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About this City Journal

A letter from the Mayors desk, This is a Mayor Diary based on a real county in Maine but all towns are mostly fictitious. Although It is fictitious I am trying to keep a realistic region. I...

Entries in this City Journal


Update 8 -  The Rise of the Sport Franchises

Hugh Meyor and his corprate share holders have completed talks with The CANAM baseball league and The United Soccer League second division to have a team start play in both leagues respectively.

Billings Yard Stadium:

Both teams will begin play at Billings Yard Stadium(Multi-Use Facility).  The land was bought by Hugh Meyor off of the City Of Weymouth and will be the site of a mixed use developement. The site will contain a stadium, parking, and commercial oppertunities.

The stadium-


Weymouth Rovers FC


The Crest


The football club are officially affiliated with Blackburn Rovers FC from England.

This is there home Kit. 4blankfront4.jpg3blankback41.jpg

For those of you that are not familiar with the USL -2 tier This is the list of teams:

Bermuda Hogges

Charlotte Eagles

Crystal Palace Baltimore

Harrisburg City Islanders

Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Real Maryland Monarchs

Richmond Kickers

Western Mass Pioneers

Weymouth Rovers FC

Wilmington Hammerheads

Weymouth Rovers FC's Training Facility.


Weymouth Sluggers



The Weyomuth Sluggers are the CANAM Baseball team that will be playing games at Billings Yard Stadium.

The Current CAN AM league goes like this.

American Defenders of New Hampshire

Brockton Rox

New Jersey Jackals

Quebec Capitales

Sussex Skyhawks

Weymouth Sluggers

Worcester Tornadoes

Here is another grand Photo of the stadium area


And untill next time Peace!!!  Please leave a Comment!


Harraseeket First Nations Reserve   : Penobscot Nation

Harraseeket FN Reserve is located just north of Freeport. It has a populaion of near 800 and contains the town of Seewaukee. On the reserves limits there is the town of Coleman and The Harraseeket Casino At Red Hawk Hill. The Tribe that resides in the Reserve are the Penobscot Nation First Peoples.

This is the Town of Seewaukee. Land marks include the Harraseeket Reserve School, The Harraseeket Town Building, some stores and a ATV/Snowmobile dealership.


Here is the Town Building in Seewaukee. (Bad Pic i know)


Some houses around Seewaukee.


Here is the Town of Coleman, Maine and the The Harraseeket Casino At Red Hawk Hill.




Welcome Back Everyone!!

This is an update of Freeport.

Freeport lies about a 15 minute drive South-West of Weymouth via the I-295. It is conected to Weymouth and Portland by the I-95, and by rail service. Some locale things to do are Shop downtown, dine at one of the many fantastic restaurants, go to the Harraseeket Casino(Located in the Harraseeket Indian Reserve[Next update]) , or play a relaxing game of golf.

Enjoy the sights and wonderfully old buildings in Freeport!!  And pardon any construction as The pictures were taken while Main St. was being widend and the I-295 was being built.

This is Downtown Freeport.  Pictured is Independence Park ,Town Hall, and Shopping.


This is a picture of The Freeport Gardens.


Here is Freeport Station and the Tall building is Freeports Best Western Hotel.


This is the newly built Mainstreet Shopping area!... It has everything for everyones everyday needs.


Freeport Industrial Area.


Pictured is the Freeport Energy Companies Coal power facilities.


This is Porter Landing. This is of course where you find the dock, seafood venders, and the classic Eastcoast hospitality.[Realy Bad Photo  8.gif  ]


This Is the Gray Rock Golf Club. It is One of two in the Freeport area.


Here Is the Area of Chattseeket. It is mostly a Co-op rental area.


This is the Super 8 Chattseeket.


This is the Chattseeket Home Depot and Walmart.


And finaly i leave you with a picture of the Unfinished I-295 route.  See Yall next time!!!!



Hi everyone.

This update is entirly based on the construction of Oakleigh.


The purpose of this development was to satisfy the housing boom in the area. It houses approx. 3,500 people and created about 1,000 jobs.

Part of the construction phase pictured below


Here is pictures of the Area complete!



Pictured Below is the T&M Propelant factory.



And the final mosaic of the area! YAY!


Next update will most likily be Freeport, a town that is located in between Portland and Weymouth.

Till next time, Peace


Teaser #1

Hi everybody,

This is a teaser for an area in Weymouth being planned.  Due to an influx of demand for residential in the area, a new suburb is planned.


The area should be done by mid next week so keep your eyes peeled.



Welcome to Bath!  Here are two Mosaics just to get you started.




Bath Has been a shipbuilding hub on the Eastern seaboard for more than a century and i now home of the US Navy Drydock Bath. It Provide most of the jobs in the city along with all the manufacturing jobs it provides. Bath has been a working class town up untill the late '80's when tourism started to boom.

This is a tour of the city.

Below is the Downtown corners of High St., Washington Ave., and  Elm St.


Here is a picture of New Hampshire St. leading East out of downtown.


This is the area of Amesport. it is the most pictuesque area of town.


Pictured here is The Bath Protected Forest. It lies right in the center of the city at the foot of the bridges.(You can tell i had a bit of fun with the Nam rail curves :) )


This is the Bath Ironworks. It is located in the Unionville area of Bath.


This is Unionville, and forms the Center of the city. It is the location of most industry and the ship building yards.


This is the North Section of Unionville.


