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After a long time away from managing the Kingdom knowing new empires and the world around Liebe King Guilherme returns to the capital. 

In his visits he met new technologies and initiated the deployment of numerous advances in the cities of the Kingdom. Starting with the Alanary River. The city excelled in the business growth and numerous scratch-sky appeared in the city. The famous of the Kingdom changed their residences to the richest and most sophisticated neighbourhood of the Kingdom, the Red Slab.


                                                                    View of Red Slab neighbourhood.


                                              View of Imperial Block


To meet the demand of new residents the industry needed to grow. The new port was built on the banks of the Alanary River.


                                                                      View of Port Area in Southest of city

To lessen the impact of the rapids of the river ports of the city was built the first breakwater.


                                                               View of breakwater RedCape

With the maturing of the business in the region was built in the city to the Alanary River.


There was a large growth in the provision of services and raw materials. Major business centers began to be built.  15 years later the town was with other horizons and reached the mark of 220 thousand inhabitants.







The first major Scratch-sky were built next to the airport and the green line of the VTL.




Want to live in a big city and harmonious? Come to Alanary River. River City.


See you again.



Alanary River City

After a while without updates, the Kingdom back to thrive.

A new city was founded to the West of the capital of the Kingdom. Alanary River City was built originally to house the new industries. Quickly hit a rapid economic development and population.


View of Industrial Zone


View of Residencial Zone

A church was built for the worship of a local God.



With the expansion of the city the city ushered in the municipal market.

Alanary-Jan.%2B13%2C%2B151428874714.pngView of Municipal Market Place

Next to the market and the Church was erected the new town hall.



Apart from the Centre was built the official residence of the Mayor.


With the high industrial production was necessary to build a port to export the products produced for other cities. Along with the Harbor was constructed naval base of Alanary River.


Alanary-May.%2B13%2C%2B111427576617.pngView of Alanary River City in your 11º birthday.

With the growth of the city new zones were created and one of them was the coastal zone.


View of Coastal Zone.


View of development of Coastal Zone.

See you again.



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With the beginning of the reign of Guilherme Cortez the Kingdom entered the phase of modernization and expansion. In many cities the population growth boosted the development of Commerce and industry.

In Strom the population reached the incredible 100 thousand inhabitants. Numerous scratch-sky were built on tight city through the hills to the North and by the Alanary River to the South.


View of Strom.


View of Strom


View of new church in Strom.

The imperial city Liebe the construction of the first solar power plant for energy generation and implementation of subway lines and commuter rail leveraged the population increase. The city of 50 000 inhabitants for the 70 thousand.


View of frist solar power plant.

Liebe-Sep.%2B9%2C%2B501426289075.png View of subway lines and metropolitan trains.


View of new residences in Liebe.


View of LG Headquarters in Liebe.


View of Liebe


View of new high-tech industries in Liebe.

With the demand of new jobs because of accelerated population growth was built a new industrial centre west of Strom. Alanary Industrial Center was inaugurated by the King on the morning of the first day of the autumn of the year 87 of the Kingdom.


View of Alanary Industrial Center

And so is the territorial limits of the Kingdom in the year 87.


View of Liebe Kingdom and in south the border wall line.

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The 75-year reign the King Nivaldo Cortez finally passed the throne to his eldest son Guilherme Cortez. A young Prince of 35 years was a Kingdom with an important mission: rescue the glory and the development after years of war and the loss of the southern territory.

The capital of the Kingdom was no physical space for new expansions. Then the nearest town to receive investments was Strom. The city received heavy investments in infrastructure to receive new ventures.


Power outages in the town of Forest Town. The demand was above the production capacity.

Their demand for energy has grown exponentially in recent years, forcing the Government to seek larger sources of production. With the advent of radioactive technology was built the first nuclear reactor of the Kingdom in the city of Florest Town. The choice was the proximity to abundant sources of water for cooling. In addition to being nearby the two largest cities in the Kingdom. The plant took 10 years to be built.

Florest%2BTown-Sep.%2B8%2C%2B081425002390.png Nuclear power plant in activity near the river Alanary in the city of Forest Town.

