development. Ianamuz Zura's steel mill is completed

(P) A Dark Omen

Djohaal and Horus make a most menacing discovery.

(P) A course of Action

A solution (?) for the current crisis is planned out and starts to be carried.

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