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About this City Journal

A New York-ish city I'm building in Cinema 4D.

Entries in this City Journal

Bye Tom

Sim City-like renders

A couple of new buildings have been finished since the last update.

What I'm really excited though, is to show you the renders I did in isometric, 2D-view. Much like how Sim City is rendered.




And a bonus one:


Bye Tom

So I just finished the first block! Sort of.

I guess I'll dwell into some more details at some point, but that's basically it.

Also, I've started working on the block next to it.


Well this is a parking lot. The previously "flying" buildings, which now have ground floors, are also visible:


And an overview on my very scattered attempts at new buildings.


Bye Tom

New Jensenburg

Being that this is the first entry, I thought I'd introduce the story and ideas behind this project.

The city is something I've been building since the summer, although I will admit; I've been very on and off the project.

The city is New York inspired in the sense of density and general feeling of the city, even though I'm sure my being European will shine through in some of the architecture.

Also, I'm not trying to emulate New York with the style of street lights, bus stops, roads and whatnot. It's not really supposed to be an alternative reality New York.

Furthermore, I'm not really into the whole storytelling thing, I just want to build a city I guess.

As for technicalities, I'm building and rendering this in Cinema 4D. If you're unfamiliar with the software it's comparable to 3ds Max.

Everything is modelled and textured from scratch by me, so bare in mind that things aren't really going to move along as quickly as they would in say, a SC4 project.

I've had a thread for this over at skyscrapercity if you wish to check out some old updates:

Skyscrapercity Thread

A Half year into the project...

As of now I'm on the verge of finishing the first block. I still have to do the ground floors, roof details and sidewalk props, but I'm nearing a bit of a milestone I guess.

So yeah, you might notice that some of the buildings are hovering; do not fear however.




And just because it was a nice shot; here's an old, outdated one:



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