With the inauguration of the new nuclear power plant the economy received a new impetus. New commercial and residential developments began to be built in Strom.

Strom-May.%2B1%2C%2B471424991786.png It was built in the commercial center of Strom Center Square.

The first high-density residential buildings began to be built.



View of industrial high-tech zone.


A variety of scratch-sky were built in the city.

With the increase in population the city of Strom reached the mark of 70 thousand inhabitants. With this demand a TV broadcaster has established itself in the city.


View of Imperial TV of Liebe.

Following the program of investment in infrastructure, the Government quietly initiated the construction of the lines: yellow and green of the subway.


View of Subway Lines.

A new church was opened in the city. Built for devotees of Senhor do Bomfim.



View of Strom.


King's square. Night view.

With the economic development of the city. The Mayor William held a big fireworks display.


Fireworks Party at night.

With the energy production of the new nuclear power plant, the Kingdom reaches a level to offer foreign market power. Interested countries send their offers.

See you again.



Mymujp: Yes! My friend. The fight is over ! Finally. Now we have 2 countries in region.


Following the premises of the peace treaty. Was built the border checkpoint to 500 km south of the town of Liebe and 500 km north of the town of Fowler.


View of border checkpoint.


View of border checkpoint.


View of border checkpoint.

With the payment of compensation by the enemies King Nivaldo Cortez began the construction of a new city calling Krug to Strom.

The city of Forest Town was born.


View of Florest Town.


View of agricultural zone.


View of agricultural zone.


View of residential zone.

To commemorate the 70-year reign was built a Bronze Statue of King Nivaldo Cortez.


View of Bronze Statue of Nivaldo Cortez King.


View of the Florest Town.


Royal Air Force performing military exercises in Strom.

See you again.


The 70 anniversary of the Kingdom Liebe King Nivaldo Cortez reached old age. The war had split the country in half and killed thousands of young men in battle.

In the desire to see the Kingdom blossom again he sent a Messenger to the enemy's frontier.

"I King Nivaldo Cortez offer a peace treaty between our kingdoms and may the gods bless us".

Amazed at the situation the King Octavian II sent the reply accepting the end of the conflict to more than 10 years.

The main terms of the Treaty were:

- Creation of the imaginary line separating the two kingdoms. Counted 500 km south of the Liebe City and 500 km north of the town of Fowler controlled by his enemies.

- This line should be erected a checkpoint.

- The borders would be opened again allowing free trade between the kingdoms.

- The Kings are rulers in their territories.

- And the Dhunfy Kingdom would pay for the Kingdom Liebe the amount of 800 thousand tons of gold. To cope with the damage of the construction of cities that were captured.


In several cities there was celebration.


Celebration in Strom


Celebration in Blusly

Come with us to celebration peace!


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1131989: The population is grateful for the investment in new condominiums in the city is made for you!


8 years after the invasion of the troops of King Octavian II. The archipelago of Blusly with its two main islands have been subjected to a heavy investment for improving infrastructure and urban sprawl. Its population reached the level of 20 thousand residents squeezed into a small piece of land.

With the increase in population the roads were reaching the limit of operation. Major traffic jams were everywhere downtown. The 4 bridges that connected the Islands were overloaded. Due to little space for new works or highway duplication the Government decided to innovate and invest a little more in the construction of the first subway line.


View of Subway lines

Have been 5 years for completion of the first subway lines. Parallel to its construction new zones were created close to the stations. What you saw was the exponential increase of new buildings and skyscrapers before appearing in the city. The 14 years of the invasion the lines were ready and the population reached the incredible 40 thousand residents squeezed into small pieces of land. The available space on the island was reduced to almost zero making the prices per square metre as rocket firing.


View of Green Island with new Condos in North next to the stadium funded by foreign investor "1131989".

The population of Blusly thanks to investor 1131989 by construction of new large condos in the city.

With the increase in population has caused the industry to increase its production. However the limited physical space has made the local government using a grounding technique to increase the industrial zone.


View of Industrial zone in north / Commercial zone in downtown / Turist zone in south.


