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Virginia Republic

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About this City Journal

A beautiful region that was based slightly on the Eastern Coast of the United States as well as the Pacific Northwest. I have taken things I love about American Society and applied it in my...

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CHAPTER 1- City of Shiloh (Part A)

This is the part A of a two part chapter on the Capitol City of Shiloh. A bit of a teaser if you will...

The city of Shiloh is the capitol city of the country as well as the largest city.

COUNTY: Pocomoke County


YEAR ESTABLISHED: 1679 (Under the original name of DeMint Settlement)

YEAR REESTABLISHED: 1780 (In 1779 a major hurrican blew thru the settlement and killed almost 1,000 people and forced the city to relocate to present day Pocomoketown. A few months later the republic requested independence from it's home country of Germany. Germany at first refused, but after tensions between the French and British began to rise they agreed in order to save money and supplies for a war against the two countries rather than a revolting colony. After their independence was granted in November of 1780 the city of Shiloh was born and declared the new capitol of the country.)

MAJOR ARTERIES: Interstate 5, Route 10, DeMint Boulevard, Philadelphia Boulevard, Wheat Street, Virginia Street, Entente Highway, Water Boulevard, Martin Avenue. 


-Two rivers flow thru the city, the Don River and the Quiyoughcohannock River.   

-The name DeMint comes from the explorer who founded the city.

-You may be wondering: "If this was a German Colony, why do the people speak English?" That is a very good question. You see during the American revolution some American attempted to escape the war by heading north. While they were there they brought there language to the area. As the area began to develope and American influence began to grow on the small country English sort of just became the language.


This is a picture of the roadways in the city, this picture is a few days old but it will give you a good idea of what the layout of the city is. the two parallel red lines on the right are bridges crossing the Q-River. The bottom one is DeMint Boulevard. The top is Freedom Street. The red line on the right is DeMint heading into Alexandria.

To the north of the city are the towns of Secaucus and Flanders, to the east are the cities of Nutley Park and Pontiac, to the South are the cities of White Point and Progress, and finally to the west are the cities of Alexandria and Heidi Park. This will give you a bit more of a layout of the region. I will have a picture of the entire Shiloh Metro area next update when I cover the Shiloh suburbs!


Here is a picture of the city. Well at least the more important part. In the left you can see the National Plaza which is home to the president and the congressional meeting place which was based off of the American Capitol Building. On the top left, you will notice large buildings, one is white another blue, this is the Republican National Headquaters for the country. The center shows downtown while the lower center and corner will show an area with smallers buildings. To the north of DeMint (avenue closest to bottom) is a neighborhood called the Social District, the home to many shops, pubs, clubs and much more. To the south is another area much like the social district but because of its large Greek population has been renamed Greek Square. 


A closer picture of Downtown. Notice how the buildings do not grow very tall. This is because I have zoned everything medium density to prevent them from growing higher than the monument. I tried to do this for the capitol building, but that didn't work to well. Most of the buildings in downtown were plops because I wanted to control what shape the skyline took.


This is an image of the center of downtown looking south. This is the intersection of 18th Street and Federal Street. I was kind of on a tight schedule and was unable to get a picture with much traffic, but I will make sure I put a picture of that up on a later update. 


This is a picture from downtown. On the left is Linus Department Store. Famous for it's high end clothing it attracts thousands of people everyday. Across Spokane Street is the Shiloh stock exchange, (SSTEC) this is one of 3 buildings in the city that the stock exchange is located in. In 1995 the exchange needed to expand. It expanded into neighboring buildings. 


Here we have a view of the intersection of 21st Street and Government Street in downtown. The lawn on the lower part of the picture belongs to the cities Court House and City Hall. STAY OFF THE LAWN! 


On the edge of Downtown lies a nice little neighborhood known as Euro Place. Apartments here range from about $1,000 to $4,000 a month due to the proximity to downtown and the limited housing in the city due to the zoning laws. These homes were built to resemble European styles in order to honor the heritage of the country and most of it's people. The developers thought it would be nice to have buildings that had class and character in the city, since then many similar housing projects in the city have begun. 


Not moving far from downtown, on the opposite side of the National Plaza we find the Republican National Headquaters. This is were many of the conservative politicials of nation meet to discuss policy and file paperwork. Completed in 2000 the buildings rise high over street level and are a nice touch to the center city area. 


Only because it makes sense, I will show you the Democratic National Headquaters as well. This is pretty far from downtown, near Lake Flute Se. 

I will post part B tomorrow. Part B will include:

-The Shiloh Arena

-Virginia Republic National Cemetary

-DeMint Boulevard Pictures

-Social District Pictures

-Traffic Photos as well as some other random pictures from around the city. 

-White Doe Park


-The Story of Dan Hamilton.

