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About this City Journal

Drawing inspiration from the Wichita Mountains region of southwestern Oklahoma, the city of Cornale draws in those who enjoy the city, while allowing people to live in harmony with nature at...

Entries in this City Journal


Lately, I thought about the prospect of starting Cornale over again.  I let the downtown have too many tall buildings, which is too unrealistic for that region of the country.  Basically, I let myself go out of control with skyscrapers.  And I wanted to build freeways similar to Toronto's 401; also very unrealistic for that region.

This time, I expect to create a more realistic city, inspired by the Lawton area.  Although not a recreation of the Lawton area in any form, this means that Cornale will enjoy a different flair; not neccessarily the big city lifestyle, but a mix of small town and rural ambiances with the conveniences of a large city.  Seeing as the Lawton area does not have skyscrapers, Cornale will not either, at least not initially.  I have decided to use skyscrapers, albeit less of them.

But anyhow, I will need to see how long I can hold on to these principles.  I also want to render a better map of the Lawton area.

- Houston_Fan


Lately, I have been working on the downtown tile of the Cornale metro.  Now, I introduce you to the "Dubai of Oklahoma," downtown Cornale.  In addition to skyscrapers, and Oklahoma's most impressive skyline, many parks also exist in the downtown area, providing open spaces and recreation to Cornalians that either live or work in the central business district.


Now we'll see this same area from the other direction:


To the north of downtown Cornale lies Brick City, an older area of the city that has seen a lot of revitalization in recent years:


The most selective (and with the costliest tuition) university in the state of Oklahoma, the University of Cornale specializes in academics and research:


I hope to bring you more soon.  So stay tuned!



(view looking west)

Despite Cornale's status as a "green" city, some areas represent that of suburban sprawl, and Comanche is no exception.  The up-down (west-east) freeway is Oklahoma State Highway 49, and the north-south (right-left) one is the Sheridan Freeway, or State Highway 7; which ends at SH 49.  The avenue extending north from the Sheridan Freeway is Campbell Avenue.

Expect much of my first updates to occur in the Comanche/Medicine Park area.


City names in italic represent those of real-life cities; however, they may not be recreations of the actual city.

Cornale metro area:


Assumption Park









Indian Park



Medicine Park

New Albany



Porter Hill

Rocky Point




Wichita Mountains area:




Edgewater Park





Mount Scott

Saddle Mountain

Stone Creek

All other areas:



Central High






Mt View



* List subject to modification. 

** While there is a real-life Comanche, Oklahoma SE of Lawton (which the Cornale metro would, in theory, replace); for the purposes of this CJ, it will be one of Cornale's northern suburbs.




Positioned in the southwestern portion of Oklahoma, the region of Cornale (core-NAH-lay; or as some locals say, ker-NAH-lee or just COR-nayl) provides many opportunities for those who seek them.  Whether you are living here, or just visiting, this diverse region allows those who seek opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams.  From the buffalo herds of the Wichita Mountains to the wide-open plains, Cornale shows its natural face in every direction.


Cornale's economy has a strong base in agriculture.  Over the years, the role of agriculture has diminished somewhat; portions of the economy previously reserved for agriculture were initally replaced with manufacturing and logistics.  However, the advancement of environmentally friendly technologies has provided Cornale with a new economic boom, bringing with it a strong economy and low unemployment rates.  Due to this factor, Cornale wants to position itself as a "green" city.

Natural Hazards

Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Considering Cornale's position within the state of Oklahoma, the region is subject to frequent bouts of severe weather, including the potential for tornadoes.  Despite these hazards, many people and businesses continue to move to Cornale.


The Meers Fault raises the issue of seismic safety and preparedness in Cornale.  Capable of delivering a shock up to magnitude 7.5, an earthquake here could cause severe damage to the region, as well as affecting some other major cities, such as Oklahoma City and possibly Dallas.  Fortunately, major earthquakes do not occur frequently along the Meers Fault.  (The last major tremor, of at least 6.5 in magnitude, occured around A.D. 750, give or take 50 years)

Interesting Tidbits:

- In French (of which Cornale, surprisingly, has a small French population), residents of Cornale are considered Corneilliens, due to the fact that the names Corneille and Cornale are related to each other.

- While not official, many North American francophones have begun to refer to Cornale as Corneille in the French language; however, some francophones still call the city Corneille even while speaking English.  The locals began to embrace refering to French fries as "Freedom Fries" as a result of this; not to mention starting an anti-French "Keep It Cornale" campaign.

The Plan

Currently, I only have the raw USGS elevation data for the Wichita Mountains region.  (I'm also on a Mac)  I need to make that into a 16-bit png before I can render that into a usable SC4 region in SC4Mapper (using Wine).  (those steps are done)  After that, I will need to pre-plan the region on paper, in terms of the locations of roads, as I want Cornale to represent a realistic city on the Great Plains.  Then I can start to build in SC4.

If you have any suggestions for terrain, tree, or rock mods, please leave a comment below.  I want mods that will best represent the Wichita Mountains region.

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