View of Blue Island in West.

Along with the programme of new squares and parks for entertainment of the population that is occurring in Fowler. The Government deployed also in leveraged by tourism Blusly on the Islands.


View of Soccer Staduim.


View of Market Place Center.


View of Blusly Archipelago.


View of South Liebe Kingdom under occupation.

See you again.



Mymyjp: Not is over Mymyjp! There was only an unofficial truce. The Kingdom is still broken in half. The North remains belonging to King Nivaldo. And the South that was captured by the enemy King Octavian II. Let's see how far this truce will last ...

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With 3 years under enemy control the small archipelago of Blusly received high investments for modernisation and urban sprawl. The main island was taken by new residences. The Government of King Octavian II started the settlement of the second island of the archipelago.


The population was of 2 thousand inhabitants now reached the 11 thousand. New residential zones were created in several parts of the island. To improve the flow several streets were paved with asphalt. A new commercial district was created on a small island in the Center. There was also built the Array Church of Blusly built to worship the goddess of the waters in accordance with local culture. His name was Iemanjá.


Iemanjá Church



New residential area in the Green Island of the Archipelago.


Overview of the center of the archipelago.


Overview of occupied cities in the South.

Now a small update on Fowler. City which became with the enemy occupation and flourished becoming the capital of the province captured.

Encouraging foreign immigration, the Regent of the city began the construction of several small and medium-sized condominiums to house the new residents.


In the photo the aerial view of the RedParker condominiums in Central Fowler.

Continuing with the program of construction of parks and places for entertainment of the population. Was built the nautical centre of Fowler.


Fowler Nautical Center

With the demand for services and workers was built in the countryside the municipal airstrip.


Municipal Airport.

And finally arrived in the city a franchise of a famous restaurant.


See you again...


After 10 months the main battle in the South the city of Fowler was the first to get back to everyday normality. The invaders were confident that wouldn't miss the conquered cities because of the distance to the enemy capital.

In order to develop the new cities incorporated into his Kingdom. The King Octavian II initiated a project of expansion and development in the southern cities. Starting with Fowler who received an agricultural belt in the center of its territory.

In addition to ensure the supply of energy for the expansion was built the new geothermal power plant taking advantage of the warm waters from the depths of Fowler.


View of Agricultural belt and new power plant.

To ensure labor for the new farms in the agricultural belt was built a new settlement near housing.


View of new settlement.

The new Government encouraged the coming of industries for the city with the industrial tax reduction.


View of industrial zone.

For the entertainment of the population were built new squares and places to rest.


View of Coastal zone and the new Discovery Square.

In the commercial center of the city is being erected the first cinema complex.


View of CineDom Multiplex Center.

With the economic development of the city's first skyscraper was built.


View of Skyscraper in Fowler.


View of Fowler City Center.

Fowler-May.%2B4%2C%2B301423181029.pngNew Agricultural Zone.

The population of Fowler has become accustomed to the new Government. Even with the national sentiment before the Kingdom Liebe they have learned to live with the new Regent.

See you again..


The invasion of King Octavian II seeking revenge resulted in the destruction of numerous structures and the worst loss for the Kingdom Liebe were the southern cities: Stadt Fowler and Blusly that have been chapters by the enemy. Leaving now the North to defend the Kingdom Liebe.


View of South zone under enemy control.

The city of Krug who was bombarding Royal Army was saved by destroying all enemy forces.

A border south of the capital was built. Border that heavily protected with a military base in constant lookout. The trade routes were suspended with the southern cities. And the real highway was under constant air monitoring.


View of North Zone under Royal Control.

The cities captured by the enemy defensive constructions and monitoring received. Important areas such as airport and port industrial zone received watchtowers.


View of Airport zone in Stadt.


View of Port zone in Stadt.


View of commercial zone in Stadt.


Wall built at the entrance of the environmental reserve and military base captured in Fowler.

The majority of the southern population managed to flee northward. The remainder left still live in cities captured and controlled by the enemy.

... Continues..

See you again..


