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About this City Journal

This my new nation in which i will tell its story in a First person perspective through a man i will call Smith... it is not designed to be a realistic metropolis, as it is set over 400...

Entries in this City Journal


After our first peeks at our capital we now voyage to the forgotten Isles of Moabi Pacifica

Thousands of lives are at stake. for on this Voyage they face the dreaded Pacific Ocean.

All Survived, but had to trek across land to found Moabi City.

Now it is still going strong with 70000 Residents and a Huge Commuter Airport

This is the city today



Now when people pass through rural towns they don't give it a second Glance.

but this one is different. it looks like a normal one but thrives on tourism.

Carlstown is home to the Boyscout Camp of Corewood.

but onto that later

Now we look at this rural village


ooh the saw mill... well one of them. there are two Saw Mills Slaytfork and Timber Lumber.Co


i guess i didn't tell you about the campsite, did i? it's a good site too.


oh Old Carls Mill! this one is bigger compared to it's neigbour. even though it is owned by the same company it is bigger, better and more efficient 

well until next time:



i know i wanted to show you to the remote village of Carlstown (in my SC4 Region) in the south but i don't actually feel like showing it right now

so for now here are some sattelite pictures of the city.


as you can see there are areas i haven't show yet,

The Volcano is currently Unnamed but if you have a good name please include it in your comment (im kind of rubbish at maikng names for volacanoes and moutains.

to the north you can see Port Walden which was built by Pegadyne Industries

you can also make out the The Pharos Lighthouse. which was transpoted to our city in exchange for 600 Million Monies

an impressive feat. but this image is well out of date. the region now has nearly 700000 Citizens in it's Borders. The Imperial Navy are thinking about building a Colony on the Remote Islands Of Aresdor south of here off the coast of Mexico

Thanks for viewing

Please Comment


Credit goes to: Pegasus for the Seaport BAT's And lots,

The writer of the straight coast tutorial ( i forgot his name)

Simgoober for the Tesco,Toys R Us and many other Bat's

Dareka for making Sky2222 and Timotheus4 for uploading it on the STEX

Many other creators, the community isn't the same without you guys

Thank you for uploading.

Until Nexttime.


Well enough about Spore being the most pirated game of 2008 and on to the pictures....


WHAT THE...... that wasnt supposed to get in! Guess it looks good though.


thats better... looks like the new district


hey... this looks like the CBD. Whats the airport doing there...??????


Looks like  The Huge Towers. this is actually quite big.


oh theres that miltary base named Area 52. looks good as well i even heard it was Owned by George Lucas. seems to be his base for working on Star Wars Episode VII

Well Until Nextime thats all i have to show you!



(please note that this is entirely fictional and any characters, names or place that i make up are not real things)

(i would also like to point out that anyone who spams this journal is being unfair, uncool, annoying and incredibly stupid and ruining everyone elses pleasure) .


now we can start the journal

So you want to know what Brawlkar is hmm. 

well for one it is a new nation that has claimed land 500 miles from the West coast of the United States.

And it is an island and prospers on community. well that was ,200 years ago now is a huge metropolitan area covering an area the size a qaurter of Chicago city center.

It is also a cracking place to live. Racism is very rare. in fact the very mention of a racist term is a Federal Crime.

also we have a Royal family.

now i will show some statistics abou the nation.

Offical Name: The Imperial Territory of Brawlkar.

Capital: Brawlkar City

Motto:Law is Authority,Freedom is Anarchy, Balance is paradise.


Happiness Levels:99%

Amount Of Idiotic Criminals: 0%

Length of Summer Vacation/Holidays:9 Weeks Average.

Piracy of Spore levels: 12%

Population: 600,000 Approx in metropolitan area

Amount of Angry Video Game Nerds:30%

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