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(SC4) Emerald Basin

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About this City Journal

a chronological play-by-play of the development of Emerald Basin, a little known corner of Alaska comprising three counties and two metropolitan areas, St. Matthew and Fairview. Emerald Basin is flush with river, streams, and mountains.

Entries in this City Journal


Fairview Tax Cut

Same stats as previous entry


Tax revenue has exploded over the last twenty years, increasing by 150%! Instead of using the surplus of cash to line their own pockets, the city council has decided to give it back to the people, with a proposed bill for an across-the-board 1.5% tax cut passing unanimously in the city council. While this will reduce net income to $10,000 from $17,000, this will be offset by the enormous increase in demand for all sectors.


Year: 12/22/61

Population: 57,023

Treasury: $2,179,541

Income: $46,557

Expenditures: $28,934

Net: $17,623

Summary and Impact

Initial plans were to build the campus to the northeast of the city. However, economic impact analysis showed an explosive demand for high-tech industrial jobs. Therefor, the decision was made to build the university on the previous site of the city park, which had not entered its second phase of construction at the time. A future site for the park is still under review. The community college was torn down and replaced with an engineering college, which was built directly adjacent to new high-tech zoning at the north end of the park. Legion field, the city's soccer stadium, was rebuilt farther south to make room for a 90,000 seat stadium for the UofA-Fairview Big Horns, built on campus. The overall impact of this university will be positive; higher education for Sims, more demand for commercial office and high-tech jobs, and interest from Fortune 500 companies move to our city.


Date: 11/14/47

Population: 53,113

Treasury: $1,737,061

Income: $40,118

Expenditures: $29,732

Net: $10,386

Approximate cost of project: $244,038

Time elapsed: 8 years

Population increase: +19,343


Summary and Impact

After nearly a decade of construction and a quarter of a million simoleans spent, the neighborhood of Oak Park is 95% complete. Four schools, two hospitals, two police stations, and a fire station are some of the main civil support buildings that were constructed, as well as two libraries. A movie theatre was also added. The city council has received word from the Better Business Bureau that over 25 businesses plan to move into our community. These include McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Home Depot, Subway, and many others. Placement for these businesses is still under review. Currently, only a 2 km drive along Oak Park Blvd and a number of bus stations provide access to the interstate and the rest of the city. Future road plans may include either a rail spur or parkway connecting the neighborhood to I-39. In the meantime, traffic impact and commute time is manageable. Economic impact is an overwhelming positive, with monthly revenue into the treasury increasing by $3,500.



Project start month/year: 11/24/49

Population: 33,770

Treasury: $1,309,099

Income: $28,079

Expenditures: $21,094

Net: $6,985


Project overview: The neighborhood of Oak Park will house approximately 25,000 residents and is an enormous undertaking. Target population will be approximately 25,000 sims and will be primary middle class ($$).One sim will be chosen as a test subject. He/she will be studied and documented over the course of this individuals life. This will provide greater insight into the people of Fairview. The following construction is planned:

Hospitals (3)

High School (2)

Elementary School (2)

Police (2)

Fire (2)

The following road closures will be in effect until further notice:

1st St to Oak Park Blvd from Maple St. to Oak St.

7th St. to FDR from Maple to Ash

All avenues from Maple to Ash from Enterprise south to FDR

The next journal entry will contain results of the project. A comprehensive street map of the city is also being developed and will be available soon.


Fairview is an industrial community that sits on the banks of the Mystic River. Its largest provider of jobs is by far the Industrial Park located on the east bank. Fairview's residential cross-section is primary lower-middle class, with plans for a small upper-class neighborhood near the future site of the University of Alaska-Fairview campus. The main neighborhoods are Olde Towne, Oak Park, Eastside Terrace, and Smoketown. The small town of Easton will lie to the east of campus. Olde Towne is located north and east of Interstate 39 and ends at the river. This area of Fairview is the city's oldest and most historic. With proximity close to downtown, land values are very high. Middle to upper-middle class residents populate this neighborhood. Oak Park is the largest neighborhood in the city, located north of Franklin Blvd, west of 5th Avenue, and south of Enterprise Blvd. Comprised of mostly middle class, Oak Park is home to many schools and hospitals which connect to the Interstate by way of JFK Blvd. Smoketown can be considered the "slum" of Fairview, with its lower class residents mostly working in the Industrial Plants. Located to the east of the Industrial Park and to the south of the airpark, Smoketown is rife with crime and pollution. With little education and poor access to health care, land values here are rock bottom. Property is cheap, but crime is high and desirability very low. Eastside Terrace is similar to Oak Park, but is located north of the airpark and south of Enterprise Blvd. Many college students live here as its proximity to the college is very close. The city center is located at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Riverside Parkway. City Hall, the city jail, courthouse, and police headquarters are all located here, as well as the city park. Medium to high density commercial property is available for development, and hopes are high to develop a downtown that is both entertaining and function as a central business district.


Fairview has a comprehensive rail and bus network, connecting the citizens of the West Bank to the Industries on the east bank. Interstate 39 is the main thoroughfare through the city, and connecs St. Matthews to the North with Fairview and surrounding suburbs. The bus system currently only has six stop, but plans are in the works for a major expansion.

Future Projects:

University of Alaska- Fairview

Cottonwood Estates

City Park

Airport construction

Seaport construction

Tax review


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