-- WAR --

With the unexpected invasion by troops of King Octavian II in the cities of Krug Stadt Blusly and Fowler. The King Nivaldo decreed State of siege (War). All production of goods industries have been transformed to produce tanks, planes and warships as well as weapons and ammunition.

The northern cities near the Capital were protected from air strikes. Air battery system were built to the outskirts of the capital and the Royal Palace.


View of Palace in Liebe City.


Zoom in Air Battery System.


View of Air Battery System in neighborhood.


View of Royal Air Base in Strom.

The military Base of the 1st royal army battle group prepares the divisions to offset for the town of Krug that is being attacked.


View of 14º Regiment.


View of 7º Mechanized Cavalry.

Military convoy leaving for Krug.


View of Military Convoy.

Southern cities have not had the same luck. The bombers carried out by the naval and air enemy grouping destroyed with the main defensive structures.

Stadt-Jan.%2B18%2C%2B091422570699.pngView of bombing in the port industrial zone of Stadt.

Bombing in the Airport District of Stadt.

Stadt-Jan.%2B18%2C%2B091422570607.pngView of Bombing airport area.

The area was bombed on Fowler to small military base located near the environmental reserve in the North.


View of bombing North Area.

And finally the city most devastated so far was Krug North Owner of rich gold mines. The enemy artillery are bombarding the city region mostly industrial area.


View of Industrial Zone in Krug.


After the first bombing the fire took care of the western part of the city.

... Continues...

See you again...


The Kingdom completed 60 years of Foundation. Growing and thriving in all directions. Enlarging its borders which has already reached the mark of 1800km² of land area. His old neighbor city of Dhunfy was located to the East in 400 km away from the Capital Liebe. The territorial Friction was slowly consuming the diplomacy of two kingdoms some years ago. Until the mid-58 when King Octavian II broke off communications with our Kingdom and canceled the trade treaties that still existed. Luckily, the basis of our power plants no longer depended on the coal from them.

Since the construction of the free fair in the capital and in the cities of the interior that the merchants no longer sell or buy commodities fairs of the neighboring Kingdom.

With the reduction in tax collection and the dissatisfaction of the merchants of Dhunfy King Octavian II was forced to take drastic measures. Since the 20 years of the Foundation of Liebe when there was the suspension of purchases and sales in the markets of Dhunfy King Octavian II began organizing his army to destroy the free fairs of Liebe.

On a beautiful autumn morning with the sunrise in the green hills east of Krug you hear a deafening ROAR! BOOOOM! And again ... Boooom! And so it was on a relentless battery of 5 minutes waking the sleepy city. King Octavian II started the war.

The rain of bombs of the enemy Gunners rushing into the city on fire and destruction.



To the South in Stadt the Enemy Navy moves up the coast of the Blusly archipelago.


The three cities of the coast: Stadt, Blusly and Fowler were shelled by airstrikes. In response the Navy of the Kingdom which has a naval base in Stadt began a counterattack.


Enemy airstrike


View of Stadt under attack.

To the North the cavalry mechanized enemy prepares to invade Krug who is suffering heavy artillery bombardment.


3º Mechanized Cavalry Battalion.

... Continues...

See you again...



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The need for new energy sources to meet the demand of the population and industries led to construction of more new hydro-power plant in the region neighboring the Stadt known as Fowler. A mountainous region and that has a river that descends from the hills of Pedra Alta forming beautiful waterfalls and is in favour of the construction of a hydroelectric power plant.

In the surroundings of the power plant was created a protected nature reserve by the army in order to preserve the vegetation and animals and especially the plant.


View of Pond and Pedra Alta hydroelectric power plant in environmental reserve North.


View of Prazeres WaterFall in environmental reserve North.


View of small military base.

The Pedra Alta river empties into the South Sea on the beautiful waterfall of Guigó.


View of Guigó WaterFall in South Sea.

To facilitate locomotion and the functioning of the military base and the power plant was built a settlement in central Fowler.


View of Residential Zone.


View of Village of Fowler.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Small update of Stadt:

With the growth in the metropolitan area of Stadt and the city itself was built the port area and the southern military base.


View of Port Area in South.


Ship being loaded for export.


