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Port Haylimburg

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About this City Journal

A Port city that struggling to success.

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"Risma, Open the door!!!"
"Sorry mum, i have some trouble here."
"Get out or i'll call your father! This is your first day in this city!"
"Okay, okay. I'm out..."

Port Haylimburg
First Day
June 1st, 2027


First day in this town. The morning is boring for me. Not like my usual that i always gettin' cool when visit n' shelter in new city. Guess what? I ai'nt like the Shipping live. But, i must do something for my mum. deliver some food for my Uncle...


My uncle works at the Shipping Blocks (That's all i knew) near the HQ. But i ain't know where is it. so, my brother, Nathaniel, Take's me there.

I don't know how this Island look's like. Cus' when we come here, I fell asleep. I'm so dizzy when inside the ship. (The other's have Jetlag, so i have Shiplag... :D ) And the ship's came in night. so i can't see everything. But when i see the Solar Panel's, It's so damn cool.




They have two Solar Panel, One Plasma Gasification Plant, And a pack of Water Cleaning System! How awesome. I never saw this thing ever. If so, i just see one of them. Here, They come in bundle. Very Green.


I passed two Religion Site. A Musholla (Tiny Mosque) and a church. But They're near...




Nathaniel said the people in this town is havin' a great Tolerance. When last week the storm brokin' out the Church, Muslim people help the Christian build it again. And last month when a Container Truck crash and broke the Pillar of Musholla, The Christians help the muslim to renovate it! I hope the people in my country like so.

At last, finally. I have passed the HQ. So that mean, the Shipping Center is near.




The Industrial building was so few, i guess. The town built Last two year ago. Nathaniel said the Investor not so interested. I'm not surprised. I know one city that have a same trouble. But they're struggle become a success.

I'm ridin' through the Road and Container. That mean i has arrived in the Shipping Center.




The Daily Shipping is few. But it'll change when the night come. Nathaniel Said.





Finally. The Shipping Center. It's busy with the Shipping Blocks. And the gas, Make me want to puke. I can't stand the smell. A rotten rice was worst, but this is more worst. (What's the corelation? :D )



The mission complete, but Nathaniel still not look tired. He take me to the Branden O. Weill Bridge. He said the Seas look's cool at noon.


I Passed the Pier Seaport. It look's cool from out here.




The Branden O. Weill Bridge Look's stand-still. (It's new. -_- ) But look's really good.

It has few traffic. In fact, ther's nothing passed the bridg. It's just a preparation for the new Residential Program.




"Well, bro. Time to go home..."

"Hey, do you like gaming?"

"It's my life bru. But why are you asking?"

"I have an Xbox in home. And your nephew send me some new Game when you came in this town..."

"Really? Can we try it?"

"You look so interesting, by the way..."

"Haha... Don't try to kidding me. :D "

"Okay, let's gettin' cool!"

To be Continued.....


Hei there! My name's Kharisma. But my friend's always called me Monitorhead. (I Don't know why. Maybe it's connected with my hobby. Playing game... ) :rofl:

Today, i want to release my first City Journal. I'm a newbie. So, a good critic will be needed in here.

It's a city made by Road Dot. There's three island in this city. The left one is used for Industrial and Shipping. The Center one is used for R-$$$, R-$$, CS-$$$, CO-$$$, And CO-$$. The right one, is used for the International Airport (Still in Progress). It's one of the City in the Zenvia Continent. (Actually, it's a Watered New Region). And Port Haylimburg is the first city in there. We're in struggle. :)

I'm new in this CJ Maker. There's no other photograph except the Entry Image. So, i need some help.

Thank You.

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