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About this City Journal

The Lorentian Federation, the jewel of the Atlantic and the center of commerce.

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I would like to introduce my new city journal called the Lorentian Federation based off a previous work of mine.

In this entry their will be history, stats, etc.



Lorentian Federation, officially the United Republic of Lorenta is a Representative Democracy. Lorenta consists of 11 provinces and has a total land area of 98,065 sq mi (157,820 sq km). After the 2011 Census, the population of Lorenta was around 134,600,000. Atlantic City is the capital of the Lorentian Government.

Lorenta is comprised of 12 provinces (or districts) and a federal district, Atlantic City. The federal district is home to the federal government and ministry offices, as well as the Atlantic Commonwealth offices.


Discovery & Colonization

Around 1560, English explorer, Matthew Wellington asked the English Monarch to supply money and supplies to sail to the New World. When the request was granted, Wellington set out to find people who wanted to go to the New World, which wasn't hard to find. Within a matter of months he had three boats ready to leave for the voyage. On April 16th, 1561, Wellington set sail for the New World.

After problems on sea, Wellington ended up on an unknown island in the middle of the Atlantic in August 1561. Wellington knew that it wasn't the New World, but he decided to set up a colony as soon as possible. After months of work, Wellington had successfully set up a permanent colony, called Loren, after Wellington's mother (Loren Wellington). The colony grew and the next year after, ships begin to trade with the colony.

In the late 1580's and early 1590's trade between Europe and the New World increased. During that time, dozens of boats arrived with more people who wanted to live in the new colony. After a while the town turned into a small city and people needed room to farm. The need for room caused many people to move out further and smaller colonies began to pop up all across the island. The population of the island began to grow rapidly.

Growth and Prosperity

Around the beginning of the 15th Century, immigration (although it was very little) began to pick up. Trade and business also increased with the increase in population. The economy of Lorenta was taking shape.

In the early 1620's, the population was well over 900,000. Several cities, towns and villages were beginning to sprout up all over Lorenta, from the north to the south, east to west, a town was not far away. The major cities, Loren, Atlantic City, and Panem were over 90,000, and they continued to grow.

People in certain regions didn't agree with the others in the other regions. People became disgusted with one another and soon began to turn. After all of the prosperity and growth, politics emerged to help define the creation of two new nations from one island the size of Great Britain.

Creation of Two Nations

In the 1670's, people began to really express their opinions and thoughts about what should happen with the government on the island. One group believed that a new monarch, with no connection to England, would be the right decision. The other group believed that a elected-official government, where the power is held by the people, would be the correct decision and be the most effective.

The two groups disagreed so much that in the spring of 1701, the Holy Kingdom of Alantis was created. After the creation of Alantis, it promoted the other group to establish a government of their own. In the fall of 1701, the United Republic of the Atlantic was formed and the two groups had their own governments.

Although there were two governments, the only difference between the people was their type of government. The problems were only considered political. People got along and life pretty easily returned to normal.

In the 1710s, 20s, and 30s life was peaceful. The economy continued to grow, the governments were getting along and the people seemed happy. Immigration once again rose and the population reached around 4.5 million by the 1740s.

Republican Revolution

Beginning in the 1730s, Britain had problems with America. Several taxes were issued on the colonists only to benefit England's government, and merchants. The issues only got worse and by the end of the 1760s over 8 British Acts were imposed on the American colonists and tensions continued to rise.

By the beginning of the 1770s, the people of the two governments on the island saw what a monarchy could do and how the an absolute monarchy could ruin the lives of innocent citizens and people in a nation. People began to look at the resemblance of England's monarch to the monarch on the island and they took action.

In the early 1780s people began to want a republic because of the “success” of the thirteen colonies succeeding from Britain. The monarch of Atlantis was not willing to give up the power to people who wanted it. They wanted absolute power and anyone who would stand up to them would be killed, on the spot. This didn't sit well with the people of the two nations on the island and protests began all across the country. People were not happy with the monarch.

On September 16th, 1785 things took a turn for the worse. The Holy Kingdom of Atlantis began to send the Royal Troops out to arrest anyone protesting in the nation. Although it could have been done peacefully, it wasn't. Almost 200 people were shot dead and around 340 were injured or arrested. When the people heard of the shootings, the United Republic of the Atlantic took action. Armies were sent to Atlantis to help aid the uproar of distrust in the monarch. The Royal Family knew that the troops would turn around to run and they had to get out. Although the army from the United Republic of the Atlantic didn't want them to be killed, the rebels caught up with the Royal Family and killed each family member.

After the collapse of the monarchy in Atlantis, the United Republic of the Atlantic debated on whether to take over the land that was claimed by Atlantis, or to let the people set up their own government. The United Republic of the Atlantic officially voted on May 12, 1789 to unify the United Republic of the Atlantic and the former Atlantis into one, new government. The Reunification process began.

The Reunification – United Republic of Lorenta

After the vote in 1789, the United Republic of the Atlantic began the process of reunifying the land into one, new republican government.

To start, the United Republic of the Atlantic wanted to come up with a name that would help unify the people. They turned to the history of the land and they soon came up with a name. The government settled on the United Republic of Lorenta, which comes from Loren Wellington, the mother of explorer who discovered the land which the country is on.

With the new government taking shape the island began to become a unified group. In the late 1790's and early 1800's the government was officially a power and the two nations were finally united into one, republican government. The people expressed great satisfaction with the new government and peace was finally restored to the country.

After the early 1810's the country entered a new era of peace, growth and prosperity. The population increased to 19 million by the end of the 19th century.