View of Navy Military Base in South.

The Royal Government initiated the construction of the highway in order to connect the two major cities of the Kingdom: the capital and the southern city of Stadt.


Royal Highway - 01 - Liebe to Stadt Connection


View of Metropolitan Region of Stadt and Highway line.

See you again.


Foundation of Blusly


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Part of the grandiose expansion project in the southern region of the Kingdom, Guilherme starts the allotment in the islands of the Archipelago of Blusly. One way of ensuring the sovereignty in the South Sea.


View of South Sea - Stadt and Archipelago Blusly.

Its construction took about 5 years to receive the first residents. The city was built with the military and economic purpose. On the main island was erected the building to house the inhabitants and trades.


View of Blusly - Blue Beach Island


View of Blue Lagoon Blending

To attract more tourists to the archipelago was erected the Tourist zone 1. In this area were built marinas and ferry station to receive visitors from nearby Stadt.


View of Royal Marina


View of Tourist Zone 1

To supplement the budget of the small island and the demand for some products in Stadt was built on a small island of the archipelago the industrial zone.


View of Industrial Zone

A communications antenna of 140 metres high was erected on the highest part of the island.


View of Liebe Communication Antenna

And to celebrate the inauguration of the city was planned a big party with right until the fireworks.


Welcome to Blusly! A charming island with its fauna and flora. We are waiting for you with open arms! Come On!

See you again!


Foundation of Stadt

The 40 years of Foundation of Kingdom Liebe the King's son who was Mayor of Krug decides to expand the territory. Heads to the South by the river Orion one of the tributaries of the Alanary River until it reaches the South Sea. Distant 2500 km from the Capital he founded the small town of Stadt.

The region that the city was built was chosen for strategic position: it was a triple bond (sea-lagoon-river). This city should be one of the entrance doors to the interior of the Kingdom from the sea.


View of Stadt - South Sea

Rural Neighborhood North of the city.


View of Rural Area

The city was built to be an example of imperial public administration. In its zoning there was the construction of well-wooded avenues and well-defined blocks and a modern system of transport which in stage 1 consisted of the municipal bus lines and the ferry connecting the two ends of the Pond Uzyron.


View of Coconut Trees Avenue

For the entertainment of the population was built the coastal zone in the South Sea.


View of Boa Viagem Beach

To meet the demand of electricity was built at the entrance of the canal that connects the South Sea the Uzyron Pond the first hydroelectric power plant of the Kingdom.


View of Kingdom Hydroeletric Power Plant.

Guilherme has created an ambitious project for power generation and distribution not only for the city but for the rest of the Kingdom. He wanted to take advantage of the strength of the tide and the river Orion to build new power plants hydroelectric power stations.

See you again..



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Happy New Year!!


The King Nivaldo Cortez wishes all its citizens a happy and prosperous new year and that this new year will bring new wealth and discoveries for the Kingdom.

The 40 years of the Foundation of the Kingdom to the small town of Strom in the metropolitan area of the capital was turning into a beautiful city. Its population with the expansion this decade could see the level of 28 thousand inhabitants.


View of Residential area in northeast and Royallium Casino Hotel branch.

With the increase in population and commercial growth was built the airfield of Strom.


View of airfield in North.

Creating zones for recreation and worship was built the parish church of Nosso Senhor do Bomfim.


Church of Nosso Senhor do Bomfim.

To facilitate the administration of the city was built the Town Hall.


View of Town Hall of Strom.

Following the new popular market model was erected in Strom the New free fair.


View of Free Fair.

Improving urban mobility was deployed the River route between the cities.


View of Marina Center.


View of ferry.

It was inaugurated the new radio of Strom.


View of Strom Radio.

Finally the aerial view of the city in 40 years of the Kingdom.


View of Strom.

And the aerial view of the metropolitan area of Liebe in 40 of the Kingdom.


View of Liebe Kingdom in 40 years of Foundation.

See you again..


With the increasing demand for fuel and energy, the King ordered the search of new energy sources. With the research, it was discovered natural gas reserves in the Bay formed by the Alanary River in the Capital.


