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About this City Journal

town's history

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the town was planned and funded by millionaire mark dimsdale

he started building the town on the costal shore line of simnation he was from the UK

ofcourse the governament refused at first because he was not one simnation citzens

so there was nothing he could do of course this was before world war 2

which he lost some of his money to fund the uk army

after the world war ended he was only left with 50 thousand pounds

but in exchange for the simnation's currency the simleans

it means he has two million simoleans

but the goverment accepted this time and simnation was in bad conditions and the economy was falling the country was going to bankrupt to the ground

so the accepted and he imported materials and cement and other tools and brought workers from the UK TO start building the town

and the british governament accepted because this is the town where they will establish the british embassy and have diplomatic relations and economical ties with simnation

so they also agreed to help mark to fund for it's construction

it began it's construction on the 7th of september in 1957 to 1962

the town established it's basics like townhall , resdiental building , and food court district, a casino , powerplant and coal powerplant and water etc

it was small and it's population was 5,534


this picture was taken in on october in 1962

and on the left was the industrial area to provide the frieght for the office buildings in the town in the future

in 1964 mark dimsdale died leaving everything to his son

he didn't complete his father's dream unfortunatly he took most of the money invested in united kingdom stocks which lost with all of his money

and left the town without step 2 of it's construction adding schools and hospitals to the town

so people fleed the town because there were many sick and uneducated people and without services , after the british governament saw the town's conditions he was sent to prison for not taking care for it

because it was under UK supervision

so zack's nephew took the town and he did a very good job at first that the UK started helping him to complete the construction of the town

he planned an extension for the town in 1967 and construction started late 1969


that's the picture when construction started late 1969


and the town's population started increasing and kept until 1978

here is the picture of the food district in 1981

it was the most fun place for 80's teens to hangout at that time and get ice cream


the picture of 80's teens in the food district

DISASTER after a large fire broke out in the food court district in 1986

in the town's best burger resturant killing at least 12 and injuring 17 others in the food district


that was the only disaster that happened that caused investigation in the town they discovered it was a gas leak in 1987

in 1989 7th of september it was the holiday of the town's establishment and many things got renewed such as the town hall and the construction of the extension was done

and as reward simnation governament built a house for the mayor (louis) his house is the the last one next with the blue roof to the fire station and population increased to 11,344


after many years

in 1991 the town's started building apartment building to get more people in the town


the town began changing as parks and education system attracted wealthy people to the town

major changes happened as years went by but the town never forgot there mayor louis as he passed away in 1993 , his son matthew

took over and he took his father footsteps to build the town

he build the town's first park he named it after his father louis park

it was next to the office building to give you mix of nature and the town's view in 1995


the park is next to the blue office building

the town made it in sim nation's national news paper to the top 100 places to visit in 1996

matthew wanted to attract tourist but he had a problem with the mass transit system so he made and planned a bus system and made a worship house to attract tourists

but what was special about that worship house that anyone could pray in weather it was muslims chrisitans or jews

all of them were allowed to pray next to each other to allow them communicate with each other and push for inner peace :)

the town's picture in june in 1999 the worship house is the white building on the right side with the glowing green dimond on the top


this view of the town from the right prospective side on the 1st of january in 2000 it's population was 20,770


it became a big tourist destination and the UK give the town to be under simnation's governament rule and become one of simnation's cities after it built it's embassy in 2001... the town became richest town in the area because the land was rich in oil and coal

and was planning to add a processor and tv factory soon in 2015 to become one of the top export's in sim nation

the food district changed and got rebuild and became the downtown

there was new galleria built there that attract tourists he also added many parks that sim nations newspaper wrote an article about it with the head line called "green town"

here is the view from the downtown in 2014


and that is the history of dimsdale

future plans

in 1 st of september of 2014 they are going to build a stadium

and going to add a streetcar system

and extened some of the town

and adding an airport

stay tuned....

p.s this is not the dimsdale from fairly odd parents

i hope you liked it :)

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