"Dan got up off the ground. He was in an alley, 'Where am I? How did I get here?' He looked up at the sky then back to the cracked pavement below him. 'What?!' looking up at a street sign 'Prompton Boulevard' he read to himself. He looked around again. 'Hmm...this is a shabby part of town. Better get to the subway...' He got up and brused himself off. He was still wearing his cloths from work , normally neat and pressed, now hung with dirt and blood. Walking out to the street he noticed groups of people hanging around, all wearing cloths he never would have dreamed of wearing in his life. 'Just keep walking!' he said to himself the subway is only half a block away! He could see it. He was just about to make his first step into the station when he realized his wallet was missing. 'Oh god!... I am stuck in the middle of god knows where with no money, my wallet must have been stolen while I was lying there! What am I going to do, how am I going to get out of here!..." Check back tomorrow for the entire story, you will find parts of Shiloh aren't exactly 'shiloh (peaceful)' =l !



Virginia Republic...I decided to base a lot of what I have created on spots I visited on my trip around Virginia. I loved the state and it inspired me to create this region. The region is also based on the cities of Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, and others the world. I will first show you some shots that I took of the region to get your interest possibly and then I will start off with detailed descriptions of the cities and a story to go along with them. I am not completed the region so you will get to see how things are shaping up in real time which is sure to be enjoyable...I know how much I enjoy looking at other CJ's that are in real time like this. Without any more delay I will begin with my overview...

NAME: Virginia Republic
GOVERNMENT: Democratic-Republic
CURRENT PRESIDENT: Pres. Edward Markner ®
NATIONAL COLORS: Black, White, Red
INDEPENDENCE FROM: Germany (Independence Day November 21)
POPULATION: 453,982^ sims (July 5) EXPECTED TO RISE
BIRD: Black-Capped Chickadee
MAJOR EXPORT: Wood, Salt, Coal, Pharmaceuticals
-The entire region is built on an ancient super volcano making some of the water basins warm. (This is were the Pacific Northwest comes in...remember this, it may cause something to happen later in our story...)
-The Virginians are very interested in US culture and power and have modelled their society off of the US.
-The valley is home to many companies including Lehman & Co. inc, DeMint Chemicals, Greenburg Publishing.
-The region has many ways of travel including: Roads, Rail, Subway, Buses, Plane, and Boat.
-The major highway for the region is Interstate 5 (I-5) which connects the city Shiloh with Richmond, Alexandria, Bloomsberg, Wilkes-Barre, Yakima, Artic City, and Costas Azules. Another major highway is I-50 (Capitol Beltway) (again, I based some stuff off of DC!).
-Want to know more facts, check back in a few days for a new chapter of my region. Also check back for stories follow the lives of 5 people from the region who will explore the cities and country side and give you a vivid image of what life is like in Virginia Republic!

I will begin by showing you pictures of our capitol city...

A picture of Downtown Shiloh. The large white building in the top left (Kaiser Building) is the Headquaters to the regions largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Lehman & Co. Inc which was founded over 80 years ago and employs over 12,000 workers in the region. The white building in the center is home to Greenburg publishing. They have create share trading software for the computer and have provided citizens with valuable information about the stock market and currently print the valley's newspaper (Virginia Stamp) and host many different TV programs on their network, channel 6 for the city of Shiloh, 5 for Bloomsberg and Watertown, 8 for Artic City, 10 for Ocean City and Mannheim.
This is just a larger picture of downtown. You can see a bit of the National Plaza (Based off US Nat'l Mall). I have lined the edges of the Plaza with trees to resemble the cherry trees in Washington DC...sorta. In the top right you can see the city hall and the city court house which handle the local affairs of the city rather than the congress. The diagnal avenue you see the middle of the picture is Washington Boulevard. 
You can see that the center of the picture has a large building with columns on it. This is the National Archive. The home to millions of files on people who lived in the valley as well as information on the government and other aspects of the country. The National Archives building in located on Russell Street before the bridge to the left of the picture which leads to Alexandria and White Doe Island. At the bottom of the picture is Shiloh General Hospitol. Above the Nation Archive Building is Congressional Office Building D which holds the offices of for over 20 Senate members and their assistance as well as records storage.
This is just a small picture of the Shiloh waterfront on the Quiyoughcohannock River. Behind it is Riverfront Boulevard and Colonial Boulevard which boasts a very expensive neighborhood with homes ranging into the millions. The bridge on the bottom of the screen is the Edward Parkway bridge which was actually the first bridge to be built in the region and has about 4,500 commuters on it everyday. Sorry, I forgot to get rid of the street names for this picture, well I guess you know where the intersections of Bristol and Colonial as well as Terk and Colonial...
This is a picture of both the DeMint Boulevard Bridge and the Madison Street Bridge. Madison Street was built first but after large amounts of congestion threatened to stagnate neighborhoods on the right side of the river DeMint Boulevard was extended of the Q-River (Quiyoughcohannock River, Q-River for short) and into the city of Pontiac. Madison Street was then converted into a HOV bridge for buses. This picture was taken about a week ago and since then over 670 buses have used the bridge as an alternate to DeMint Boulevard which is experiencing some of the problems its predecessor. Over 8,700 cars travel the avenue everyday. This is a picture of rush hour heading out of the city.

I have lots more picture and I will post them in a few days. Please leave comments. If you have ideas PM me. Also, thank you to all the uploaders who have made this possible.  

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