View of Natural gas exploration zone and clean energy generation.

The increasing development of the capital's economy and region generated a demand for new residences. With that new zones were created in the North and Northwest of the capital.


View of Northwest Residential area.


View of North Residential area with Green Tram Line.

The high-tech industry installed in the region North of the city demand a highly qualified population. To help in this situation was built at Federal University of Liebe.


View of Federal University of Liebe.

The capital receives thousands of tourists from other cities in the Kingdom. A handicrafts shop was built in town.


View of Tourist Shop.

New recreation centers were built.


Inauguration of the Acqua Royallium Club.


Inauguration of the Hotel Liebe City Plaza - 5 stars.


Grand opening of the Liebe Stadium Center.


Grand opening of Blue Dolphin Beach Hotel.


Inauguration of the National Centre of Rock.


Inauguration of the Film Liebe Multiplex.

Daily life: Photo of the steam locomotive in the industrial region.


View of Locomotive.

Inauguration of the air Grouping of Fire Department.


Fire Department.

To facilitate transportation between the two cities in the Alanary River was built the sea by ferry.


View of Ferry.

The capital is already reaching maximum capacity expansion. The city is studying the technical feasibility for the vertical expansion with the construction of a modern mass transport system.

See you again.


32 years of the Kingdom Foundation and the population of the Capital reaches approximately 20 thousand inhabitants. New areas were being developed in various parts of the city. With the demand for new products, a commercial zone was located in the north of the Royal Palace. This zone was built with exclusive access for pedestrians using mass transportation.


View of Commercial area in North.

In the center, close to City College , the middle-class residential area was expanded.


View of Residential area.

With increasing population noble, was built the Hotel Golf Course Royallium.


Hotel Golf Course Royallium.

With the increased traffic of people between the districts of the capital, Customs posts at the frontiers were built.


View of South Border with a rail station.

To facilitate the movement of workers, goods and tourists between major cities, was expanded rail network to South Liebe.


View of Train stopped at the Rail Station.

The City Hall was built in order to facilitate and focus the city administration.


The City Hall

It was also inaugurated the Radio Communications Liebe.


Liebe Communications Radio.

There was a modernization of the public bus fleet.


The Modern Bus.

To keep up with demand for rural products, we built the new municipal market.


Rural Market.

Finally, work began on the construction of MRIMP ( Highway Network Inter Midsize ) to increase the flow of vehicles between the districts.


Start of construction of the MRIMP.

See you again...


Following the development of the rest of the Kingdom and the displacement of people from low income provinientes Capital , which along with prosperity, inflation was at an increasing rate. Since this need, Strom Mayor neighboring the capital city , has begun to expand new areas to welcome the new residents.


View of Residential area east.


View of Residential area west.


View of Residencial and Commercial area in North. In Zoom, Church of Our Lady of Conceição.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the United homage to the King was built.


Statue in Tribute to the King Nivaldo Cortez.

Look look the train, is emerging from behind the Blue Mountains , look at the train. Deployment of the rail network of the Kingdom. Connect: Krug - Liebe.


View of Central Train Station in Southeast of Strom.

The master plan of the city was thought at ease the vast plain of Rio Alanary. The city was being designed to have wide streets and well-defined neighborhoods. The objective was to facilitate its administration.

See you again...


The increased need for gold exploration in the city, Guilherme created the second residential allotment in the eastern part of the city.


With the increase in population in the city, Guilherme was forced to open more areas for food production. At the base of the mountain, it was zoned to new area for plantations. In the figure, a horse breeding and in another one of cows with milk production and its untapped.



And accompanying the development of the Kingdom, was also created the industrial zone around the gold mines and opened the first railway line to export the precious metal.


View of residential building lots


View of the west zone


See you again...


Royal City of Liebe

The 20 years of Foundation, with a population estimated at almost 16 thousand inhabitants, the city of Liebe prospered. Trade bloomed like flowers in spring, the high-tech industry was being deployed in the city. The pollutants already were installed in the area annexed to the South. The farms were pushed to the annexes to the East.


