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About this City Journal

Brampton is actually a small village in my area I just stole the name for this city journal as I couldnt think of anything else, Pretty unorigional? OH WELL. I started making this CJ a while...

Entries in this City Journal


The North Bank

OK so city journal is really starting to get up and running now so lets hurry on over the highway bridge and look at the north bank of the estuary.

A market place and housing estate was built on this bank while the docks where developing across the estuary.


and obviously all along the residants have needed a place to bury their dead and worship their god and hear it is the old church a large cemetary.


As the city grew the market was expanded and more and more housing built. (i know about the texture problem with this market but can't seem to find the plugins I need, if anyone can help the lot is called brickworks market or something simular)


as the city grew and city residents got richer and richer some of the higher wealth residents decided they would build a statue to the founder of their city.


a little further away from the market is a large roundabout to handle all the citys incoming and outgoing traffic as well as the traffic from the highway linking the south bank.


Of course with all these new housing they would need more policing and edjucation.


And close to the shoreline a stock exchange and another large libary was built


with the arrival of the stock exchange this area soon came very desirable to high wealth commercial services and office buildings and the citys government soon started in the planning of 2 sites to be developed into large commercial buisness districts. But I'm afraid this will have to wait untill another update.


More and more people arrived.


More power was needed to power the city and the new container sea port


The mayor commisioned a cricket oval to be built near the new housing for the dock workers.


Of course industy jumped at the chance to be near the new port


Now big ships where coming packed full of goods for brampton and leaving full of goods produced in brampton.



In my next update we'll be heading across the highway bridge into the Norton bank of the city.



With The citys main infrasturcture now well and truely up and running many more people are large big buissness started to come to the east. But with all this hustle and bustle the newly elected mayor decided to use a big chunk of money, and a big chunk of land to build a driving range, giving his people somewhere to take out there stress hitting some balls..


a little further north from the main strip a large elementary school was built to edjucate all the new sims children and keep everyone fit with its public recreational facilities which led to some higher wealth buildings being built for the citys middleclass and a few small shops decided to set up on an otherwise unused peice of land.


The new major was doing his best to keep all his sims happy and built a community center for them to use.


A college and large central libary was also built with plenty of funds now coming in to the government from disposing of neighbours waste and of course the new taxes from all the sims. The college also set up a college football team which a few of the local sims support. Unfortionatly they finished bottom of there league the first seasons only scoring 8 goals and letting in 74. Who knows, maybe they'll get better.


More and more housing was constantly being built to the east and the central buisness strip too


A new police department had to be built to deal with the threat of crime with all these new buisness and shops being built


The old small road connections to other citys were now being greatly overuse by people visiting the area to use the new shops and commuters so it was soon decided a highway would be built.


A large central highschool was built along side the highway educating almost all the teenages in the city. It was also decided the highway should cross the river and connect the peice of land at the other side. I wonder how this area will develop compared to the south side.



The begining

Brampton was born when a once rich land owner struggled across bad times due to a recent recession and decided he would sell a large plot of his land to the government who had plans of building a large maxium security prison deep in the woods.

After buying this land the government had its eye on another large area to the north of the prison for a new army base and missile testing site and the money involved was just far too much for the land owner to refuse.


He never realised that this small move would transform his once peaceful area into a large busy city.
Obviously housing soon came to home the soldiers familys and prison guards, and a large power company quickly jumped at the chance to provide these people with there power. And it wasnt long it the first industry decided this would be a good place to base theyre company.


some years later after all the industry had been well settled in and the rich land owner had battled through the recession he decided he would build his new industrial neighbours a large docklands to move there goods part funded by the newly founded motor company which had settled close to the coast line.


In just a few years this once deserted piece of land was well and truely running and turning into a large port.
Soon a neighbouring city wanted to put a rail line in to help it use the newly founded port in Brampton and in return install a large water pump as Brampton had been buying all its water from them at a marked up price.

With the ever present risk of crime and fire from the prison and army base the government had to build and fund firestations and police departments


The rail company also felt that the docks would be a good place to hold some of there trains and set up a large office near the rail lines.


With the city growing and growing something had to be done about the citys rubbish, so the government built a dock to ship it all away, It wasnt long until the neighbours bought in on the idea too.


Thats it for now, comments/suggestions always appriciated.

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