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Hi everyone! I'm starting a new and my first city journal on my not so new region. I created this save just a few weeks ago at the start of this month. I use a lot of mods in this, including NAM and CAM. This journal is here so I could show people my progress and get feedback from my fellow players. This first entry will be about introducing Jacksonville and its districts. So, here it goes!



Jacksonville is currently the only big city in the region. There are three other regions but none of them are as developed. The city sits right on a river with the residential, commercial and civic center on the south side and the industrial, agricultural and the airport on the north side with three bridges and a tunnel connecting the two sides.


The Lowerland residential district is made up of medium density residential areas, mixed in with some low density commercial areas to the west of downtown. The district is home to many parks and green spaces and has an elevated rail running through its northern side which makes travel to the central business district easy. The district is also home to the Jacksonville State University and a rail line that connects the city to the rest of the region.


Another residential zone in the city is the Riverside District. Just like the Lowerland District, it is made up medium density residential zones with a smaller amount of commercial zones spread about. The district is a thin stretch of land sandwiched between the civic center and the river. Commute time here is short especially because of the close proximity of downtown Jacksonville.


The Jacksonville Civic center is located just outside the Central Business District and contains City hall, Jacksonville Central Park, the Police Headquarters, the Justice Hall, the Jacksonville Stock Exchange, The Jacksonville Central Library and Museum, The Jacksonville Community College, and the Jacksonville Advanced Research Center. It is where the Sims can take care of their legal affairs then take a relaxing walk in the park.


The Jacksonville Central Business District is home to the region's largest companies. It is located between the Civic Center and the Highway the cuts across the middle of the city. It is made up entirely of high density commercial zones and parks. The elevated rail station at the heart of the district, the sunken rail station in the nearby Highro district and the highway to its south make the district easily accessible by multiple means of transport.


The Highro Residential District is made up of High density residential zones with a mix of medium density commercial lots. The district sports a large park in the middle where its residents can spend time to relax. The district's proximity to the Central business district makes it the ideal home for wealthy businessmen who need to get to work on time. The district also has a rail station and a highway, making it easy to get to.


The Lower Highro District is a high density residential area, mostly composed of low wealth tenements and a small bit of high wealth buildings due to the neighboring Highro District to the north. Just like its sister district, Lower Highro sports a park in the middle of it and a sunken rail station to its east.


The Railborough District is located east of Riverside and north of Highro. It is composed of two sections separated by the rail line, the residential side and the commercial side. The district is where the rail line crosses the river into the industrial side.


The Industrial Park used to be made up of High-Tech Industries but now its a haven of pollution. Even the rows of parks and trees between each block couldn't stop the spread of the smog. Aside from the many industrial buildings in the district, It is home to the City's many power plants that provide electricity to Jacksonville. A Subway line running by the river allow easy travelling around the district.


The Hampoon District is Currently the southernmost developed area of Jacksonville. It is composed of Medium density Commercial and Residential Zones just like the Riverside District and the Lowerland District. The District is home to many large Parks spread around its area and is also home to The Jacksonville Cultural Center. It is bordered by the sunken rail line to the south and the highway to the north which makes travel to and from the district a breeze.

That concludes my first journal entry on Jacksonville. There are more districts in Jacksonville but those ones are not finished yet so I won't be showing them until the next entry about this city. I hope you liked it and if you have any suggestions on what I could do or any tips on how to make Jacksonville even better, just leave a comment below. Byeee! :D

Credits to the mod makers and the people who created BAT's I love them for making Simcity 4 a much better game. :)

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