20th Century Lorenta

Within the era of the industrial age, major corporations beginning to spring up, the Lorentian economy grew and immigration from all over Europe, Asia and Africa began to increase.

The industrial age gave Lorentian an edge in the world economy. Manufacturing was a big factor in the economy. People invested in Lorenta and it grew exponential with a few years. Within 50 years the population was over 58 million and continued to rise. With several problems all across Europe, Asia and Africa taking its toll.


Political Geography

The Lorentian Federation is divided up into 12 provinces and 1 federal district.


In the north, the temperatures are slightly lower than ones in the south. Precipitation levels are slightly higher and rain occurs more frequently.

In the south, temperatures are mild/warm throughout the year. Precipitation levels are lower than the ones in north.

The annual average temperatures for Lorenta are 11°C (51.8°F) as the low, and 23.8°C (74.84°F). The annual average precipitation for Lorenta is 154.58 mm (6.08 inches).

The warmest month(s) annually are July (Low: 15°C/59°F | High: 27°C/80.6°F) and August (Low: 15°C/59°F | High: 27°C/80.6°F)

The coolest month(s) annually are January (Low: 7°C/44.6°F | High: 21°C/69.8°F), Feburary (Low: 8°C/46.4°F | High: 21°C/69.8°F) and December (Low: 8°C/46.4°F | High: 21°C/69.8°F)


The United Republic of Lorenta is divided into three branches. Each branch has specific duties and tasks to accomplish to keep the country running. The branches are responsible for keeping the balance of power and making sure nobody breaks the Lorentian Constitution. The three branches listed in the Constitution are, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. Below is a more in-depth look at each of the branches.


The executive branch, or the presidential branch consists of the president, the president's cabinet, vice president, vice president's cabinet, the seven ministries and advisers. The executive branch is located at the Presidential Manson, 1 Freedom Drive in Atlantic City, Lorenta.

The responsibilities of the executive branch is to enforce the laws, act as commander of chief (president) of the armed forces, and to visit other countries and ensure peace as much as possible.


Located in the executive branch, the ministries of the government report to the president and their cabinet. The ministries are as followed with some sub-government agencies recorded:

  1. Foreign Relations
  2. Health and Public Safety
  3. Transportation
  4. Environment
  5. Government Spending
  6. Domestic Affairs
  7. Defense


Coming Soon


The legislative branch is where all the laws are created to help create an equal, more stable and safe country. The branch is composed of the Upper House, Lorentian Senate and the Lower House, House of the Republic.

The branch is responsible for more than just the creation of laws, although that task is it's main role. The branch is also responsible for the government's budget.

Process of the Bill

A bill starts in the Lower House, where it is proposed. After the proposal the issue goes to vote. If the bill passes it moves onto the Upper House, if the bill fails the parties go to a discussion table to work after the problems. After the discussion and debating, it is once again voted on. Usually by the second time the vote continues to the Upper House.

When the bill comes to the Upper House, the senators vote on the issue, if it is passed, the bill goes to the executive desk, if it doesn't, the Upper House debates the bill until a compromise is made. After the compromise the bill is sent back to the Lower House to vote on the bill, if it passes it moves onto the Senate to were another vote will take place, if it doesn't pass both houses set up a committee to reach an agreement.


The Lorentian Armed Forces is consisted of 5 branches, the Lorentian Navy Corps, the Lorentian Marine Corps, the Lorentian Corps of Air Force, the Lorentian Army Corps and the Lorentian Coast Guard . Each branch has its own duties and responsibilities. The main chief of the armed forces is the president of Lorenta.

Navy Corps

Officially formed on August 12, 1791 the Lorentian Navy Corps (LNC) became the navy division of the Lorentian Armed Forces. After the creation of the LNC, the defenses of Lorenta grew in strength. With training happening every year since 2001, the LNC had been classified as one of the best Navy's in the World during that time.

After 2001 the government experienced spending cuts and lost revenue, the military budget was cut dramatically and funding was cut mainly for the LNC. The LNC fell into despair and the ships grew old and many had to be retired. In 2011, the Lorentian Federal Government announced a ∑1 trillion (Loren) purchase of military supplies and equipment, ∑600 billion of that would go to the LNC to help create a stronger, modern and more highly-trained Navy.

Today, with the help of corporations the LNC is getting closer to the goal of modernization. The modernization will include new ships, equipment and new training techniques. The LNC's overhaul was finished in Winter 2012.

Marines Corps

Coming Soon

Air Force Corps

Formed on March 10, 1916, the Lorentian Air Corps (LAC) is the youngest military division in the Lorentian Armed Forces. After twenty years the Lorentian Government knew that they needed a renovated air force.

In 1940, the Lorentian Government announced a 500 billion reorganization project to equip Lorenta wth the latest air-crafts and other essential equipment. In the fall of 1941, the reorganization project was complete and the Lorentian Air Corps was better trained, more prepared and have reliable air-crafts. In 2011, the Lorentian Government awarded ∑100 billion (Lorens) to the LAC to purchase more advanced and better air-crafts.

Army Corps

Formed on May 15, 1704 as the Defense Corps to help defend the United Republic of the Atlantic, the Lorentian Ground Core (LGC) is the oldest division of military in Lorenta. Since the division was the first division until the late 18th century, all funding for the military went to the Defense Corps.

The Defensive Corps went under a reorganization phase during WWII to help ensure the safety of the citizens. Several changes occurred such as, new equipment (guns), new vehicles and better training and a new name, the Lorentian Ground Core (LGC). In 2011, ∑100 billion (Lorens) was awarded to the LGC to help modernize the military division by buying more advanced equipment and better guns.

Coast Guard

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


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