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Eagle Lake County

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About this City Journal

Eagle Lake County is a small region located in southern Missouri. There are two main roads crossing the county : I-48 and SR-121.

Entries in this City Journal


The beauty and calm of the region gave the idea to the Marriott hotel chain to open a new hotel in the area. They bought a large land on the shores of the lake and build a huge hotel. A new road was also created to access the hotel from the I-48. This new development brought new people in the county, who mostly work at the hotel. The county created commercial zones near the beaches, and the population quickly reached 534 citizens. A gas station was also opened on the new road.




As the county was expanding more and more, the Assembly decided to divide it in 9 equal zones. Citizens proposed ideas for the names of the new districts, and the Assembly voted for the best ones. Also, because of the population that was now over 1000, a new constitution was adopted by the citizens to make the Assembly more representative of the population. The county government is now a representative democracy, formed by a Council of councilors, and a mayor., with a proportional ratio of councilor per citizen (currently 1 for 100). There is 2 councilors from Wind Gulch and 9 from Eagle Lake. The North Wood Lumber Company also had a non-voting representative, because of their importance in the county. The councilors are elected by the citizens of their respective district. As the county develops, more councilors will be elected to the Assembly. There is currently no councilor from other districts. The mayor cannot normally vote in the Council, but if the vote is tight, he can vote. The mayor is elected by all the county's citizens.


A new power plant was also built by the County to supply power to the new residential developments in Eagle Lake district. It's a brand new geothermic plant which is very ecologic, because it doesn't emit any CO2 or toxic gazes. Plans to build power lines are currently discussed by the county Council, to carry power from Eagle Lake to other districts.


More pictures of Wind Gulch ...





Hi, this is my first city journal here. I've been playing SC4 for a few years now, but never tried to do a 'real' city like this. Hope you guys will like it !


This county is located in South Missouri. It's not a real county, but I plan to stay as close as the reality as I can, even if the town names and topography is my own creation. Still, the climate of the region will be the same as Southern Missouri.

Region Pictures



Brief Timeline of the county

  • 1823 : The region was first discovered by some explorers searching for gold. Although they tough the region was beautiful, they continued their recherches. After their passage, the area went uninhabited for more than fifty years.

  • 1877 : The North Wood Lumber Company started a small logging industry in the region, after having heard reports that there was a lot of good trees to cut there. When the first settlers arrived, on May 3rd 1877, their wagons were attacked by a very furious eagle. The bird seemed to be unhappy of the new settlement, but he soon leaved, flying over the lake. His name is rested, and the area was named Eagle Lake. Note that the place where the sawmill was built is now known as Wind Gulch.

  • 1883 : As the lumber industry was doing very well in Eagle Lake, a railroad was started to connect the sawmill to larger cities. The train helped a lot in the development of the area. The railroad was finished on August 8th 1890, and on this day, Eagle Lake county was founded. There was a population of 45 people, who all worked for the sawmill. The next years made the county prosper a lot, bringing the population to 78 people in 1900. 1896: The first store was opened that year (the exact date is unknown). It was a general store, which provided all sorts of goods and food to the citizens. But, there was no other industry than the sawmill. All the men worked there.

  • 1930 : The lumber factory was closed, due to the 1929 crash. Due to this closing, all the population left. The general store was also closed.

  • 1953 : After the war, the North Wood Lumber Company decided to re-open a sawmill in the region. After all, they owned the land (of the entire county), and the forest was a perfect place for logging. The railroad was modernized, and in 1954, the logging started. At the places where trees were cut, the Company replanted baby ones, to protect the forest against deforestation.

  • 1955 : A power plant (wind) and a water tower were build to supply the inhabitants and the factory. It replaced the gas generator that was making a lot of noise and requiring a lot of gas.

  • 1961 : With the national plan for Interstate highways, it was decided to make the new Interstate 48 through Eagle Lake County. The North Wood Lumber agreed to sell a parcel of terrain to the federal government at a very low price, because they though it would speed up the development of the county and help the logging. It was also planned to have an interchange near the sawmill.

  • 1972 : A rest area was opened on Interstate 48, on the interchange which is near the sawmill. A gas station and a McDonald's restaurant were opened in the rest area.

  • 1980 : The population of the Eagle Lake county passed over 100 inhabitants. New residential developments were built along the road going to the sawmill. Also, the North Wood Lumber Company decided to build a pool for their employees near Interstate 48. It was decided that the pool would be accessible only to the county citizens, because otherwise, a lot of drivers would have swum there, not letting place for the inhabitants.

  • 1981 : The first school of the county was opened near the sawmill. Kids were growing up, and there was no place in the area where they could study, so the Missouri Board of Education decided to build this school here. Also, an Assembly was formed by the citizens to rule over the Eagle Lake County. A meeting was organized every two weeks. The North Wood Lumber Company decided to give all the county land, except the area north of I-48, to the County. That was the only place where logging was possible. The residential area near the sawmill was also given to the county, including the water tower and the power plant. In exchange, the County agreed with the Company to sell them power and water to a very low price.

  • 1985 : The Missouri DOT decided to make State Road 121 in the county. They planned to make it pass west of the lake, because the terrain was much more plan than on the east side. The construction was started in 1986, and finished one year later. The road intersects Interstate 48 not far from the rest area and the sawmill. The new road helped the development of the county, because there was more drivers transiting by the area, stopping to eat and fill their tanks in the rest area. The gas station was also upgraded to serve more customers.

  • 1987 : A medical clinic was opened by Dr. Richard Grant, a young doctor from St-Louis.


  • 1991 : With now 173 citizens, the Eagle Lake County decided to have it's own police force. John Willis, a local citizen, was elected sheriff by the Assembly, and his office was built in the old train station. A firefighter station was also built on the other side of the road.

  • 1995 : Beaches were built on the lake shore. This place is really nice for swimming and fishing. A developer is planning to build a motel near the lake, to attract tourists in the area.


And here we are in 2000 !

A few other pictures ...


Rest station

The next update shoud be for tomorrow. All the comments will be welcomed !!! 48.gif

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