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Pershingham County

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Pershingham County was a nearly-abandoned section of its state, Ullasi (pronounced uh-LAH-shee) as recently as the 1890s. In the year 1900, a rail line connecting Mangiana and Calbara was...

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In the last few years, multiple sections of Perseus and Ceres townships were opened for settlement.  Unfortunately, farmers were encouraged to buy silos to store surplus grain against the next bad harvest, in which case they could sell it at a premium.  Nobody wanted to be the one farmer with nothing to sell during that bad year. 


The bumper crops of 1911 and 1912 overwhelmed even these silos.  The year 1913 showed every sign of bringing more bumper crops and the prospect of the disgorgement of silos across the state.  By May, the growth of industry made the silos' metal worth more than the grain inside.  The silos were torn down and their land sold to developers. 


The county paved the old trail from Minerva to Conrad while the new railway connecting Sarum and Culleten routed itself through Minerva, Liverpool and Aix.  Together with the Magiana Line, all towns now are connected by rail, if indirectly. 


In other news, the state has demanded that Pershingham County, at long last, declare its seat, that is, where the county courthouse will be located.  The people of Aix thought that it would be named county seat by virtue of spending a quarter century as the only settlement in the county.  The people of Minerva believe, with the state, that it should go to the largest town.  The state is constrained from naming Minerva since even at its size, it is too small to maintain a courthouse properly. 


Pershingham County, in the country of Mennina and the state of Ullasi, is the least developed section of the state as the 19th Century gives way to the 20th.  The blame for this goes partly to the nation of Mennina after the War of 1837, but mostly to Major General Ferinan Markelly and his descendents.  Having sunk the treasury into the War, Mennina gave its officers tracts of land annexed from Piluncz in place of a pension.  The officers, for their part, staged a coup d'etat in 1838 against the Burowois monarchy and followed it with an "exchange of populations" that today would be called ethnic cleansing. 

In the post-coup economic panic of 1844, Markelly bought out many of his junior comrades in arms as a "favor", at 30 cents to the simoleon.  He then sat on the land, passing it on to his descendents.  In the worldwide Panic of 1873 his son sold a few hectares to a religious society from France where the hamlet of Aix is currently located.  

Piluncz bade its time and developed a constitutional monarchy amidst 40 years of relative isolation and poverty.  Young men seeking more expansive prospects than the plow and the pickaxe provided served as mercenaries in Europe's periodic bloodlettings.  They came back when central Europe's carnage moved southeastward where there were no lack of combatants and grudges. 

For some reason, military governments tend to lose wars.  With the return of the mercenaries came the Continental disease of terra irredenta.  If Great Britain could lay claims on Normandy, certainly Pilucz's claims on Magiana and points north were eminently reasonable.  So they invaded Mennina in 1876, grabbing almost all of Mennina north of Magiana.  After a humiliating and expensive peace treaty, the generals were hounded out of office by what some historians call a mob and others call a patriotic revolution.  The new government "bought" a north-south strip of land for a railway between Magianna and the south;  the people of Aix lured the government into purchaing the ribbon going through their town by building a railway north and south through their town.

The state of Ullasi levied property taxes while the nation levied inheritance taxes, and suddenly Pershingham County turned into a vehicle for the Markelly family's ruin unless they got rid of large tracts.  Most of the county's land is now up for sale, at reasonable prices. 

Pershingham County


Pershingham County, Ullasi State, Mennina


Just a warning:  this City Journal will probably be weak in eye candy.  If you enjoy it, I'll be pleasantly surprised but I'm sort of writing this as half-blog, half-thesis. 



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