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About this City Journal

Iona is a medium sized city in the UK situated near the Welsh boarder and Liverpool. Its origins started from a crossing in the river used by monks which developed into a rich farming...

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Farming had been the fuel which started the beginnings of the great city of Iona, a series of bumper harvests made a small collection of farms develop into a small hamlet which grew and grew. This new wealth enabled the investment and development in to early industry and the development of new systems of making agriculture more efficient. Iona became known for its high quality wool and linen goods, which were sold all over Europe.

Iona`s farming today has become highly productive in beef and pork production aswell as lamb. Cereals and other crops also thrive in the rich soil. Bio fuels have started to influence the landscape with oilseed rape and other colourful crops. Sugerbeat remains a mainstay in the local farms providing a rich source of sugar.





Since the industrial revolution made cities like Liverpool and Manchester boom, Iona also benefited. While Liverpool built the largest brick building in the world in the form of the Stanley Dock warehouse as part of the burgeoning docks, Manchester grew rich on the back of cotton, and Iona took the best bits from both.

Factories and warehouses sprang up everywhere providing thousands of jobs, workers from all over the countryside flocked to the city to cash in.

Most of Ionas industry has moved with the times and has become highly efficient and high tech with modern building replacing the old Victorian structures. However if you look  in the right places you can still see great examples of Victorian industrial engineering.


ionaindustry2.jpg     ionaindustry3.jpg

Iona manufactures all nature of consumer products from tvs to hairspray, and with Uni Lever having its routes in nearby Port Sunlight, Iona has cashed in on the production of washing powder which is sold around the world.



Traditional industries still exsist in Iona, such as chemical, paint and heavy industry.

The city continues to reinvest in all of its industries to ensure the remain competitive on the global stage.


As Iona`s trade and agriculture boomed in the early 1700 to 1750 the city became rich. The wealthy merchants, gentlemen and workers needed homes. The old wooden tudor buildings had been raised to the ground and replaced and expanded on with elegant townhouses. These houses were decorated with carved stone, cast-irons railings and stucco finishes.



Local shops, providing all your needs


Victorian housing over looking one of Iona`s many parks. Perfect for a stroll with the dog on a Sunday



ionalowterraces.jpg      ionalowterraces2.jpg    ionalowterraces3.jpg 


These houses provided homes for the average Joe, and still do. These houses offer 3 bedrooms and 3 reception rooms with a small town garden at the rear.


And of course some residents of Iona went for the country estate option


By the early 1930s Iona went through yet another rapid period of growth. The docks were at peak output dealing with trade between Europe and America. Factories sprang up everywhere making items from Dunlop tyres to fridges. To cope with the new demands on housing many developers were encouraged to build new housing. Semi detached houses where built on many greenfield areas and old farms around the city and up in the Hanover Hills area. These new homes provided gardens, driveways and alittle more space from terraced houses in the dense areas close to the city centre.  This era loved closes and cul-de-sacs providing safe and quiet areas for families to thrive.....





Many 1930s new homes were enabled by an expanded rail network, so people could benefit from space and greenery but with quick journeys to work.



Homes were built in all sizes, including the odd pool.



This building is Canning Place on Canning Street, downtown Iona and was named so when it was highly fashionable to name streets after streets in Liverpool and London. The building next door is an infill building which replaced the previous Harley Buildings which had been destroyed by fire in 1924. The new building was constructed in the 80s and comprises of a large Sainsburys supermaket on the ground floor with appartments above.  


Downtown highrise appartments, from mid wealth to highwealth with citywide views.


These towers are at the heart of Ionas booming insurance industry, with the recently completed Lloyds Tower, which is occupied by a newly developed branch of Lloyds of London.

ionaneon.jpgIonas version of Piccadilly Circus, a building on the other side of the road is planned to have a new wrap around LCD screen to advertise Vodafone.


CIS has had a division of their financial services in Iona since 1978


HMV is one of the many shops and departments stores located downtown


The rise and rise of Tesco....


A billboard showing off one of Ionas hotties!


Sefton Drive joining one of Ionas larger squares - Victoria Square, occupied by fashionable bars, bistros, clubs and theatres











Starting with the banking district downtown...

Iona Banking
Iona has benefited from many international banks setting up office including HSBC.


Downtown Iona is a mix of architectural styles, heavily influenced by various styles through the past hundred years.


Iona Odeon cinema can be seen behind the Kings Hotel


A mixture of 70s and early 80s towers built during the bigbang, however many older buildings have been retained. The building in the centre is Gothic inspired and currently occupied as upmarket appartments.


More modern office towers interlaced with the old street pattern


French inspired and 1920s American architecture, its all in Iona



Natwest proposed this tower in the early 70s and faced huge opposition as it was the first highrise downtown. Natwest has since merged with RBS and moved to another tower. Its now occupied by multiple tenants enjoying views over one of Ionas many squares.


This junction when built was done in the German style to celebrate new trade links with Germanys Rhineland region


Allerton Drive, one of Ionas pretty Georgian terraced streets, occupied by well to do sims enjoying spacious living close to town

ionagreggs.jpg Greggs a well known bakers situated in a local shopping parade. Perfect for a pastie or cream cake!


One of Ionas many theatres offering a wide range of plays and musicals to packed out audiences.



Piccadilly Circus inspired advertising

So what do you think? this is my first CJ so dont be to hard on me!

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