This is one of the Many manufacturing warehouses in the city.


And finally a small mosaic of South Bath. It is the poorer area of the city.


Here is an overview of the whole City.  Enjoy!





How'd you like that! My first mosaic. Wasn't so tough!


Well this is the town of Wiscasset, Maine. The town lies just east of Weymouth and west of the City Of Bath(Next update). It is connected to the two adjecent cites by Us Route 1 and rail lines. It is a pleasent town that started as a fishing and port town and developed into a nice place to go and relax, do a little shopping on the main streets, or go sailing for the day on the Wiscasset Bay. 

Here it is and enjoy the pleasant views!

This is downtown Wiscasset. The main street you see in the picture is Wiscasset Street. It stretches from Venosta north along the bay. Ther are mostly Hardware stores, clothing, and Antique stores alont the street.


This is St. John Baptist Church also located on the north section of Wiscasset street.


This here is the area of Fairlawn. It is also a great place to shop and also see some very nice old homes.


Wedged inbetween downtown and Fairlawn is Cenntenial Park. As the picture was taken there was the North Cumberland Little League Cup going on.


To the south of Wiscasset is the area of Venosta. It is where the Docks are and the Marina. This area is just starting to develope its shopping area.


The area of Simoset st. and Kent st. is the poorer area of town.


This is the Wiscasset Bridge over the bay.


This is The US route one heading through the north of town.


This is a Tunnel inbetween Bath and Wiscasset.(best tunnel i have ever achived on SC4)


Here are a colection of photos from around the town of older buildings. They are the noteable ones.






Well that is it!!  Hope you enjoyed it. 

"Your allways welcome back to Wiscasset"

Look out for my next Update on Bath, Maine! And see you next time!


bernie  -   hehe , i dont mind West Ham. Cause we allways beat 'em!!    hehe.  Thanks for the comment though!  nobody else seems to want to comment!



Hi Everybody!

This is my second update in as many days!!! That was fast!

Well This update is all about the main city in my region, Weymouth. Weymouth is a very small, peacefull cuty on the mouth of the Androscoggin River and the head of Casco bay. It has A University, Museams, Schools, two Stadiums, a passenger rail station, and a freight rail station. The highlights of its waterfront are the fishing peirs, marinas, Androscoggin Dock the Winchester Mill, The Morse's Tea building(One of the oldest buildings in Maine), St. George Cathedral, Lenster Primary School, and The Town Hall Building.

A Golf course is under construction and so are two Freeways, outside the city. You will see all of that in later updates!!  so keep your eyes peeled and for know enjoy the sites in one of americas oldest cities.

Pictured Below is part of downtown. Sicnificant site include The Morse's tea Building(Top Left), Lenster Primary School(Right), and The Town Hall Building(Botton with the clocktower!).


Pictured here is the Androscoggin Dock and a ship.


This is St. George Cathedral. Located within walking distance of downtown, just north of the The Town Hall. It serves as the Main Cathedral of the many churches spread across North-East Cumberland.


What you see here is The University of Cumberland Campus. The Joshua Chamberland Building(Pictured Top Right) is where all the most of the large classes are, and the auditorium. Stump Merrill Feild is named after a pro baseball player and Yankees manager from Weymouth and is where the UofC Tigers football and soccer teams train and play.


An Overview of the Campus


Here is Weymouth Station. It is a Passenger Rail station located in the center of town. It is currently serviced by Amtrak Trains. It is currently of little priority to custruct a bigger station but will happen in the future.



Pictured below is US route 1 leaving the city west to Freeport.


Back to downtown...

This is Winchester Mill. Over time it has been several things, a wagon mill, garment facrtory, hay and produce storage, and furniture factory. Now it is currently a fabric mill.


This is a picture of the fishing piers in Weymouth.


This Is the area around the dock yards. It is the poorest area of the city.


Here Is an updated picture of the Topsham Ave. Bridge and Grant Rapids()


And finaly the best for last!  The overview of downtown Weymouth!


Again Thank you very much for stopping in, and tell me what you think! good or bad!

See you next time when I post and Update on Wiscasset.



Welcome to Cumberland County. This is an overview of the reigion.

Here is some info about the reigion.

The county was founded in 1760 and its seat is in Portland, Maine.  It is a country known for its fishing industry although a fair bitt of farming does take place around the county(as you will see in the pictures) . It is seviced by a network of transportation by road and rail. Highway 1 runs from Freeport, throught Weymouth and up to Bath. Major cities include Portland, Weymouth, and Freeport.


Here Are pictures-

MAP of Maine:


Cumberland Counties magnificent coast-



Fishing Is the Counties biggest employer-


Farming is sparse but still provides dairy and produce to the towns in the Cumberland-


Pictured Below is one of the major rail lines-


Here is The Freeport Port Coal Power Facility and some power lines that serve the County-



That is all for know!!  Hope you enjoyed your stay, and hope to see you again!!!!

Cumberland County - Come and Make it yours!



The City of Weymouth, is located in the state of Maine in the USA. It forms part of Cumberland County district 3.

It was established in 1642 as a port from England for settlers to arrive and also to deliver goods. Since then the region has been known for its fishing, craft brewries, and Ship building.

Here Are some Pictures of Cumberland county to help you get feel for the region.




Grant Rapids & the Topsham Ave. Bridge(built 1836)


My next update will go more in depth into Cumberland County

Hope to see you next time!!


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