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About this City Journal

The new New York after the Earth is ravaged by terrible flooding

Entries in this City Journal


A New Town

A new town is settled West of Macon Castle, known as Sunset Park. Known for farms and beautiful, crisp sunsets, over 700 people have moved in since the town started two months ago. The newspaper is also known as The Guardian. The town itself is unpolluted and amazing. There isn't much to tell about Sunset Park.

My ImageShack thing is messed-up, so in the next update in two or three days, I will add pictured to Sunset Park.

Next Update: Pictures of Sunset Park


It has nearly been one year since Macon Castle was declared a town, and that one year went pretty well: A missile base was installed for extra income, 1,213 people moved in, and a House of Worship was installed. 

There has been no disasters or accidents, and Macon Castle hasn't had to take out a loan from THE UNITED STATES BANK.

Also, Macon Castle has started its own newspaper, known as The Guardian. 

I am permitted to only show you excerpts of the first issue. The excerpts include no pictures. As this City Journal progresses, there will be updates entitled The Guardian Issue II, III, IV... These issues will, hopefully, look like real newspapers.

Okay, excerpt I:

January 4, 2026
The One-Year Celebration

"Fireworks will light the sky on January 17th, celebrating the one-year anniversary of Macon Castle's townhood....All people living in Macon Castle are invited 

to the shows, both before and after. The show before this celebration will include performances by Rascal Flatts, the Black Eyed Peas, Daughtry, the Dave Matthews Band and many more. Each band will perform one song and then will give the stage to the next performer....The aftershow will include more performances by some of the same bands and bands formed by the citizens of Macon Castle.....Snacks will be  

provided at both shows..."

I hope that you all enjoyed this update.

If anyone out there who reads this has a question, a comment, an idea, or anything that they would like to share with me, you can contact me. Signed up or not you can send me an email at simershimrealtor@gmail.com. If you are signed up, you can send me a private message.

Next Update: A New Town



This is LadyByrd Farm. It grows most of the food for Macon Castle


The watered places of Macon Castle...


The missile range for Macon Castle. The missile range was installed to have a greater income than loss of money. Also, the army used to have a missile range but then the flood ruined it. When the army found out that there was a town on the East Coast, they rushed over and asked to install a missile range for an income of $450 per month. The extra money was good...


Macon Castle's source of power...


That is about it.

Next Update: The One-Year Celebration and The Newspaper


 The year is 2026 and people have started to move into Mehdiah.

This is where the first settlers live...


Some middle-industry development

This is some mid-industry development

This is just one of three toll-booths...


Housing Development...


This is the settlement...


In an update (Pictures Of Macon Castle 2), I will include more pictures of Macon Castle.


In 2020,Global Warming gets so bad that the oceans raise 20 feet. That was bad for many low-lying lands. Many people died in the flood and in

2025, the waters receded, leaving a pristine plot of land.

An adventurer, Brooke J. Calthale, stumbled upon the land while hunting. She got lost not far from Mehdiah, and decided to settle there. She

found one house, just missed by the water. Everything was in working order. The house isn't there anymore, but she managed to call a friend

where she lived and he came over. After a while, many people started crawling out of the woodwork to Mehdiah. Right now, there is only one

town in Mehdiah. It is known as Macon Castle, and the mayor has not been decided yet. Not many people live there, but less is more in this case.

Next update: Pictures of Macon Castle

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