View of low-tech industrial zone in Liebe South


View of high-tech industrial zone in Liebe

The highway network of the town was being expanded to accommodate more inhabitants. New residential areas are being built at the ends of the administrative centre of the Kingdom, next to the Royal Palace. To increase sales of rural production, free fair was expanded and an exhibition centre was built on its proximity to increase the flow of foreigners.


View of Free Fair of Liebe


View of Exhibition Centre

A hotel chain built a hotel casino on the commercial region. There has been an increase in crimes leading to necessity of expansion of departments of law and order (police).


View of Royallium Casino Hotel

Wealth lives next door! Neighborhood of the Capital nobility.


View of Neighborhood

Wait new updates...

See you again...


Foundation of Krug

In the 23rd year of the Foundation of the Village Liebe, the son of the Regent, Guilherme, reached the 21 years of age. Wanting to demonstrate their skills to his father, headed East in search of an area for construction of a new city.

After 10 days of search, in encalces of the Marphes Mountain the son of Regent glimpsed by the local landscape and the discovery of gold in the region chooses the place, called him a Krug.


View of Marphes Mountain

The city started to be built in early spring, when the temperature was cooler between 14ºc and 3ºc. The King sent almost 3 thousand new residents between construction workers, bakers, artisans, doctors among others, everything that a city needs to function.


View of Krug with first inhabitants

Krug was built along the Ridges, excavation areas close to gold. Its population in the first year of Foundation reached 3 thousand inhabitants. Guilherme chose to control access to the village due to the exploitation of the mines, their fear was the city be invaded because of the riches in the depths of the mountain.


In the early autumn of the following year, the Village Liebe scored 16 thousand inhabitants and a new village was founded to the North of the Capital, the County of Strom. The construction of County Strom was successful, the demand for new residential areas were so, that open areas quickly were bought. New agricultural areas between the Capital and the urban region of Strom were built. On the North Bank of the river Alanary the village of County Strom in his first year of Foundation reached 5 000 inhabitants.

Strom-Mar.%2B22%2C%2B031418685298.jpg View of Strom.

The new village was built on a plain along the swollen Alanary River, an important River Road for transporting goods and people to other regions. Trade between the two cities was intense, the bridge linking the two banks of the River would be congested at certain times, which forced the Regent to build a secondary bridge. Traffic was redirected and every bridge to one of the senses.

In the winter of the same year, a storm hit the region, there were reports of several lightning falls, trees were uprooted by the force of the wind, the bridges that linked together Liebe and Strom were forbidden, Strom was isolated from the rest of the Kingdom. The fall of lightning sparked a number of fires in the vicinity of the Shire, a forest region. By the force of the wind, the fire spread to the northern and eastern areas of the city, residential areas. The locals struggled to extinguish the flames that have already reached the houses and trade, but the intensity of the fire did not cooperate. After almost 10 hours the combat fire was extinguished, but 40% of the buildings in the area were destroyed.

Temps.jpg Lightning falling in the Strom


Fires in the florest area


Fires reaching the houses in north of Strom

The injury off huge for the small town, the Capital needed to send a group of workers to help in the reconstruction of the destroyed. The displaced population was transferred to places made available by the city while their homes were rebuilt. In the same year, was opened in 3 cities fire battalion.

... Continues...


The Start - History

The Kingdom was founded by a nomadic family, who upon arriving in the region, fell in love with the stunning flora and fauna, besides the rich minerals, especially gold and diamonds. At the beginning, the main source of income and sustenance of the family was farming, many products were grown and the excess was sold in fairs free of City-States on the outskirts.

With the passage of time, profitability on sales of agricultural products and the need to expand production to meet the demand that was increasingly growing, Cortez's family, started trashing land near the planting areas with interest that new families occupy and so could work in crops.

The exponential growth of rural production and the occupation in new zones on the outskirts of plantations began a golden time in the newly created village. People called the village of lettuce, road name given to first street built to cut the lettuce plantings. The family later Regent named officially the Village calling it City, free translation, Liebe city of love.


View of the Royal Palace.


View of the Kingdom.

