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D.B. Cooper

Region name: coming soon. "Suggestions Welcome"


Map link:


The actual journal will begin with entry #2 but i want to show its growth first and explain why it looks the way it does now. Unfortunately such a huge region requires a huge wall of text to explain so I apologize in advance but I did add a few pics if it helps. I didn’t want to bombard you guys with so much so fast but here goes…

My vision for this journal is to show a fully functioning region with big cities, suburbs, and small towns from the start while still resembling the original game but on a much larger scale. If this were a paint job I would consider this stage to be the primer before the paint. Once the region is large enough I want to wipe my mind clean of any care I had for the region and everything will be on the table for demolition…even entire downtown areas.

Who else freaked out when they saw the christmas snow the developers left us? I know I did!!!!


As I build I hope to show a transformation over time as the region is built out and remodeled with all the wonderful mods offered by the community. My main focus though will be the region growth and not so much on the cities themselves but I will strive for as much realism as possible given that the scale of the buildings vs the map, restricts city layouts greatly.

Basically I'm going to be building this thing twice. Imagine a downtown with simple avenues getting upgraded with the newer road systems available. Entire blocks will be redone allowing room for the newer and wider road and transit systems. I always keep in mind that everything I build will be upgraded or demolished to make room for the new. I feel this reflects real life pretty well as cities over time have changed drastically going from plain Jane to masterpieces over time.


Our plan for the region is to lay a footprint for each city using mostly what maxis provides us out of the box. I want to build a functional region first, focusing only on the Nam’s capabilities and how much further people are willing to commute to work. Against my advisers daily warnings I want to spread each city out as much as possible using the stock streets and roads before building upwards.


The original road layouts and neighborhoods will look outdated and a lot of them will be replaced. We could cut an entire residential area in half with a modern highway system forcing the area to transform around the new infrastructure effectively moving downtown areas which happened all over the country when our real highway system was authorized in 1956 and completed 35 years later.



I have to use modded civic buildings to achieve such spread which is the only reason I'm even using them this early. Really the only mods being utilized right now is The Nam, civic buildings and a different water texture “to make the region view look better”. This is all for function as that’s my only priority right now. Once the region gets to the point of being a functional country I’m going to essentially start over with what I have and grow the region from there adding mods as I go. That will be the beginning of my mayor journal.



I have a great amount of respect for everyone here that makes these beautiful cities with all the amazing mods available. They are truly artwork. I consider myself more of an engineer than an artist though but will do my best to make things look as good as possible given the amount of time it takes just to speed build a single maxis road from coast to coast. It took months just to get a road across this map as I refuse to build roads without zones along them plus I either use a single or triple spacing between each zone at the beginning which takes even longer as I’m not just dragging out huge lines of zones. My focus from the beginning has always been sheer size and scale of the region along with function.

LA will be in the valley, but I didnt want to ruin the mountains trying to build a city there. The scale isnt right and LA must be huge.


It’s a very difficult process for me to balance growth vs looking good as I want everything to look good while its being built but must sacrifice looks for speed with so much ground to cover. There are 58 large city tiles along my original route across the country. This is from Maine down the east coast to Miami, then along the gulf coast to the Mexican border. From there it follows the Mexican border “somewhat” and connects LA then stretches up the west coast to the Canadian border. Every residential zone is either single or triple spaced apart and is only 1x2 in most cases. Commercial and industrial zones are only 2x2 and are spread out unless its at a crossroads.



I do have a lot of CAM enabled lots installed but they wont appear until demand calls for them. I’m not plopping anything at this stage unless it must be plopped, like landmarks, civic, utilities, transportation and things like that. The great demand for jobs has caused a few Cam industrial lots to appear already though. I thought about using different trees and terrain mods but didn’t want to change to much to soon. I'm not sure if it would be safe to start using a tree controller or slope and terrain mod at this point but if you guys think it possible and not to time consuming or risky I’m open to it. I kind of like the maxis trees while building nothing but low density but I will want to add the nicer ones once the transformation begins. Merging stock vs modded will be interesting and may not come out the best but I'm going to try.


oops...wrong decade

To be honest with everyone I started this region as my own personal revolt to the new restrictive map sizes in the new version. I thought, lets see just how big of a region we can make using SimCity 4 and once it started growing I thought I would try and show everyone its progress. Oh and the pics im using on this thread are just random pics I have out of over 800 now in my steam library. Im just throwing them out there in no real order just as a preview of the region as it grows. Thank you for the advise everyone. Please keep it coming as I have a lot to learn about using all the mods I have installed.

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