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A Cities: Skylines Master Planned Community

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Growing Pains


As expected, I had to try pretty hard to resist the temptation to play hard for the first few hours and steamroll through the early stages of the game. I had a lot of fun just watching my city grow though, and thinking about how I would post this entry - trying to tell some of the stories along the way. This entry covers about 2.5 hours of playtime.


I love the blank slate the best. I seem to enjoy the thoughts of what I might build as much as the actual act of building something. There is a lot of opportunity here (another great city name) and potential for a pretty nice outskirts of what will eventually be a major city.


The first residents of Expectations were pretty excited to move into their new town. The land is beautiful and with the highway not far, Expectations is a town with an amazing amount of potential! It wasn't long before the town was quickly growing and its needs grew. A coal power plant was built because even though wind power is a great idea - its not very practical for a quickly growing city. I've promised the residents to do away with it as soon as it is possible and replace it with cleaner energy. The first basketball nets and schools officially signaled that the town was ready for families.




It wasn't long before our 1000th resident moved into Expectations. Honestly, we aren't sure Mr. Wilson knew he was lucky number 1000. When the Expectations Welcoming Committee arrived on his doorstep with balloons and his complimentary bison meat gift pack, he was a little taken aback. After accepting his bison meat and balloons, he promptly told everyone to get off his lawn and went back to his Cheers marathon watching.


In the end, Expectations has grown exceptionally well. It is a nice cozy town with all the safety and amenities one needs to live and thrive. Who knows what the future holds, but Expectations are on the rise!







I am a long time SimCity and city building game player. I've tried and failed a few times to write city journals in the past. I am a great admirer of those who put their work out there in this community and inspire me and others to take their city building to the next level. With the release of Cities: Skylines, I thought I would give the CJ writing another crack. I feel like it is the only way I can get better. I'd like to introduce to you the community of Expectations. My names for cities have developed over years of the ebb and flow of city building game releases. All my initial cities start out with positive names. If I make more City Journals you will see names like Anticipation, Excitement, Happiness. City building games are my happy place so I love naming the cities to reflect that.

As far as feedback goes, I would LOVE feedback as it relates to making a city look more realistic. One of the things I feel awesome city builders do is use the game like a canvas and they are painters. A great city builder is a master-craftsman; spending hours on a small part of their city just to make it perfect. I'd like to be able to do that. This city will be 100% mod-free. I've been playing with plenty of mods so far, including all unlocks and all tiles. This city is going for achievements, which I will post as well in my City Journal as a journey to getting them all. Here is where I stand on the first day of Expectations, As you can see, there is not much there! We have a pretty clean, exciting slate to work with:


Expectations will have humble beginnings but as its Mayor, I dream big. As an educator myself, I envision a glorious University of Expectations in the future. I see a robust economy and great buildings with an active and happy populace. But for now, we begin from nothing. Beautiful, but nothing nonetheless. Its like a never ending sea of potential - for greatness or the inevitable restart I suppose! I am going to have to force myself to move slow and steady. I tend to steamroll through my cities but I want to take my time and do things right. Hopefully with some help from you. Lets begin.




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