Due to exponential growth, the village began to introduce some structural problems. The need to supply the population with clean water forced the Regent to begin construction of an archaic system of water distribution. Previously used buckets made of wood to capture water from the river and distributed by wagon in the houses. The new water distribution system would be made by a conduit alongside roadways, withdrawal directly from the river and walking through the main streets of the village.

However, the droppings were thrown on the street to be collected by cars with windshield wipers. With the new water distribution, the trash would infect and spread disease in the population. Seeing this need, the Regent ordered the excavation in all residences of a septic tank, nicknamed by the population of bottom hole.

The village completed 8 years of creation and its growth was inevitable, it was estimated a population of 6 000 inhabitants and a vast area of planting. Still, for rural farmers shift from production to commercialization was great. Liebe did not have a free and Fair producers and inhabitants had to move up to Dunfhy, the City-State closer to exchange goods.

This need forced the Regent to trashing the area for installing the Free Fair of Liebe. In the spring of that same year, where would be the fair was already ready.

In the first year of the free Fair Village Liebe few merchants set their tents to commercialize their products from various parts of the world, yet the locals liked the initiative and made purchases on the site, without the need of displacement to Dunfhy, distant in 400 miles.

The opening of the fair Free of Liebe encouraged the coming of many traders from other regions seeking new opportunities to increase their wealth, mansions have been appearing in some points of the village and new products were added to the market.

10 years have passed since the officialization of the Village, its economy and population only grew. The decline of trade of neighbouring Dunfhy raised by the creation of the Free Fair in Liebe generated dissatisfaction in the city merchants and especially of King Octavian II. Your city depended on the trade to raise funds and their budget was seriously hampered by the fall in sales. His other source of revenue was timber management, explored in the woods that originated the name of the city, forest Dunfhy. Occupying a huge area of the eastern region, the forest was too dense and had trees that were 30 feet high, many travelers who left the King Road were lost. Dunfhy gave the King Octavian II a natural protection to his Kingdom, which was built in their bellies. Only accessible by 4 King Roads, which leads the 4 parts of the Kingdom to the King's Castle in the Centre of the City-Fortress.

Built in the depths of the forest, the city-Fortress Dunfhy has been designed to withstand direct attacks and long periods of siege. With a large internal space for deposit of important features, its walls constructed with strong trunks trees and a 5 metre long base to receive the archers and facilitate the movement of troops, in addition to the watch towers at the ends.

In the fifteenth year of the village, the Regent began construction of the House Liebe, intended for local City Council meetings and population, a sort of town hall, since then the population has dubbed the Regent of Adviser.

In this same year, the city won a hospital, a primary school and a library. The children were encouraged to study with the first written law officially: "it is mandatory to access to school for all children up to 14 years". The function of the school, in addition to teaching reading and writing, was to develop the technical skills of children to occupy offices of work.

The economic growth of the Village has made hundred new families arrived from all regions looking for new opportunities, the city did not follow the rapid growth of population and some public services have begun to lose efficiency. Not all newcomers find jobs, leading to marginalization and increase in cases of burglary and robbery. Fair this achievement, the Director created the monitors of law and order, in addition to the construction of the Forum for the trial of cases, the accused typically had one hand amputated as a form of punishment.

The village had become a conglomerate of houses, markets, plantations and had very little useful space for new residential areas are appropriate. To avoid invasions or contaminations in crops were created new districts on the outskirts, a little further away from the village centre.

Liebe completed 20 years of Foundation, its estimated population was nearly 15 thousand inhabitants and a land area of 40 km². His fame as a city of gold was already widely known in the surroundings, this fame created a constant fear in the population of the small village, which had no army to defend only the garrison of the monitors of law and order.

In order to defend the city from possible attacks, the Regent began the construction of the Military Academy. A center that would gather and train men to war, in addition to the manufacture of weapons. Along with the Academy was created the center of studies for the development of new tools and weapons.

Every man between 16 and 34 years should join the army to receive training and equipment for a possible war. The village has equipped and trained an army of 6 000 men, but only outside kept a small contingent in readiness, the remainder was released to continue in their employment activities.

... Continues...

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